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5 years after taking this stunner off the market. #sorryboys #beautiful #minebackoff
I NEED YOUR HELP! Can you all help me show her love by commenting RIGHT HERE Below about your favorite memory of her and how amazing she is!! THANKS!

I Love this girl so much !!!! So Thankful she's with me and she makes me the happiest man alive ❤🔥💯 @kierraunderwood #minebackoff!!!

My beautiful wcw is my gorgeous girlfriend she makes me smile when I have a hard day and she talking me in to fixing all her stuff but I wouldn't change it for the world have a good day babe 😘 #wcw #gorgeous #minebackoff @canchasercat

I know she isn't my fav cousin and I know its not my fault but I still cry y is it like impossible to be strong even thinking about it I teer up I know she isn't the brightest or the cutest but to me she's amazing in her one ways even if she didn't make a good choice I love her and I hope she knows it I hope she is ok and still with us she's pretty cool when u get to know her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤#amazing #minebackoff #praying

😻👅 there's nothing better than having a girls day to relieve some stress #favoritegirls #minebackoff

Look how bomb she is @_mirandurant 😍😍😍 #MineBackOff

I'm so blessed to have you in my life Elvis you mean the world to me thank you for making me feel like a princess tonight ❤️❤️#prom2k17#Elvis#Baby#Minebackoff#ilybaby

Wcw goes to my perfect girl! #iloveher #beautiful #minebackoff


@hiximclo I love you princess your the most adorable and cutest baby girl in the whole entire wide universes ❤️😍🙈😘 #shesmine #princess #babygirl #minebackoff

I Love this girl so much !!!! So Thankful she's with me and she makes me the happiest man alive ❤🔥💯 @kierraunderwood #minebackoff!!!

Shawn in #rockinrio 🖤💜💛💚💙 End of don't be a fool gave me chills ------ ------ ------ #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #rockinrio #slaytheendofsummer #brazil #slay #takenbyshawnmendes #minebackoff #futurehubby @shawnmendes

I love this girl with all me heart we had a great weekend I took her somewhere where I lost everything in my life including love i walked her to the spot where my dark journey began and told her how much I loved her and how with her I have a reason to love again she is the beauty to my beast cause I don't know many who would love someone who has been through the shit I have and still love that person we are having a kid soon and I know that I can never go back for her me the baby because I love her so much when I'm around her I feel safe I feel loved I feel amazing and she needs to know that every day forever she completes me even when we argue or fight I love her more than I have loved anything else in this world so after I told her that with her I have a reason to love I asked her to marry me and she said yes I am so happy and grateful for someone like her I love you Bethany your an amazing women and son to be mother I love you with all my heart @_blueeyedprincess17_ #beautyandthebeast💞🌹 #lovestory💖👑 #babyontheway🍼 #iputaringonit💍 #lovelife #shesakeeper🔐❤ #minebackoff

My baby when she was a few years younger xD haha omg isn't she just flawless?!! I'm in love with her for sure!! #inlove #mylove #loveislove #lësbian #minebackoff #allmine @nikkistrieby

I did not know I owned this picture but shoutout to the only boy who would sit with me in the rain while we watch tenn drama happening in the park. He puts up with so much and is amazing. 13/10 would highly recommend! #parkdate #date #costa #rain #heisthebest #whatacock #butheisamazing #boyfriend #minebackoff #goals #ineedtostop #appriciate

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