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Affirmations can be a really powerful tool for building a positive mindset, for developing your relationship with yourself and for creating more of your desired feelings within yourself 💜

Here's mine for today!

What's yours going to be? 💜

You are what you think you are!

Have you ever wondered why some people wields powerful influence while others barely scrap by?
Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs are not able to get people to respond to their call to action.
While others just do it like it's in their DNA?

There is a method to this madness, so stay with me.
It is so clear that the way you think, have a huge impact on your business success and outcomes.
Some people are so crazy NOT to believe on themselves and then they wonder why no one is paying attention to them...
Have you ever wondered why someone will step into a place and you just wanna call him/her Sir or Madam? .
This is because of who they actually think they are and it is reflecting outside of them...
How can you think like a passenger and expect people to treat you as the driver?
How can you see yourself as ugly, unsuccessful and unproductive and expect people to think otherwise?
You are simply what you think you are!
Period!!! So How can you change your thought process?
1. Look the part: You wanna be rich? Dress well!

Don't look shabby and expect to be confident...
Tell me why again, some mechanics are regarded as mad men while some are regarded as engineers?
2. Speak to yourself: sounds cliche? But try it but this time with more emotion and power.
Tell yourself what you really are and how you want to be regarded...
3. Act the part: Don't form ooo
But actually, act your way into Feeling super cool, first class and powerful because you truly are!
Don't just stop at thinking but actually ACT!!!
Nigeria's #1 Millennial Business Trainer.

Who else is still playing around with their intentions/goals/resolutions for this new year? 🤔

Please tell me I'm not the only one?? 😂🤣😂🤣😂 Although, I've got to say, I'm finding some really good stuff coming out of this process of playing around with it for a while... 💜At the moment I've been focusing on my intentions day-to-day, and it's working out pretty well, I feel so in tune with myself and more in 'flow' than I can ever remember feeling. 💜

I'm writing this at night to post early in the morning for a reason:


There is no such thing as someone "killing your vibe, bringing you down or draining you" without you first allowing it to happen by NOT following the three steps above.

How do you do that?

1. Set an intention for your day to go like...(insert your ideal day, and how you feel being a part of it)
2. Meditate and visualize grounding and protecting your energy. (Look it up on YouTube if you must)
3. Send that love, high energy to all those you meet by saying a prayer, or visualizing
4. Then, IF the day starts to deviate from your plan take a minute or two to breathe and take responsibility for it.

Powerful Intention
"I have chosen to let things deviate from my plan. I choose to align again and choose to take my power back." Choosing and deciding NOT to choose are both choices. One is done consciously and the other subconsciously. Either way you always have the ability to alter your reality.

I’m on day 9/90 of this weight loss challenge. We have survived the first week! 🙌🎉 Our NEW normal is beginning to get into a rhythm and I can say for myself that my body is already craving sugar less and less. I’m FEELING so much better already, after just a week of treating my body well. (I may have indulged a bit in December so it was CRAVING a change). •less bloating •more energy
•clearer head/less sluggish
•skin clearing 💦💦💦 We’ve got many more weeks to go before this challenge is over but success is a series of small wins accumulated over time. When a challenge seems to big, break it down and take it in bite size pieces. Before you know it you’ll be done!
Happy Tuesday Friends! ❤️ I’m cheering for you.

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What we think about we become! Our mind is the most powerful tool we possess.
Consistently putting in thoughts and positive ideas will results in you accomplishing more goals then you ever imagined! 🙏🏻
Are you reaching your goals? Comment below!
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Day 2! Be open to a NEW THOUGHT. Be open to suggestions. Be open to believing that you could be wrong! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just consider a new way. Only consider it...

Saturday Rise And Rise🔝
I'm Not The Type To Tip Toe Through The Tulips 🌷
I Would Rather Bulldoze Through The Bullshit💣💥
The lies you tell yourself that keep you from being happy❌
The mindset that doubts your abilities❌
The wall you build yourself that stops you from growing beyond your limitations❌
New Mindset
New Results

Before I go to sleep each night I like to run through all the things I'm grateful for.
It ends the day on a beautiful high note, even if things didn't quite go to plan!
Another benefit of doing this- and honestly, I'm not kidding here- I sleep so much better when I do it, and wake up in a great mood the next day! 👉 Double tap if you fancy having a bit more #happy in your life! 💜

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Wednesday Rise and Rise 🔝
Good things come to those who believe,
Better things come to those who are patient ⏳
And the best things come to those who


Overwhelm, To-do lists, and Procrastination: HOW TO BE EFFICIENT so You Can Get the Important Things Done With Less Stress or Guilt.⠀

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Mindset is a hot topic in the ADHD/Anxiety world… but to be honest, there’s only so much “Journal! Meditate! Affirmations!” I can take.
That’s why today, I’m sharing my TOP mindset hack that ISN’T one of those things!
As I’m sure you know, ADHD and Anxiety are VERY real. One minute, you’re living a kick-ass life more than ever, and the next – you’re in the shower trying to soothe yourself with the hot water, trying not to inhale the H2O as you sob…

Then, it’s the exhaustion… going to bed disappointed… waking up to negative chatter in your head… but then – living a kick-ass life. And the whole roller coaster starts again.

Here’s the mindset hack that works.

Go out and serve.
Volunteer at an animal shelter. Donate $20 to a local organization. Sponsor a child in a third-world country. Spend time at a nursing home, or helping at a hospital. Clean up beaches or other public spaces.
It’s SOOOO easy to get stuck in your own head and get totally overwhelmed. The best thing you can do is get a healthy dose of PERSPECTIVE.
See how other people are living. Truly, be grateful for what you do have – every little thing. And NOT what you don't have. Help someone that can never repay you.
You’ll be:
+ Energized
+ Inspired
+ Fulfilled
+ Confident
+ Refreshed
+ Grateful
If you’re struggling with maintaining a healthy mindset, or you’re dying to get off the roller coaster…
Get out of your own head.
Start making a difference TODAY.
Because you can!!! <3
If you have ideas about how to serve others, or a favorite way to do it yourself, share below!!! Xoxo

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