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It's been a rough 24 hours for me & my family, so my brother @paulgerges3 said let's kill a workout. #MindOverMatter #WideStance #BoxSquats


Story time:
At the Washougal Spartan Sprint this past, I had two goals: one was to finish in the ten, and the other was to finish in under an hour, both of which I achieved. First, I'd like to start by saying I am SO HAPPY with how I did. However, the competitor in me can't help but be a little disappointed. For the first two miles, I was locked in a pretty tough battle between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Although the top 3 pull away slightly at the heavy carries, the podium was still in my sights until a stupid mistake on the twister knocked me into 5th, and a missed spear put me in 6th. It's hard to be so close to the podium and then slowly watch it start to slip away in the last half mile. That being said. I'm really excited the the podium was even realistically in my sights, and I was so surprised that I was able to hang with @obstacleelite_knight for as long as I did. All-in-all, this race was an amazing stepping stone in my racing career ☺️ #spartanraceportland #roadtotahoe

Happy Winning Wednesday! You Got This! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #motivation #keepmoving #dontgiveup #persistence #persistence #dontstop #liveauthentic #live #keepitreal #dontstopbelieving #success #win #goforit #mindsetmatters #mindovermatter #believeinyourself

Slaying through the week like...πŸ™…πŸƒπŸ˜Ž My heads been stuck in books with paperwork everywhere! Entrepreneurialship ain't easy but the journey gives you moments like this to witness with your very own eyes 😲 .
#boss #girlboss #entrepreneur #hustle #hustlehard #humpday #wednesday #sugarcane #myman #eats #production #healthandsafety #mentalhealth #brainpower #mindovermatter #keepgoing #selflearning

This giiiiirl! This woman! This Wonder Woman! Before I took this video I was quietly admiring and studding her for her fire to get through the last set on her CHEK press. It doesn't matter what you come into the gym with or without. All what matters is your attitude when you're in there. @contact_ejl Emma is a TRUE WARRIOR! And she's got the battle scars to show it. Soft and hard, vulnerable and determined all at the same time (as so many of us are). But she puts on her game face and gets s**t done. I truly love training this woman, because she always tries, and never gives up. And I'll never give up on her either! πŸ’ͺ🏿
In this video we are attempting a split squat as part of our breakdown of the Turkish get up. In the first clip, Emma could drive up out of the lunge position. 15 minutes later, after a few neuromuscular activations, isolation exercises and self improvised visualisations, Em just banged out 9 or so reps straight! Of course the form needs work and that is our next step, but it just goes to show what you can achieve if you have heart and the correct strategy to get there. Keep a look out for this girl doing more amazing things in and out the gym #strongerby35 #bwoachi #wonderwoman #desire #determination #turkishgetup #neuromuscular #amn #mindovermatter #wellness #exercise #strength

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