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"I'm constantly assigning my clients to do the things that bring them joy, and most of them are pleased to comply. However, they tend to see this as a diversion from their professional goals. I beg to differ. When you you start doing what you love, you're likely to do it very well, with zest, skill, and infectious delight. Most of my clients' best career connections don't come while they're combing the yellow pages or circulating their resumes. Career miracles happen when you're so in love with your life that pushing yourself is actually easier than stopping, when you 'do without doing.'' Joyful activity adds real value to the world, and adding value is the heart and soul of a successful career."- Martha Beck #truth #mindright

"I'm about to start my 30 day transformation plan with my trainers @lutherfreeman and @kathy_drayton , they are transforming people all over the world and I know they will get me right and tight! #eatingright #workout #bodytight #mindright

MEDITATION: Meditation is like exercise. There are various types and they function in a slightly different way - all with the aim of decreasing excitation in the mind and brain. When @rebeccaleffler for @lola interviewed me on the mental and physical benefits of meditation, she asked, what practice was instantaneous, what could shift your mood asap? In my experience, it's kundalini yoga, which uses meditation, breath, music and mantras all in one. A 3 min set and you'll immediately feel softer and more at ease. Why? Breath activates a part of the brain with the most amount of opioid receptors and this triggers a cascade of neurochemicals (that we could only hope to measure). The only way you'll know is if you try it. Article link in bio. #meditation #foodcoachnyc #mindright #kundaliniyoga #breath

Fun times with @tmacfitness @atlantajustin1 and the Fam for another big birthday bash weekend. Keep changing the world brother T one yoga pose at a time! #MindRight #CornHole

Keep your head straight and your mind right fuck bad people get good vibes 💯 @tuc_savage00 @kiingozi #vibes #mindright #goodpeople #gratetime

The #21DayKickOff plan will get your #mindright & #bodytight included a 3 week cuztomizable food & cardio plan to melt that fat away! -
Click 👆🏼link on profile to watch video on how it works & start today (change your life forever) 💪🏼🍴😀

Weekend was a success! 😃👌🏼#MentalHealth #Awareness #MindRight


I plugged my own leaks by simply shutting my mouth.

Really am back in the game! Feels so good to have my head back and to be enjoying my training again. 5k run to @clinic8studio this morning for a 1 hour MOTRcore Pilates session with @isla_mcsherry . Such an awesome class and had my core crying at the end. Then a 5k run home for a shower and breakfast before work. What a great start to the day!
#riseandgrind #pilates #mindright #mentalhealth

Day #4 of Spring Break consisted of a great yoga session with @kellyk.choi 🙆🏽👌🏽💕 love our quality time together 💕 ... Everyday there's a new chance to make a better thing, a better you. Every practice, comes a chance to challenge yourself to go further & beyond. On another note, one day I'll be able to hug my knees & put my forehead on my knees... lol 😂 just one day... #lol #yoga #springbreak #selfcare #selflove #selfimprovement #timeoff #enjoyingthemoment #msw #gradstudent #healing #mindbodysoul #stillabeginner #happy #mindright #latina #challenge #betteryourself #challengingmyself #workinprogress

Sexy in my own Skin! Repeat that thought over and over again everyday, implanting the belief in your subconscious, and you'll notice a swift change in your attitude. How can anyone else tell YOU who or what you are when you have 100% confidence in yourself. Mutha F**ka please!! ⬅lol let that be your attitude. #MINDRIGHT
#InShapeForYourPleasure #FeelingGood #LookingBetter #Sexy #SexyInYourOwnSkin #selflove #fitnessinspiration #gains #fitspo #fitchicks #fitgirls #igfit #ighealth #fitnesslifestyle #aesthetics #aestheticliving #inspiration #motivation

Find your dream, and chase it. My dad told me when I was young(er) to pray like it was all up to God, but work like it all depended on you. I've tried to live that out in my day to day life. So far I've seen results in build my personal training at 24, and in my personal workouts. There is so much I have to be thankful for. I used to complain about genetics, because I always had to work harder than the next guy to be better, in sports, weight lifting, and physique, but now I thank God for putting in those situations, because it taught me how to work hard, and that will help me more in life than anything else. To make things better, I have my friends and family right behind me, support me each step of the way. #fitnessmotivation #fitness #workhard #workoutmotivation #workout #grind #almostfriday #mindright #physique #strength #family #friendsandfamily #therapy

Excited to announce I am teaming up with @lululemon Green Hills & @lauraleabalanced to bring a #TMAC20 Workout to Nashville April 1st. Get Yo #mindright Nashville. We are bringing the heat! The workout is open to the public so DM if you want to join us.... And must say that TMAC tank top is looking good on Laura Lea. #SorryFellasSheIsMarried /// #regram . ||| Y'all I am SO excited to announce an upcoming event at the Green Hills @lululemon that I'm co-hosting with the amazing @tmacfitness! Todd is coming all the way from L.A. to teach one of his bomb 20-minute workouts, followed by a meditation and some yummy LL Balanced refreshments!!! It's Saturday April 1st from 8:15 am - 9:15, and totally open to the public!!! Just bring a yoga mat and water 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻Hope to see y'all there! Link in my profile for more details! 📷

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