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Stunning view of the MBS, have you been here? 😱

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Ich •MUSS• ❌ Ich muss noch den Haushalt machen, ich muss arbeiten, ich muss noch zum Sport und ich muss mich jetzt auch mal wieder mit XY treffen. Finde den Fehler in jeder der obenstehenden Aussagen 👆🏼genau - ich MUSS! Stell dir vor du hast ein Haus mit einem riesen großen Garten. Diesen Garten hast du mit viel viel Liebe gestaltet, bepflanzt und gepflegt weil du dir diesen Garten immer gewünscht hast. Jedes Wochenende freust du dich darauf Zeit in deinem Garten zu verbringen, draußen zu frühstücken und Kraft in die Gartenarbeit zu investieren. Dieser Garten ist so lange schön, wie du sagst "ich möchte gerne noch in den Garten" - sobald du am Samstag aufstehst und da ist dieses "Ach man, ich MUSS jetzt noch in den Garten" , genau an diesem Punkt ist es Zeit den Garten abzuschaffen. Solange wir Dinge machen weil wir können, haben sie die Chance gut zu werden, sobald wir müssen sind diese Dinge negativ und mit einem schlechten Gefühl behaftet. Klar ist es uns nicht frei gestellt ob wir arbeiten oder eben nicht aber wir können einen Job wählen, den wir gerne machen sodass wir sagen können "ich kann das machen was mir gefällt" anstatt "wann ist endlich Freitag, ich muss noch 4 Tage Arbeit rumkriegen". Streiche mehr von dem was du MUSST und mache mehr von dem was du KANNST! Startet gut in die neue Woche ihr Lieben 💕 #hello #fitfam #motivationmonday #newweek #goals #mindset #mindsetmatters #quotes #positivevibes #dowhatyoulove #details #hairstyle #fashion #love #happyme #fitgirl #health #beauty #instagood #potd #fitnesslifestyle #domorewhatmakesyouhappy #gymtime #strong

You’ll FLOAT too! 🎈
Taking a dip in the Monday blues, won’t let it affect me. Right mindset gets you places!
#youllfloattoo #it #pennywise #mondaymotivation #nomondayblues #startoftheweek #startstrong #theirony #mindsetmatters #fitminds #healthymindhealthybody #strengthandconditioning #pool #sleekhair

✨New hair who dis✨
I've struggled with self image for as long as I can remember. Since high school, I've stayed out of as many pictures as possible because of how uncomfortable it makes me feel. When I look in the mirror, or at a picture of myself, I see myself differently than other people see me. The first thing I do is point of my flaws, and pick apart every piece that makes me imperfect.
Over the past couple weeks, those negative thoughts have crept back in. I didn't even want to post this picture, but this is part of the process. I know it's not always going to be this way- as I shift my mindset I also shift my self image, and although it's been hard lately I'm still able to see I'm well above where I was before. -
I've started taking more pictures because I want to be more comfortable with myself. Learning to love yourself doesn't happen overnight. I have my ups and my downs, but each time I come back up that much stronger.
#bodyimage #selfimage #selflove #selfimprovement #positivemindset #mindsetshift #mindsetmatters #mentalhealth #healthymind #mentality #choosepositivity #bodylove #bodyconfidence #bodyconfident #strong #bodystrong

from @secrets2success - - what do you think of this?

Squat till you drop!💥Das Video zu meinem kompletten Unterkörpertraining A ist jetzt auf YouTube online.👉🏼
Der Deload ist geschafft und am Dienstag steht auch endlich die erste Unterkörpereinheit des neuen Cycles an, ich bin mehr als ready wieder ordentlich Squatgains zu machen!💪🏼😎Have a nice Sunday.✌🏼😇
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New week... wondering what will happen next 🤔😎
#surprisesurprise #inetrabrazil

Rich Mans World 💰🔥
- Double Tap if you're going to be successful ♥️

Just keep on keepin' on 💯❌
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#iAmMeStrong #chesticles day!!💪Quick #Beastbreakfast this morning as I get ready for work, then to my Happy Place!!🏋️‍♀️💪🏆💪when you can make your dreams come true!! ♡#pure #nutrition🌿 #protein shake w/1 raw organic fed farm egg, black coffee w/coconut oil and raw stevia, 1/2 cup Oats w/organic cinnamon, organic chia and hemp hearts, 1 tbsp #sugarfree apricot preserves, a dollop of pumpkin pie filling, and my favorite #siggis plain greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, 2 slices toasted potato bread w/honey peanut butter, pumpkin pie filling, and organic cinnamon.
Have a blessed day!!!💪😀💪😉🤗
#championinthemaking #physique #ngawesternkentuckynatural #allnatural #unaltered #nojuiceinthistank #mindsetmatters #hardworkpaysoff #goalgetter #almostfifty #imperfectlyperfect #iamenough #femalemuscle #strongissexy #gainzinprogress #iAmMe

