Dreams , Destiny, Faith.
These three words will fulfill your soul with the richest valuable resource that you will ever required.
Dreams. We all have dreams, don't we?
Dreams are the ones that keeps us alive, not your oxygen. Oxygen is just a thing required for you to "Live" , but dreams are the ones that keep you "Alive".
You should never let yourself have a limit.
You must dream whatever pleasures your soul. Don't be a fool to thing you can't make it. Don't be a fool that Steve jobs , Einstein, had this, had that, I m a goner, I suck. Well my friend at start everybody sucked , even they did.
"Einstein was slow to talk(early days)"
"Einstein failed at maths (early days)"
"Steve jobs was College dropout. Fired tech executive. Unsuccessful businessman."
Did they gave up? No right!?
They always believed in their dreams.
They didn't escape from the deadliest mistakes/misfortunes, but they went through that!
So don't give up on your dreams, and DARE TO DREAM BIG!
Much love to the ones who dare to defy the society and dream Big!
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Fear of Success
Yes, there is such a thing! It’s hard to imagine for many, I am sure.
The fear of success is connected to the energy of self-sabotage and what we will do to keep ourselves from succeeding. The fear of change shows itself again, together with the fear of being alone, being rejected, feeling different, and every other fear you can think of.
Why is this you might think? It simply boils down to the fact that succeeding will bring with it some major shifts. You might have to move if you get the new job. If you get healthy, you will no longer want to stay on the couch with your family. Your boyfriend/girlfriend might leave you if you finally do what you always wanted to do, and are good at it. Or you might come to feel you are not valued for who you are and you might leave some of your old friendships.
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Drop your old stories, believe in yourself, trust your intution, love yourself enough in order to embrace your fear and transform it into a key for your own expansion and living your truth.
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I Think In Black ⚫️

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Hey you! The universe wants me to tell you to keep moving forwards with that meaningful transformation that you have planned for 2018. I would love to encourage you to sustain a positive momentum for your goals with a FREE authentic transformational story, which evokes the self love and inner wisdom to quiet the distractions in your mind. If you want to stop hesitating on your decisions when life gets overwhelming then you are going to love this particular motivational story that I want to share with you.
This story recalls my experience of finally overcoming self doubt and imposter syndrome as I prepared to create my first online course. Learning how to find the light at the end of that tunnel has made it my purpose to inspire others to believe in their potential especially when they don't feel like themselves.

I highlight ➡️why we become discouraged from failure and ➡️the secret to overcoming the self judgements that immobilizes us from seeing our true greatness. ➡️The key to restoring a positive vision when we are feeling stuck in our circumstances is INSPIRATION. Inspiration that opens our hearts to see ourselves through the lens of love, so we can understand the broader lessons in our circumstances instead doubting ourselves.
Once we feel like ourselves again then we regain the clarity and direction to create a plan for moving forward. ➡️You already have all the answers to transform your life and ➡️I want to offer you an emotional alchemy that liberates you to stop wavering on your intuition. A renewed perspective gives way to some inspiration to navigate your circumstances with a different approach and greater passion.
I'm not very different from you and I believe that reading about the authentic process of recovering my confidence from self doubt may reassure you that we all confront the same challenges . ➡️If you are still reading this then perhaps there's a message in this particular story that the universal energy is guiding you to receive and I feel honored to share it with you. Click the link in my bio to receive a heartfelt inspiration.

Much love,

Ini Anana

TGIF everyone! Have a great weekend!

I took my first yoga class about 12 years ago. From my very first class I knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher. But I never considered it seriously as a career because I deeply internalized the importance of studying something practical so that I could have a safe career and a safe life. I practiced yoga for all those years as a hobby.

Then about 10 years later. I went to a meditation class taught by one of my close friends, Kait. Right before class I was chatting with her mom who told me that she was about to start yoga teacher training. I was so stunned to hear that someone I know, a peer I could identify with, was doing this thing I desperately wanted but considered to be so impractical. My body had this physical, kicked in the ribs kind of jealousy reaction, which really stunned me. I am someone who usually has a firm hold on my emotions. Then, it got worse, during the middle of meditation class, and I started balling. Like ugly cry, tears everywhere, uncontrollable crying. It felt like 10 years of pushing away this desire for teaching yoga came crashing over me, in wave after wave of emotion, all at once, in front of all my friends (this class was attended by many of our mutual friends). My body was externally displaying my desire that I had pushed away for so long. Forcing me to finally listen.

So I signed up for teacher training. I had no idea if I would be able to actually teach yoga after the training or how this fit into my practical life plan and responsibilities. I am an accountant, a planner, I am practical, this is how I think of myself. The truth is I still don’t really know what I am doing. After training I did end up becoming a (part-time) yoga teacher, but I still have my full-time day job, I still have two small children, and a busy life. However, I’m done ignoring that small voice inside me. The small quiet voice inside of me knew all along I needed more yoga, and the voice had to become a roar before I finally succumbed and listened. I don’t want you to wait 10 years like me, so for a moment get quiet, bring your awareness to your breath, and listen.

A new blind for the healing space.
…it is the process of the client being real in relation to the therapist being real that is conceptualised as the crux of the healing process. - Mearns and Cooper

...when they look at me, I so badly want to be who they see.
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