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A meditation from @deepakchopra introduced me to these words which has guided me in times of sadness, anxiety or worry.
Mantras are words, statements, slogans or sounds repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Do you have a favorite mantra?
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Constantly anxious, feeling 'plastered to the ceiling', can't fall sleep, afternoon fatigue? Hormones out of wack..? Probably. But in the overall picture, this can be your adrenal glands (responsible for hormone production, and our stress hormone, cortisol) on overdrive. Unfortunately we can't function too long like this, and our adrenals can eventually be so burnt out (e.g. can't stay asleep, moodiness before meals -'hangry', crave carbs/sugar) that our cortisol level in the morning looks like it does at night. That should not be. Cortisol is supposed to wake us up, and decline throughout the day, til melatonin (sleep hormone) takes over to get us sleeping. Prevent progression of adrenal fatigue, or address if this is how you feel, by having frequent, smaller meals, protein and healthy fats (balance blood sugar), do things you enjoy, and gentle exercise.

I didn’t get here over night... it’s taken me many years of inner work to process our existence... (and I’m still evolving) Our whole life is leading us to know who & what we are to embody and express it. When you’ve been journeying alone for as long as I have, you get hype when you see others who travel the path and express the journey in beautiful creative ways!! ✨✨ Peace Goddess @sarocthemc for your love! ❤️ Thank you for this musical gem! #forever 👑✨ .
Describes the
@thesacredjourneywithin perfectly! 💜✨🕉👁👑❣️❤️ .
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I recently started wire wrapping raw crystals again!! 🤗🙆‍♀️ This batch of gemmy garnets is so special (there are 2 left in the shop if these call to you!). Garnet is a stone of self-empowerment, passion, prosperity & abundance. It supports healing associated with the root & sacral chakras, specifically that of emotional trauma rooted in our sexuality & in our childhood experiences.
All of our Sacred Sandalwood malas are made with fair labor created Indian sandalwood beads (genuine aromatic sandalwood, not that imitation sandalwood from China that I keep seeing over the internet! 🙈 ayyyeee yi! 🙈) and fair labor created Ethiopian brass & silver beads. 🙏💕 What do you think of this style?! Should we bring back more raw crystals and stones? 😄🙏 #selflove #goddess #crystallove #garnet #moonchild #malabeads #malanecklace #moonstone #japamala #igyogafam #yogini #yogisoul #yogamamma #yogisofig #inspiration #treatyoself #yogachallenge #yogalife #yogi #mindbodymedicine #yogisofinstagram #yoga #healthyself #meditationheals #mindbodysoul #mindbodyspirit #holistichealing #heal #vibesoflove #goodvibes

Happy early birthday to me 🤗🛍🎈The dictionary defines family as a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not. I like to simplify this into one word: EVERYTHING! 💜So much to celebrate last night between us all. Life truly is a blessing 🙏🏼 PS note the ‘early’ in the post 🙈 Save your bday wishes for tomorrow peeps 😉😘

A great read, full of insight from Dr B Grace Bullock. For bodyworkers, movement teachers and anyone with an interest in improving human relationships - in a personal, professional or societal context.

We might be one day away from the weekend, but there’s still so much good we can accomplish from now until then.

Remember, we’re FINISHERS, not quitters, unless you’re quitting being lazy, making excuses, and waiting for the right time.

OR I’ll add one more, just for the health of it—you’re quitting something that just no longer serves you or brings you joy because that will just continue to suck the life out of you and you deserve more than that. More on that later

So if you’re ready to quit some of these together, click the link in my bio for more info on my upcoming group coaching! By getting on the VIP list, you’ll get access to bonuses no one else will get! {link in bio}
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Manten la calma ante TODO! ✌
LIKE si estás de acuerdo 👍👍
Etiqueta a una persona 👦
Photo by @jordhammond .
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A few years ago my therapist asked me, “do you ever get angry?” I replied, “No, I don’t actually” with a great big smile. She smiled back and we continued our session.

