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The sad reality that 97% of the populations time is invested then reinvested into doing something that they dislike. Now why is this you ask? Well it's because most people do what they do because there's a paycheck attached to it. But if you found out deep down inside what they actually want to do you'll find that most people want to be Pottery makers most people want to be mechanics, art teachers most people would rather do something else. But Will they ever find the time to work on their dreams? Well the answer is no because they don't deem their time as being valuable to work on their future because they're caught up doing something that they dislike and reinvesting time it's doing something they dislike. So most people will always have the time objection that there's never enough time for them to work on their dreams because they're caught up doing something that they hate. But they never actually say that they'll just say I'm busy with school I'm doing overtime etc.... most people say that business or starting my own business and doing something I love is not a guarantee. Well here's the caveat nothing is guaranteed working in your current situation doing what you're doing is not a guarantee. How do you know you'll live to even enjoy retirement? How do you know your live long enough to pay off your house? How do you know that you won't get sick and not be able to provide? See nothing is guaranteed. It's just how you perceive time there's always time, so the question is how are you spending your time?
Most people are afraid to live because they live in fear of the unknown.
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Proof that you can build a body just 45 minutes in the gym, 4 x a week. Put your phone down, train then go home, eat good and recover....! #mindset

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Never give up! You never know how close you might be. Keep persisting and be patient, your time will come 👊💯

Pho 🍜🌿
I can't even explain my excitement about going to Finland and Prague in 8 days!!! Finally gonna be reunited with my mom and sisters after 3 months ☺️ (and also with all the delicious vegan pho and food in Finland!). It'll be my first time in Prague so if any of you know some delicious vegan places to go, please let me know! ☺️💕
I need to give credit to @emiliaoksanen for taking this photo cause she put up with me being really extra and swapping seats with me for better lighting for the photo 😂 (thank you bb, I love you and miss you so much💕) Anyway, I hope you all have an absolutely lovely day and are ready for #friyay tomorrow!! 🌴☀️

"I& #39;m convinced that the only thing that kept me going is that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love...as with any great relationship, it gets better and better as the years roll on" - Steve Jobs 🌞
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Don't give away your next move or it may cost you. #theclassygentleman

One day we will laugh at the problems we have now. #nevergiveup

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Embrace the journey and be patient enough to wait for your victory. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and good things happen to those who ✋ wait. The hard times might be a bit uncomfortable but remember that those struggles build character and STRENGTH! 💪

Remember that GREATNESS is in you and only YOU have the POWER to create your PASSION into your reality. The win you've been looking for is closer than you think. Just embrace your journey and keep GOING and work HARD because the victory you are looking is within you.

You got this!

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"Embrace competition and learn from other entrepreneurs in the same industry as yourself." - Dan Newman

#progress 1week happy shape. Ik ga jaar der uit om dingen aan mezelf te werken en genieten van mn gezin en mn vriendinnen #smill #onegoal #bodygoal #mindset #fitcouple #beyourself 🤗🔛


@simps_c wearing his "TEAM-13& #34; 3/4 sleeve! #TEAMFitHustle 💪

There is very big difference between average and outstanding. That's black and white. When you learn and accept that the perception of ones life is an individualistic characteristic you learn to keep quiet and let people enjoy life as they see it but that doesn't mean you have to be impressed by it either ... lol 😂 now let me go congratulate some Fish for swimming today ...

The time to be great is NOW!
Things don't just happen TO you, they happen FOR you, so that you can take action to change and grow.
We can't let fear and uncertainty hold us back. We are the authors of our own story, and as authors, we have the opportunity to make life great.
Make sure that when you look back on the pages that you've written over the years, that they are what you want and that you've lived the best life you can!


Respect. 💯💵💎
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