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"When it comes to good fortune, how a person feels is much more important than moral good and evil. Our brain doesn't work based on what's right or wrong. The energy of our good fortune increases along with the brain's happiness and satisfaction. In contrast, self-admonishment and resentment push good fortune away from our brains." -Suh Yoon Lee
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A meeting of #minds

《in a society full of empty minds and empty souls ; try to be different; think different and be a good human for a better humanity 💐 》
~《Numa sociedade cheia de mentes e almas vazias; tente ser e pensar diferente; ser um bom humano para uma humanidade melhor 》☄🙏 #words #palavras #minds #humanity #positivity

Мне всегда нужно развитие ,постоянно учиться чему то ,перемены ,абсолютно все новое..Я совсем неусидчивая)))Приятно создавать своё дело и понимать что ты полезное несешь в мир . Настолько любить то,чем занимаешься ,что и времени не замечаешь ...от моих работ люди радостные,окруженные красотой и творчеством...а это меня заряжает на новые знания и идеи🎀
На фото мы рисуем маяки на веранде около моря ... ☝Заниматься надо только тем,что прёт из вас по полной😍

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Mind Connection #3 A essência ❤

Foto: @bruno_camargofotografia
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i swear my guy @kylelanceobrien is a genius, just wait. shout out to @motionminds 📸 @roaminrabbitt

I just love this show @loveisown . Will you be watching tonight? There's so many layers that you can pull apart.
Did you know that @therealchanel and I have a vlog series about this show called @loveisvlogseries_ ? We share our takeaways from the show while sharing some of our own personal experiences. Click link in bio to catch up on our 4 video vlogs 😊

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“If you discovered something that made you tighten inside, you better try to learn more about it.” -Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle (1998)
When something piques your interest, you gotta Google it, read a book/blog about it, look it up on Youtube, etc. Fuel that fire. There’s a reason it resonates with you in the first place 💪🏼
For me I’ve been trying to learn more about psychology, and why people do what they do. What are you trying to learn more about? 🤔
Follow @getbetterwithbooks for the best book recommendations 📚💎
Also check out @brain_p0wer for awesome book recaps 🙌🏼

As a black woman whose a mother, I know first hand how hard I want to show up as this superwoman daily who has it ALL together, but when I do that I do6nt allow others the opportunity to see me.
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