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¿Les confieso algo? Estoy cansada, pero nunca antes ¡había estado tan feliz! Es como cuando te vas de vacaciones y terminas súper agotado(a) pero bien feliz y con muchas experiencias (Like si coincides conmigo). Este nuevo camino como Health Coach me ha permitido conocer gente maravillosa, aprender nuevas cosas, salir de mi zona de confort y hacer cosas que no esperaba que podría lograr, además de combinar mis 3 pasiones de la vida: ayudar a otros, diseñar y ser yo misma ¡Gracias a ti! Que me lees, que me sigues, que estás aquí. Sin ustedes no habría pasión que seguir y son mi gran inspiración para todo lo bueno que viene.
Cuéntenme en los comments, ¿qué es algo que te hace realmente feliz? ¡Feliz Viernessss!
Let me tell you something: Lately, I feel really tired, but happier than ever! It’s like when you go on vacation, you do a lot, enjoy and at the end, you feel exhausted but really really happy for having a great time (Double tap if you agree with me). This path I’m taking as a Health Coach is really worth it. I’ve met fantastic people, I’m learning new things, I’m doing stuff I never tought I could do and I’m working in what I really love: help others, desing and of course I’m learning about loving myself more. THANK YOU! For reading me, following me, ‘cause you are here, I really appreciate you. You are a great inspiration for me and good things are coming!
Tell me, what is one thing that really makes you happy? Let me know in the comments. Happy friyayyyy!!!

Work on making everyone you meet today feel this way. #findyourtruenorth #wanderlust2017

Welcome the "Slow-Down through the curb" of your challenges along the journey to success, for it will Add to Your Resilience & enable you you to propel forward with GREATER RESOLVE! #redwayoflife #resolve #relentless #focus #flow #grit #growthmindset #kaizen #mindset #mindfulness #successcoach #lifecoach #mindfulnesscoach #mentaltoughness #philosophy #philosopher #coach #inspiration #mood #motivation #morning #saturday #fitforlife #fitnesslife #fitlife #fitness #bodybuilding #healthyliving #gymlife #success

Are you bettering yourself and the people around you?

Tag a friend that pushes you to grow. Inspiration from @sophie.jaffe

Un programa para jóvenes en donde encuentran un espacio para ser, pensar, reflexionar. Un espacio para poner atención a lo que es importante y significativo para ellos, para todos.
#mindfulnesswithtere #mindfulnesscoach #mindfulness #atencion #monterrey en @wbp.mindfulness.mty gracias a @mindfulnesswithoutborders

Bali water ceremony at a water temple involves prayers and water cleansing from a holy spring. Perfect to Cleanse a busy mind of negative thoughts and invite goodness into your life. #mindfulnesscoach #prayers #waterceremony #mindfulnessday #balimagic

What feeling does the invoke for? #mindfulness #mindfulnesscoach #awareness #art #perception


Have you ever looked at yourself and seen someone new? A new version of yourself? I experienced a profound shift of consciousness this past week and see myself in a new light. I see a woman who has taken all of her pain and darkness and turned it into something beautiful — healing energy. I finally look at myself and see everything I've overcome, everything that I am, and everything that I will be. I see someone I accept fully without judgement or ridicule, someone I forgive. I feel so much appreciation, gratitude and unconditional love for myself in a way I haven't before. I am so proud of myself. My life is full of compassion, empathy and love for others, and now myself. Thank you for this life 💖🕷🌻 #emotionalintelligence

Har nydt en dejlig mindful stille-retreat i eftermiddag i Botanisk Have. Denne park nyder jeg på mine daglige gåture og billedet er fra dagens retreat. Den danske natur er fantastisk flot. @meretedegn

Work on making everyone you meet today feel this way. #findyourtruenorth #wanderlust2017

Sitting on my deck this morning, taking in the warmth of the sun, enjoying a morning latte, and reflecting on my week at work. This is a tough month for kids! The weather is warm, the excitement of school ending, vacations and family time is in the air. And for some children, it is a time of worry and anxiety as summer holidays approach. They may be anxious about the new school year approaching, or about summer vacation. For some kids, school is their SAFE place., and this needs to be acknowledged too. As this school year is coming to an end, any relief from anxiety or stress is a welcomed moment from these children. For those whom are filled with excitement, a break from the chaos and an opportunity to 'chill' is also welcomed. So our last two weeks are filled with engaging mindful art projects, giving students the opportunity to be creative, discover their inner artist, and stay in the present moment. I was amazed this week how engaged all my students were among all the excitement, chaos, and mixed emotions! It was a good reminder for me to see that we all need a little creativity in our lives, we all need to give ourselves permission to 'play'. Take some time this weekend to be a kid again 😉 #calmkids #mindfulnesscoach #mindfulnessteacher #minfulnesstools #meditationteacher #meditate #meditatenotmedicate #schooldays #education #teacherslife #yeg #morningcoffee #reflection #summer2017

By continuing to be a victim well past being victimized, you give the abuser free rent in your body mind and soul.

What do you need to move into being a victor?

#RetreatYoSelf. My cup runneth over. 🙌🏻 Thank you to my Mindfulness Teacher, Carey Live Simply, for the spiritually rewarding retreat.

Band of Brothers. 🎩What is possible when beautiful men come together in Bali? - A freakin' malplaced Swedish Midsummer celebration May Pole is possible! I had to educate and certify everyone to be Swedes for a day but it was worth it! 😄👍🏼 .
@consciousbusinesscommunity #turnworkintoyoga #mindfulnesscoach #JonasFreeman #bandofbrothers #consciousbusinesscruise #consciousbusiness #midsimmarstång #midsommarfest #midsummerparty #swedish

Love is your driving force as a coach, healer or mindfulness instructor, right? In order to make a living from loving you must be willing to receive payment. Seems logical, but it is not easy at first. It can be painful and full of fear. I know how you can change your mindset around finances with 3 playful tips you can implement from now on. And honestly your relationship will change completely if you go for it. Keep on loving what you do. Click here for the link in my bio @Liselotteellegaard

O istedigin adimi atmak icin iste firsat, bugunden daha iyi bir firsat yok.. Tum sartlarin hazir oldugu o mukemmel ani bekleme, cunku o an aslinda yok, su an var olanla, mevcut halinle zaten mukemmelsin. Here is the chance to take that step you were longing for, there is no better than today. Do not wait for that perfect moment, where all is set up, cuz there is no such moment. You are already perfect as you are, in your current moment. #perfectimperfections

Welcome the "Slow-Down through the curb" of your challenges along the journey to success, for it will Add to Your Resilience & enable you you to propel forward with GREATER RESOLVE! #redwayoflife #resolve #relentless #focus #flow #grit #growthmindset #kaizen #mindset #mindfulness #successcoach #lifecoach #mindfulnesscoach #mentaltoughness #philosophy #philosopher #coach #inspiration #mood #motivation #morning #saturday #fitforlife #fitnesslife #fitlife #fitness #bodybuilding #healthyliving #gymlife #success

Beschuit met muisjes voor Boaz tijdens de laatste sessie van alweer een heel waardevolle cursus 'In de flow van Mindfulness' 💙 .
#babyboaz #belleviemindfulness #mindfulnesscoach @delinaoverdijk #beschuitmetmuisjes #happybaby #mindfulmama

My morning today ☕🍊✨/ Y este es mi panorama esta mañana, zumo natural, libro para abrir la mente al mundo que nos rodea y fresquita en el suelo 😂

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