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• Tea Time ☕️⭐️🦄
DreamGirl @hannah_perera wears our Darling Velvet Set in Burgundy → Link in Bio • Available in 4 colours Magic by @beautyonfilm / Mua @joelrichyy
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27 MAY: How can you achieve happiness? What is it anyway? Renowned expert and author on compassion and happiness Matthieu Ricard, who himself took part in seminal research in the connections between neuroscience and contentment, is often called the ‘happiest man on earth'. Here he gives some tips on how to achieve long-lasting happiness. #happiness #happy #peace #love #patience #meditation #mindfulness #bbcshorts #bbcnews @bbcnews

👍 I have FANTASTIC 👌 news for you! You’re only 30 seconds away from discovering:
🔷 Why you’re not as successful & wealthy as you want to be. 🔷The REAL reason you do things you don’t want to do. 🔷 Why your childhood is controlling your present. 👍 ❤️ Go to the link in our bio @lawofattraction0 to learn more!❤️👍

Zelfs na het absoluut mislukken van het oppakken van mijn fitness dieet #hell mag er niet geklaagd worden #morningshape 🙋🏼 Na het weekend proberen we het gewoon weer opnieuw💪🏽💕voor de 600ste keer😂(en ja.... na het weekend, want ik ben zo'n autist die op maandag moet starten 🤓) en dit keer met de hulp van mijn broer @stijndejongh, want soms lukt het gewoon even niet om alles alleen te doen en daar is helemaal niks mis mee! 🙏🏼 For now, lets jus enjoy this beautiful day and not punish ourselves when things don't go the way we planned ✨ Geniet van de zon vandaag 🌞🙋🏼

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Bronzing up in preparation for a night out trying to keep up with my siblings while they paint the town red. In true Marbella style. Sorry in advance, liver. ☀️ #CostaDelSol

Focus on your dreams but take action. If it's Everyone has the capacity to manifest greatness. There is not one person who is more capable than another. Having awareness of this is the first step to living an enlightened life.

You know what body dysmorphia looks like? The fact that I, for a few days now, have been feeling insecure about this body and comparing it to my pre baby body. Let me give you a lesson in self love and tell you real quick how I get myself out of that spiraling mentality: 1. I acknowledge my privilege and express gratitude for the struggles in life I am able to bypass SIMPLY via the body I was born into. And 2: I recognize that self love isn't always about loving every inch of your body at all times... but it's definitely about ACCEPTING and RESPECTING it at all times. Usually the resulting emotional non-resistance creates a level of peace and self awareness inside of me... which 10 times out 10, brings me out of the "I feel ugly" rabbit hole (THAT WE ALL FALL INTO!). I'm turning off the commenting option on this post because I'm not here for your validation or "yasss"es or words of encouragement. I don't need your praise or for you you tell me I'm nuts. I just want you to have some tools that work for me to help you get your head out of that utterly wasteful and disgusting mindset when you find yourself struggling. #BodyDysmorphia #SelfLove #Mindfulness #Postpartum #BodyLove

Despite my accomplishments & blessings in life, I used to feel like there was something missing that I could never quite put my finger on. I spent 5 years soul-searching & tried *EVERYTHING* from meditation, feeling my emotions, traveling to India, training in yoga, having spiritual/crystal/chakra healings, self-help books, ecstatic dance, practicing mindfulness, doing inner-child work, journaling, affirmations, working through childhood traumas, EMDR & somatic experiencing, living a healthy lifestyle, prayer, herbs, positive thinking-you name it! The most profound realization I've had throughout all of this- *the key that has tied it all together & brought me true happiness* - is a deep understanding of the concept so beautifully & eloquently expressed by AH Almaas below:
" *Not Valuing Our Essence*
There is another more universal and general reason why we don’t value our Essence. We talk here about how much of your suffering, how much of your conditioning resulted from the lack of love in your environment. Your environment wasn’t supportive, wasn’t loving, did not respond to you appropriately according to your needs, did not see your value. That is true. But we don’t see the fundamental thing that happened. The fundamental thing that happened, and 🔸the greatest calamity🔸is ***not*** that there was no love or support. The greater calamity which was caused by the first calamity is that 🔶you lost the connection to your Essence.🔶That is much more important than whether your mother or father loved you or not. 🔶You lost your own love because of that.🔶"
💚If you can understand these words, deep within your heart, you will understand the true meaning of enlightenment, the message of all mystics, self-love, health & true happiness "happiness within" 💚💚💚🙏🏼
Thank you @hannah_claire_photography for your beautiful work! I can't wait to celebrate you next week!