It's a new week! What will you do differently this week than you did last? 🤔 #mindsetmatters #freshstart #motivationmonday

Obesity is a horrible precursor to many health problems. I was considered severely morbidly obese a little over 2 years ago. I have lost 157 pounds in my journey to fight obesity before these issues became reality. I have been blessed not to suffer too many of them except sleep apnea and body pain. I'm trying to help as many of you as I can get your life back. For the next 6 days, until October 1, I am offering 20% off anyone who needs to lose 100 pounds or more. My coaching will include recommended meal plans, Nutrition help, life-coach assistance, and wellness evaluations. Take advantage of my offer and DM ME right here!! #mindsetiskey #mindsetmatters #nutritionmatters #nutritionisourmission #nutritionisourpassion #obesitykills #obesitysucks #obesetobeast #wellnesscoaching #herbalifefamily #supportsystem #supportteam #ralphysmission

Deep dive question today. 💕 sometimes we stay in one place because stepping out is terrifying. Give yourself the gift of really answering this question from a vulnerable place- even if only to yourself. 💕💕

Fortune Favors The Bold!

from @millionaire_mentor - Success happens when you make a decision and follow it up with ACTION. 🔥
#monday #grind #hustle #success #millionairementor - #regrann

It's the most beautiful sunny September day here in Cornwall!
For me, Mondays are all about setting intentions for the week. They are about focusing on what I'd like to create & how I'd like to feel by the end of it. This week is all about staying organised & keeping to my calendar, as I'm going to be travelling a lot over the next 2 weeks.
What would you LOVE to achieve this week?

Gm have a blessed and productive day #mindsetmatters #motivationmonday

My local radio station wants to interview me 😮

LOVE spreading my message out to those that’ll listen 👍

First Monday of Fall. Best time of the year. 😍 Happy Monday, make it a great day! ☕️🎉💕💕

Rise and grind!

I challenge you to do 1 little thing different.
Just one small goal can lead to another, the compound effect of little accomplishments will add up to be larger in scale.
Patience is key and I will admit, it's not my strong point but I will never give up no matter how long I falter, fall or rest, I will always give it a go again!

That is G.R.I.T. To keep going through the hard times.
Take a breath but get yo and get moving towards life.
It will never stop so why should you?

Go make it a great day!

#GetTheGrit #makethechange #mindsetmatters #youmatter #todaymatters #planttheseed #changeyourthinking #changeyourlife #makeitagreatday#253
Jason Barnett

Learning more and more from #BobProctor every day!
#LiveYourDream #TakeAction

It's Monday! Are you ready to make the future you want this week? My FIRST step is always getting my mind right before I take that important action step! We got this! Monday's move over --we have a lot of future to create! #morningritual #mondaymotivation #thebodyfollowsthemind #mindsetmatters #loveyourlife #liveonpurpose #empoweredliving #stateofslim

Morning and happy Monday, friends!
I have a challenge for you today 😏
I want you to practice shifting your mentality toward the tasks ahead...
Instead of "I have to ______", shift it to "I get to ________" .... and then smile and be grateful 😌
View your to-do lists as a gift... you GET to exercise and give your body circulation, muscle, energy. You GET to make a nourishing meal after work for your family. You GET to meet with some amazing clients back to back.
Let me know how this goes!
#iamgrateful 💕

[New Blog] Last week I spoke about the importance of why we should never stop learning. Time management is an ever giving skill that allows us to adapt to the turbulence of life. As straightforward as it seems, I truly believe all of us have a skill level here that can be improved upon.
The never-ending benefit of time management is the ability to prioritize. This is what time management continues to give even the best planners - vision. Life is turbulent and unfortunately not linear. Time management gives us clearer vision to see through the turbulence of life…even our inevitable failures.
Link is in the bio for more!
#monday #mondaymotivation #goodmorning #mindset #mondaymindset

Monday Morning Mantra✨ •Today I received the blessing to wake up, be healthy, and have the opportunity to live. For that I am grateful. •Today I have the power to create the life I desire, so my actions will be intentional and my thoughts will be positive. •Today I will live in the present. I will focus on the now and the things I can control. •Today I choose to fill myself, my environment, and those around me with love rather than hate. •Today I will embrace my uniqueness and authenticity to unapologetically be myself. •At the end of today I will have no regrets or worry. I will put this day in the past once it is complete. 🙏

#goodmorning #mondaymotivation #positivevibes #makepositivitylouder #powerofpositivity #mindsetmatters #monday

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