🍂I don’t know about you but we are ready for some cooler temps🍂
It’s almost October 🎃 & the official first day of Fall 🍁was this past weekend. So, where are the cooler temps & brisk air?
This diffuser blend is called Spice is Nice & even though it doesn’t feel like fall outside yet, it can smell like it inside!
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Don’t you just love belly shelves? Bray was 2 in this picture. Her baby sister, Veda, came out a couple weeks later with more hair than she had grown in her two years. Isn’t it amazing how different siblings are? I find myself comparing them a lot. Bray can be like the mother of a group of kids whereas Veda is our daredevil, ready to wrestle at a moment’s notice.
I want to give you guys a sneak peak into tomorrow’s blog post which is all about finding balance and adjusting to life as a parent of 2+ kids. How can we more easily and quickly find our center as the ebbs and flows of life shake us around a bit? I’ll be talking about what has helped me as I became a mom of two and then three children and how I manage, and sometimes mismanage, having my own business and trying to be a parent that is present and mindful.

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Oh Koen. You are just everything. I’m seeing your personality and it’s the greatest. You’re just the most inquisitive little babe I have ever met. You are just the cuddliest little koala and the sweetest little soul. There is something about the way you look around that makes me soo excited for your future, you’re going to do big things my little man.. I can tell ✨💕

Our little Noli is 8 weeks (plus 1ish). It’s funny how much I see my love for her compared to Everlie. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved E since I felt her growing within me. I was so clouded in her infancy, that I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. I was a terrified, lost new mom and I couldn’t see past that and see what beauty was in front of me.
I see Noli’s smile and her chubby cheeks and I can’t get enough. I don’t even care that all of my furniture, clothes and floor is almost always covered in breast milk spit up. She is calm, laid back and easy going - she clearly has her dad’s personality. :) I finally feel like a mom. After almost two years, it hit me the other day. Their cries don’t stress me out, I don’t wish I was somewhere else and I actually feel like I know what I’m doing (sometimes). For the first time since Everlie was born, I finally feel like a confident mom and that is a pretty great triumph.

We’re still navigating our new world. There are still a lot of days I can’t handle two kids under two, but each day gets better and we’re learning to find our new normal with these two amazing little girls. Even with lack of sleep, crying fits from all of us (minus @jdubc) and some really really long days, I could not be happier or more in love with my little fam. ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

All of this ☝🏻🙌🏻 ❤️ who in your life could use some extra TLC today?

I’m just a stay at home mom. Just a stay at home mom with a little business I run while my kids are asleep. A small thing that pays for my kids to go to preschool. A little side hustle that brings real value to families. No big deal. I’m just a stay at home mom who loves to write, and chips away at a blog in the middle of the night and in car line and when I get out of the shower. Stealing moments here and there as they become available. Begging friends to test new ideas with me and let me coach them through their own ideas. I’m just a stay at home mom with three little girls. Less than two years between each one. Trying to make lunches and do crafts and teach letters. Look up new recipes they might actually eat. But no eggs - one is allergic. Nurse the baby. Find the other shoe. Buy tutus and plan birthdays and read books and hold close. I’m just a stay at home mom cleaning toilets and taking out the trash and scrubbing accidents out of car seats. Just a stay at home mom rocking and singing and soothing at 2am. Snuggling and warming feet and getting water at 3am. I’m just a stay at home mom. .
New blog post (link in profile) on how I am changing my inner narrative and learning to mind MY business. #motherhoodrising #mompreneur #creativepreneur #selahstsimons ##unitedinmotherhood #myeverydaymagic #mindfulmama #goldenisles #stsimonsisland #cumberlandisland #stayathomemom #liveyourlife #georgiacoast 📷 @_sillyislandphotography_

Wait, what?! It’s Wednesday? Already?! Slow down week! 😮
The last couple of weeks have been super hectic for me. It’s left me tired and a bit wiped out. This kind of thing is also terrible for my skin, it’s breakout city over here 😝
My clay face mask always leaves my skin clean and soft, and it soothes allllll those sore spots 💆‍♀️
I now have Pink, White, and Green Clay masks in the store. And they are all lovely 😍. Check em out 😘

What are you grateful for today? While I have the major things that I’m grateful for (family, love, friends, health), I’m trying to be more aware of appreciating all the little, every day things to be grateful for
So, at the end of my day yesterday, I was grateful for • waking up a few minutes earlier so my morning routine wasn’t so hectic and I had some 1:1 time with my daughter • that I was able to catch the premiere of This Is Us • that I pulled off making homemade vegan mashed potatoes for the first time ever, with no recipe • that the gym wasn’t crowded so I was able to get through my workout quickly • and that my car was completely paid off
This is my first time using Gratitude, but I’m liking it a lot because it has some of my favorite oils like Northern Lights Black Spruce and Vetiver in it, giving way to a woodsy, spruce type of scent
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Baby L took a piece of our hearts with him as he (unexpectedly) left our home yesterday. He was only with us for a short time but it’s hard to remember what life was like before him.
Going into this we committed to loving fully and caring for him like he was our own. Yet understanding we had to keep our hands wide open. We committed to letting go. Saying no, to self protection and yes, to being vulnerable. We chased after love Himself so that we could love from a place that was beyond our own ability.
Loving without reservation isn’t easy. It hurts. It aches really bad but I know he got all of us and that’s exactly what he needed.
Baby boy you have forever griped our hearts. You’ve changed us. We will never be the same. Even though I can’t hold you close I will forever hold you in prayer. You are so worth it. L you are His and He has you.

