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FOUR month #summershred progress + a nice little tan! Maybe it's progress, maybe it's a tan...but I feel GREAT. Also feelin pretty good about how high my macros are and how little cardio I'm doing lol. Posting SUMMER SHRED: PART 3 on my blog next week. What questions do you guys have? What do you want to know? What do I eat? What are my macros? What is my current workout split? Comment below and I'll make sure I address it in my next blog post. Happy freaking Monday babes 😘💪🏼let's kick some ass this week and make the most of it!

Transformation Tuesday.
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#ProTip: Make your mind your strongest muscle. #MindOverMatter #MorningMotivation #YogaInspo #BeMoreHuman

Slim, bulk or shredded? 🤔
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Awesome transformation🔥🔥
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It doesn't come overnight but I'm grateful for my journey through health + fitness over the past 2 1/2 years, ever since I picked up a dumbbell and learned what the heck a macro is. Here's to the rest of our journeys guys 💪🏼😜 #TransformationTuesday #NaturalAthlete #MindOverMatter #TrustTheProcess #DontGiveUp

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Awhile back I went through some serious lack of motivation. I didn't even care to make breakfast in the morning, why? Honestly just laziness, I don't have an excuse.
I didn't count macros for awhile, why? Same shit.. laziness. I was so fed up with not making progress that I knew it was time to sack up.
I forced it again until I made it a habit and it then became automatic again. You HAVE to push yourself through those difficult times it's the only way. Instead of wasting your time trying to find a shortcut or excuse. Drown out all the BS and just get it done.


When they say losing weight is a mental change not a physical one... this is why! You can't expect an hour in the gym to make up for eating junk all day. Change your mind and your weight will follow 👌🏼

Positive Mind Positive Vibes. I used to think that was bullshit. But I learned over time that it IS possible to have a more positive life when you THINK positively. My life has greatly improved with that! Of course I have bad days, who tf doesn't?! The bad ones only make you truly appreciate the great ones. Glad I took this pic before training bc my arms are USELESS right now😩😩 Weigh in and cardio tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!
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"Later it will be too late. Our life is right now" -Jaques Prevert👌🏼
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‼️30 Day Waist & booty Challenge ‼️
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In order to grow you need to fall. You need to get hurt and most importantly you need to learn from it. Too many people are caught in their egos, thus holding them back from what they can truly be. Own up to your shit, learn, and move forward.

You know what? I'm gonna keep going. One inspirational quote a day for the next 7 days. Let's see if I can do it.... #inspirationalquotes #justdoit #mindovermatter #nothingtolose #everythingtogain #letsgetit

When people tell me "I wish I had your motivation".
I always say, it's not always easy! I don't jump out of bed in the morning all bright eyed & energized ready to workout. In fact, like this morning I totally procrastinated by trying to do some more packing for our long weekend trip that we leave on TONIGHT! I also have to set about 10 alarms to wake up and press snooze more than I should #sorryhubs 😆 .
Motivation sometimes needs to be CREATED. I try to focus on what my goals are and I know if I don't put the work in, I won't reach them! .
I also surround myself with positivity! Thanks to the amazing community of Beachbody Coaches I am inspired and motivated daily! It helps when you all are working towards goals and SUPPORT & ENCOURAGE each other in them! .
No, results won't happen overnight. BUT if you remain true to your journey & believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to... there is nothing you can't do! #mindovermatter

This is an old picture taken of my sweet Irish boy compliments of the beyond amazing @jmaha2. This boy somehow celebrated his 11th birthday yesterday, and I am dumbstruck by how that is possible.
What I love about this picture is how clearly it represents this amazing man-child. He is looking at himself, fully, and smiling at what he sees. It is an endless mirrored image of what he was at at moment and all that lies ahead. The sky is the limit for this adorable, witty, funny, generous, kind, insightful, all-encompassing, discerning child. Like his siblings, my hardest work will be focused on his transformation into a worthy adult. No medal or time on the garmin compares.#444 #mindovermatter #motherhood

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