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Milwaukee getting @chandlitt AF for the 1st of 2 sold out @manicfocus album release shows this weekend. Very grateful for the support & love we received today... thank you! 🙏🏼
#pewpewpew #chandLITT #manicfocus #mindsrising

everyone go check out this guys new album, i promise you won't regret it 😊 #mindsrising

Last two nights were 🔥🔥Boulder ➡️Minnesota #manicfocus #pewpewlife #MindsRising

Excited to announce my Minds Rising Tour! Can't wait to rock with y'all and my friends @djwickit @thriftworks @psymbionic & @marvelyears! #MindsRising

Close-up detail shot of the new album art for Manic Focus's new album "Mind's Rising" which drops this Friday. @manicfocus #mindsrising

Thank you Minneapolis you guys were so warm and welcoming! Congratulations @manicfocus on an incredible release show. So grateful to have joined you. 💥🌈 #mindsrising

There's always snow somewhere just gotta go up 5000 feet to get to it. #chasingthewhitehour #mindsrising

Tonight @firstavenue MN with @manicfocus #mindsrising 🔥🔥🔥


yesss one of my favorite sets!! the sun came out just for @manicfocus :) #manicfocus #campbisco #abovethewaves #mindsrising

Love this shot by @timmcgphoto - April 15, 2017 | @firstavenue | #mindsrising release show

There's always snow somewhere just gotta go up 5000 feet to get to it. #chasingthewhitehour #mindsrising

Happy birthday to one of my favorite people to shoot! Love your energy on stage and the live addition you add to Manic Focus ❤ @spartacus515

I'm a lil late to the pawty, but if you haven't checked out #MindsRising plz do! Our track "Timeless" was recorded the first night John and I ever made music together. Since then we've played all over the country and written more songs than we know what to do with. I am eternally grateful for all of the love and support the @manicfocus crew has showed me. Congratulations on this amazing release team u blow me away. 🌈🔮 (ps if u listen closely u can hear my voice throughout the album ☺️) #manicfocus #johnisamagician #butreallyheis #supportyourfriends

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