Ottawa Valley mindfulness peeps! Just a little reminder that I'm giving this 4-week course at @shaktikriyayoga in Perth on Monday, May 29. Register with them but feel free to shoot me any questions. .
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💙💛💚Stop for a while. Breathe. Let it all in. The sound. The air. The scents. Your feelings. Just let it all be as it is. Just observe without valuing, without prejudice. Just notice. Be in the power of the moment. Where everything is possible. 💚💛💙
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"The lilac branches are bowed under the weight of the flowers: blooming is hard, and the most important thing is - to bloom." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

Having a healthier lifestyle is about being more mindful of yourself, others and your surroundings. It is about practicing self love through your daily choices that effect you, others & trickle into the world we occupy. .

Today? Be mindful of what you consume physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Be mindful of what you send out as well. Happy Saturday beautiful friends.
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We are so grateful to see the many different ways explorers are playing with the Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards.
Stay enchanted everyone and enjoy the magic of creative play 🙏🌸🙏
#Repost @soothingbabymassageyoga
So much fun this morning with our @enchanted_wndrs cards, first at toddler yoga then at PEGS pre school. These were our favourite at PEGS 💖
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A few years ago I couldn't imagine myself doing a headstand against the wall. Practice and believe in your body and your soul #yoga #yogadharma #peacfulmind #dharma #sirsasana #salambasirsasana #iyengaryoga #iyengarmethod #meditation #mindfulness #headstand

Fashion in Sahara Desert :)

Astrology is so fun. @wellbeing_engineered understands me better then anyone and is always reading my chart. She is very familiar with this meme. I am a cancer sun and moon and can be a handful at times. Credit to @Astromemequeen

Conquered my fear of heights today. I did it with trembling knees and bated breath while screaming silently. It wasn't part of today's itinerary until the "Eye of Maokong" crystal cabin opened and we were ushered in. We were randomly given a cabin with crystal clear flooring to ride across the whole 4km stretch of the Maokong Gondola on our return trip from the mountains. It was a very long 30 minutes ride punctuated with heart-stopping lurches. My mind went crazy catastrophizing worst-case scenarios until May, whose feet are shown in this photo, reminded me to relax. I then remembered that I have the tools to deal with this stressful situation. I started by acknowleging the fear, I breath into it, recognized that my thoughts are not who I am, then I let go. My muscles relaxed, my breath deepened, and what was previously perceived as rough lurches became a gentle swaying with the breeze. Then my eyes opened to dramatic mists rolling through the mountains and the montage of beautiful foliage in all shades of green. My attention shifted from fears of what could be to the joys of what is. I eased into it and welcomed the calm of sitting on a gondola high up in the sky with unobstructed view of the spectacle of nature and man-made awesomess around me. I conquered my fear and stared at it straight on (hence, the photo). I looked at May, chill as ever, and my heart was full. I will forever be grateful for the grace of her presence in my life. She's light, love, and joy in huggable form. Today is her birthday and I couldn't thank providence enough for merging our paths. @christmay328 happy birthday!! May you always be happy and may we continue to travel together all the way through our golden years. 😘#vip #birthday #grace #mindfulness #meditation #travel #musings #conqueringfears #taipei

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