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Harboring unaddressed emotions inside us, is one way to eat away at ourselves! While it is normal to feel a wide array of emotions, how we deal with them is what can make them a positive or negative experience for us. For example, in times of sadness, it is often beneficial to pay attention & listen to our sadness as opposed to choosing not to feel it & burying it away. By welcoming this emotion, we can inherently learn that such emotions are actually a necessary reaction to our experiences, and are in fact, not negative in nature! By remaining open to each portion of our growth (through embracing both our darkness & our light equally) & training ourselves to manage these necessary reactions to our environment, we exercise & strengthen our "emotional intelligence.” As a result, we can build the courage to face any emotion that may have previously been eating away at us! As humans, we experience emotions through physiologic responses in the body (e.g., increases or decreases in heart rate; cutaneous blood flow (blushing or turning pale); piloerection (goosebumps); sweating; & gastrointestinal motility (butterflies)). Numerous studies have established that emotion systems prepare us to meet challenges encountered in the environment by adjusting the activation of the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neuroendocrine, immune & autonomic nervous system (ANS). This link between emotions & bodily states serves as one example of why taking time to exercise our ‘emotional intelligence’ can have a positive impact on our mental, physical & spiritual health! With this in our minds, lets make the intentions to face our emotions head on this week! Happy Monday! Follow @medspiration for more!

Written by Student Doctor: @medspired ©11/20/2017 All Rights Reserved.
Art by: @colinchristian ✊🏽
“While you are on a sincere pursuit of happiness; do not be swayed from engaging in self reflection & healthy self-criticism!” This research was published in the National Library of Medicine: (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK10829/) .
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Today’s mission was to feel good inside & out! The past few weeks have been full on & sometimes I don’t take time to care for my mind & soul enough - health is more than food & exercise after all. So I made the effort this morning to walk to work in the sunshine & despite the headphone I actually didn’t listen to any music instead just listened to the world 🍓☀️ Couldn’t help myself grabbed these delish strawberries on route too - best part of summer ☺️🙌🏼

Get your smile on.
Audit your circle. There’s nothing worse than hanging around with negative losers who bring you down and everyone else around them. Negativity spreads ! But so does positivity - and I am determined to spread it from my end. Will you too ? ——————————————————-
Run wise it’s time hit the intervals. 10 x 1km tonight on the dreadmill so it’s a real tough one, aiming for all reps under 4 minutes as I am slowly getting stronger.

And here I am, wearing this little piece of me around my neck - a reminder of the purpose in everything I do here 💜
I can't stop talking about mindfulness, about self-care, about self-love and about all the things that lead to self-development 📣💭✨
I can't stop because this unceasing truth blares in my conscience that as we evolve, we evolve all those around us; 😌 it blares that the whole fabric of humanity is changed to the extent that we change ourselves 👫🌎
And so I can't stop pursuing ways to help you discover and utilize the endless unimaginable potential and power you possess. ⚡️ Because I see a better world, and I see us making it reality together. Or maybe I'm just a dreamer ✨💕 Wearing the dreamer necklace from @piecesofmeco_ #partner #14kgold #littlethings

Foi como esquecer de ser eu.⠀
Terminar a limpeza tirando o pó que achei ser meu.⠀
E abraçar todas as partes que faltou amar.
Escurecer para iluminar.⠀
Me abri.
E em mim, me encontrei.⠀
Amor. Rei.
.⠀ #aboutlove #love #free #rebirth #reconexion #gratitude #grateful #deeplove #kinglove #present #presence #mindfulness #mindfull #deconstruct #intuition #conexion #feelings #learnings #energy #liberdade #desconstrua #essencia #gratidao #presenca #amor #entrega

Finding balance as a mom does not have to mean always feeling calm or peaceful. Instead, you can learn to ride the waves of your baby's experiences and to navigate the ups and downs of your own experiences. To learn more, check out our ‘Infancy’ meditation series found in the ‘Pregnancy and Infancy’ category.


"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" - Coco Chanel

We all need to start from ground zero

When you're 20, you care about what everyone thinks. When you're 40, you stop caring about what everyone else thinks. When you're 60, you realize no one was ever thinking about you in the first place...Internalize this before you're 60.. #innerhealing#confessions#selfknowledge#validation#insightful#doubts#fears#hypercritical#selfdestruction#selfesteem#insecurities#woke#socialanxiety#trueaf#trueself#transparent#transformational#apathy#worthy#consciousnessshift#mindfull #acceptance #learnlife#learneveryday #mature #freeyourmind #wisewordsoftheday

Yoga is about creating a sense of balance physically, mentally and emotionally. - How do you find balance in your life? 😊🙏🏻 #yoga #balance #lovelife | 📷 Stephan R. - Pictures with Love | Leggings: #lovemydharmabums

Experience #mindfull v/s #mindful

Wednesday mornings, my girls ❤️

I woke up wanting to kiss you 💋

Vakar vakarą prisiminus ❤ Geras jausmas kai 100 žmonių susirenka paklausyti mano paskaitos. Geras jausmas kai gera komanda viskuo pasirūpina - @teresaitenavalinske dėkui - o man telieka ateiti ir pasakyti: "Labas vakaras, gražuoliai ir gražuolės!" 🙃 Aha, būtent taip sveikinausi. Kodėl? Atsakymas paskaitoje apie vaikų emocinio intelekto ugdymą 😉 // Remembering yesterday evening ❤ It's deffinitely a good feeling to see 100 people listening to my lecture. Feel thankfull to my team for taking care of everything, I just came, smiled and said: "Good evening, beautifull people!" 🙃 Yes, thats how I say "Hello". Why? To hear the answer come to my lecture about ddveloping kid's emotional intelligence 😉
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