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If you grow it, they will come. Here was the field of dreams late August 2015, right before it all went into flower! Countless hours were spent here to ensure that everything was healthy and happy. Cultivating these plants has been a reflection of our own personal growth; physically, spiritually and mentally. This introspection leads to a deep reverence, respect and humility of what it takes to grow quality cannabis. When you are so innately tied with the health and well-being of the plants, their very existence become intertwined with yours. At its core, this is what it means to be a cannabis farmer. #devotiontothecraft #laboroflove #feildofdreams #dedication #gratitude #persuitofexcellence #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #livingthedream #enlightenyourself #mindfulliving #growtopia #fromseedtobud #outdoorgrown #quality #cannabis #loyaltothesoil #putinwork #bloodsweatandtears #giveallyougot #lovetheprocess #nofilters #ef_lifestyle

If you believe you are, you are, if you don’t believe it you won’t ever be it, do it or have it. It’s that simple. And it starts with your mindset. Clear out your mind clutter and step into who you want to be. Get clarity. Extreme laser focused clarity on what you want for your life. Nothing comes without doing the work. But you must do the right work to get what you want. Living without clarity is where most people get confused and tripped up and overwhelmed. My favorite thing to do when I’m choosing what I want in life is to create a mind map or a list and just start journaling about possibilities. And from there I start the deeper work of figuring out the details of those possibilities. That simple little thing has made my business worth millions. Get clarity on your belief system and create the life you were born for. It’s time to live your epic life! You got this! #mindsetiseverything #mindsetshift #mindsetmatters #mindsetcoach #mindsetofgreatness #mindsetchange #beliveinyou #believeyoucanandyouwill #believeyourself #highercalling #yogilifestyle #consciousliving #mindfulliving #mindfulthinking #consciousnesscoach #manifestationcoach #manifestationbabe

Collaboration is becoming more important across many fields of creative work today. I could not be more grateful to see the #mosswall we did for a residential space for this month's issue of @myhomemag.
Working with @plonturph for this project, we were able to define the creative constraints that actually helped us to drive innovation, develop mockups and deliver a maintenance-free vertical garden. 🌿

I can choose to judge my emotions, call myself too dramatic and unreasonable, or I can accept them. I choose the latter 🌞

Mindfulness is connecting with ourselves and I mean our genuine selves and not our ego. Living consciously and not reacting to the slightest irritation.
Mindfulness is about accessing our inner voice and finding our authentic self. All external behaviors are mirrors of what you are feeling inside.

When you can be mindful of your thoughts and actions you have more power and this is liberating. Being mindful is to connect with yourself.
Happiness comes from within, but your have to listen to yourself and using mindfulness is a great way to learn to connect.
www.mikayla-holmes.com/blog/posts/how-to-become-a-conscious-parent-mindfulness #chaostocalm #calmcue

Rebel with a lot of causes.

The year is galloping forward and in the thrust of it all, I found my voice. Not literally, but metaphorically. I found the voice that speaks from a place that feels wholly me. I used to be so timid and self-conscious when speaking about myself or just speaking in general. I’d use some contrived version of my real voice, hiding behind what I felt others wanted me to sound like and what they wanted me to say. But now that I raise my voice at people to hold plank for 10 breathes (and they actually listen to me), my voice has more strength to reveal itself 💪 Here’s to the best year of my life yet 😏 finding my voice among other things like learning how to set boundaries and keep them, being more honest with myself and others and just bringing more of myself into all I do 😏 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #mindfulliving #mindfullife #namaste #bohemian #yoga #yogagirl #joy #yogalife #yogalove #yogabody #selfcare #selflove #selfcarematters #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #lovingkindness #wellnessjourney #wellnesswarrior #wellnessjunkie #lawofattraction #yogi #healthy #fitfoodie #fitgirl #fitness #medicine #yogateacher #meditation #bestyearyet #womeninmedicine

As promised, a post that dives right into a Bengali wardrobe! It was amusing as well as eye-opening writing this post. Writing this helped me realize the myriads of events we Bengalis entertain and the categories of clothes we have as a result.
Will be very happy if you give it a read!Your feedback is most welcome <3. Link in Bio!
#themakingofaminimalist #minimalistsofbangladesh #minimalism #minimalist #mindfulliving #newbogpost #minimalism #minimalist #minimalisticlifestyle #minimalistsofbangladesh🇧🇩

➕ ohhhh how much this has resonated with me when I read it for the first time. Our road to the ultimate self realisation doesn’t end by overcoming some of the obstacles and inner demons.

It truly becomes transformational when we realise that we are called to keep going, not give up, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and invite the seemingly impossible to become our reality. Life becomes a vehicle to your ultimate calling rather than you being a slave of it.

Embrace everything life throws at you and never give up. 😉💕

I work as a chef, so every day I go into work there is always something I can take home, whether it's scraps or coffee grounds for compost or in this case - Cos/Romaine lettuce bulbs that otherwise would have been thrown in the trash 🤷🏻‍♀️ which I am re-growing for more delicious lettuce! 🤓 I don't know how well this is gonna work but so far so good! They have just been placed in about half an inch of water & they begin to grow only a couple days later.🌿🌱🍃

What an honour to present a Mindful Yoga class at this weekend's @yogafest on the Sunshine Coast 💛🙏

Epic sunset yoga on our recycled and biodegradable yoga mat with @earthandlust

Our yoga mats are super lightweight and come with a carry handle for ease of yoga on the go! Available via link in bio ✨

Day 28 of my de-clutter challenge.

Ok. Hands up anyone who has a "stash" or "nick nacks" or "novelty" spot. Mine was one of three different sized display boxes I own. No, I have not emptied it out completely, but question 2: how often do you actually remember EVERYTHING that is in there? Not just one or 2 things, but everything? I certainly didn't... I'm not getting rid of everything here, as some can be repurposed, but I wanted to bring everything I am not leaving in there OUT to demonstrate how easy it is to forget.
Old glasses - I, until moving & starting this challenge, have never gotten rid of a single pair of glasses, always promising myself, as I love them so much, that I will use the frames again. How many times has that actually happened? With exception to my latest glasses drama... Zilch. There are people that could actually benefit from these, and I've just had them sitting in boxes somewhere. I think this is the 3rd pair...
Business cards a plenty.
Stuff for my office/craft room - buttons, mix and match eraser set, note pads, pens I have no idea whether they actually work, and badges.
Phone stand (that definitely couldn't house any of my more recent phones), wearing out or broken phone charms, and phone charms that were as big as my phone...
Childrens travel cutlery set.
More games. A Harry Potter quidditch game, and an old trading card game that I went to the trouble of buying an expansion pack (or just more cards) for, but never really getting the chance to play...
#30daydeclutterchallenge #myhome #clutter #makingspace #smallhomes #phoneaccessories #badges #cardgames #buttons #hellokitty #miffy #eyewear #hoarding #decluttering #clutterfree #accountability #myspace #mindfulliving #mindfulbeing #mindfullife #donations #thrift #secondhandgoods

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