Please Let Me Grow As I Be,
And Try To Understand Why I Want To Grow Like Me,
Not Like My Mother Wants Me To Be,
Not Like My Father Hopes I'll Be,
Or Like My Teacher Thinks I Should Be,
Please Understand And Help Me Grow Just Like Me
- Magda Gerber

⭐️These are the things we believe to be important at the HappySelf journal ⭐️ With digital distraction disrupting our ability to focus for long periods helping ourselves and our children learn to be fully present is increasingly important don’t you think? ⭐️ whether it’s working or reading uninterrupted by notifications or screen addiction or simply being fully engaged and free from distraction when spending time with others this is an important one for us all to deal with ⭐️ like so many other families we are constantly trying different ways to tackle family screen time and to ensure we are fully there for each other when we spend time together ⭐️ that’s my little #wednesdaywisdom have a lovely day ⭐️

When the rest of the family is overseas - we hit the movies! 😍

@oli_rogers730 and I have been excited about these few days for a couple of weeks knowing we would be the only two home this week (@rogersmoir in #germany, @fletcher.rogers08 in #tokyo & @anix_rogers in #thredbo skiing)!!! I’m grateful beyond measure to have the time and space to hangout together. I quite like this one. 😆

Building my business over the years has been far from an easy or linear story but it’s definitely been a worthwhile story.
Worthwhile not only for the (incredible) relationships and partnerships but for the freedom of #choice I have about how I spend my time.

I’ve learnt that it’s only when we seperate our worthiness from our productivity (another whole blog thing right there!) that we crack open some space to allow work and income to show up in different ways than we might be accustomed to (or conditioned to think as ‘normal’). There is no normal anymore! The rules are being re-written everywhere and you are welcome to re-write yours!! In fact, only you can re-write yours!

Choosing to re-write some rules for myself a number of years ago means I get to make choices like which movie will I watch with @oli_rogers730 in the school holidays because I can be with him to do exactly that. 😊

My heart is full this afternoon because we’ve spent some time together...while he still wants to 😂

Who do you want to be spending more time with? Are you willing to re-write some rules to do that?
I’d love to show you how to do that. To take you by the hand and step by step show you how to create an income that will give you more choices 💛

DM me for a chat. Chatting is way better in my book. Makes us both real 😀Looking forward to hearing from you !! #worstphoto #schoolholidays #familytime❤️

That’s @keithurban &
he’s singing to me 💙
Thank you SO much @dawnyarmstrong
for making tickets magically appear ⭐️

Lessons for a mama from this little person! For those of you who don't know me, I thought I'd take a minute to say hello and introduce you to my mindfulness muse 💕
I find it wonderfully amazing that I'm constantly learning how to 'live in the now' from this starsparkling 2 year old 😍 She is totally all about present moment experience....and to me this is both humbling and inspiring 😌
I also find it an interesting thing to reflect on. We are born knowing how to live fully in the present, without attachment to the past or worry about the future. It's inherent in our being. But somewhere along the way, we grow up and we lose it. If that's the case, maybe we should be learning how to 'grow back down'! 🤔🌱
(this picture is so typical of where she's at right now....smiling = mouth + eye scrunch extravaganza 😆) .
#mindfulnesscoach #livefornow #inthemoment #bepresent #liveinthenow #choosehappiness #mindfulmama #lessonslearnedinlife #selfgrowth #cadencehealth #instamakeoverfam #parenting #parentinglife #bemindful #mindfulness

So, my husband has these tattoos which I designed for him years ago and they kind of sum up the luck we both have.
One reads 'Devil's Luck' and by that it means that we seem to have really bad luck, but at the same time we are quite lucky in that this bad luck doesn't ever result in something utterly devastating.
It was kind of born from my Husband's motorcycle accident, where it was really unlucky that it happened, but he was lucky to have survived with minimal injuries.
These days it reflects some of the really bad things that have happened to us over the last few years, things that are horrible and have impacted us hugely, but at the same time could be a lot worse and actually we are still ok, we are still trudging though it.
Trouble is, I'm getting sick of this luck now. Im tired of desperately clutching at the good in all the bad. I want some outright GOOD luck for a change.
I'm tired of this big black fog hanging around us and I want to be able to look to our future and see a bright, clear journey ahead of us and an never-ending horizon.
I want our future to be as bright and beautiful as our love for each other is.

Visualise your baby as he, she (or they!) develop each day. Imagine every part of them growing perfectly and trust in your body to know what to do. Live a healthy lifestyle, relax, laugh and talk to baby - it's never too early ❤
If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, seek help and make changes, it's not healthy for you or your baby and there are lots of things that can help. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #pregnant #pregnancyaffirmations #empoweredbirth #hypnobirthing #hypnobirthingworks #mindfulmama
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Mid week mama reminder 🙌🏻 Value your mum mates....were all in it together! #yogamama #motherhood #mindfulmama #inittogether #value #friendships #

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