Fast forward to 3 years later and that’s a different story. She still laughs about that day I told her that I didn’t get angry because things have changed. My brain and body didn’t even know anger existed in me, and I definitely had no idea how to cope with it when it did start coming to the surface. It was scary. When you feel something you have not allowed yourself to feel for 20+ years, you and your life may feel unstable. You’re dealing with a new reality. WTF is this and what do I do with it??? When anger (or any emotion comes up for that matter), I try to listen to what it’s telling me. It’s there for a reason and is trying to be heard. That’s what emotions are for. They could be warning us of danger. They could make us live an autopilot driven, monotonous life because that feels safe and feelings don’t feel safe. Sometimes they might be telling us a story that might not be real, but that’s what we learned about ourselves growing up. If we give them the attention that they need, emotions will not be powerful in a way that depletes us, but powerful in a way that fills us and makes us more whole and ourselves.

Repressed emotions of any sort (although this article talks about anger specifically) can be the result of both physical and mental stress. Dealing with emotions can be your gateway to freedom.

Thank you to my teacher @janetheclapp for always posting gold content🥇 Repost from article @ https://medium.com/@irenelyon/anger-as-medicine-how-to-cure-self-sabotaging-behaviours-4d61497ec18d


Just listen to your body 😌
We have a tendency to drive ourselves too hard and then crumble somewhere neAr but not quite at the finishing line 🙈😓 Then ensues the ‘feeling like a failure’ feelings and we give up and revert 180 degrees back in the opposite direction away from our goals 👎🏼 - sounds about right?!
If we give ourselves a little break before this happens when we start getting tired then we can rest for a bit. Try not to be too hard on yourselves and the. DROP IT. Just drop that sh**. And just get back on track and keep trying 💃🏼🦄
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"Our peace shall stand as firm as rocky mountains." -Shakespeare

Macht euch einen wundervollen Tag! ...und baut zwischendurch ein paar Pausen ein, ein paarmal tief durchatmen an der frischen Luft, vielleicht ein paar Übungen einbauen oder einen Spaziergang machen, eine Meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ machen... die Pause muss nicht lang sein, wirkt aber wahre Wunder in Sachen Produktivität! ⠀

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The answer is YES - we all need to do this, and the good news is that our body does this naturally for us 💃🏼. BUT - and this is a BIG BUT - juices/cleanses/fasting is not the way to do it 🍋 However, there are ways we can support this system ❤️
We have a number of mechanisms for detoxification including the work of the following organs - liver (most important), bowel, kidney, skin and lungs. Many fad detox programmes/teas etc often just involve taking laxatives and resting your digestion by consuming only fluids and this can have many negative health impacts - often it can increase toxicity in your body through breakdown of fat and muscle tissues and lack of fibre and nutrients. .
So let’s breakdown some of the key information behind detoxification:
🌟 Firstly, TOXICITY means the build up of substances (toxins) which can cause chronic disease over time such as autoimmune diseases.
🌟 TOXICITY comes from radiation, stress, infection, diet, pollution, absorbed substances (e.g on our skin) and drugs
🌟 We each have a different susceptibility to certain toxins and a genetic predisposition to certain conditions
🌟 Certain conditions affect our ability to detoxify these toxins such as high sugar diets and stress
| Ways to aid the body in detoxification |
1. Keep your bowels regular - plenty of water and fibre
2. Keep a nutritious diet - all the usual things - vegetables, protein, variety 🥑
3. Choose organic where possible - organic means grown/made without additional chemicals/hormones
4. Practice stress relieving techniques - anything from meditation, laughing, yoga, breathing exercises
5. Be aware of exposing your body to pollution, inhaling fumes, cleaning products, creams on your skin etc.
6. Nutritional supplements tailored to you to ensure optimal amounts for you. .
How do you support your body with detox?
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B E I N G • busy is not all it is cracked up to be. You know how, when you’re in the shower in the morning and you’re barely noticing the soapy warmth but thinking about all the JOBS and things and places and jobs and stuff you have to do? And you go through the whole day like that, missing things. Being busy. Tripping over your thoughts to get to he next one. I started my day like that yesterday, it always makes me feel slightly cross and edgy and anxious, then I went and jumped in the sea with my babe @rewildingchloe and we swam and the shock of the cold and the sun and the absolute presence brought me back. From being distantly aware that I needed to ground, to being forcefully HERE. when we are busy, we are tight, stay open. 💛 You don’t have to jump in the icy sea. Just feel your feet on the ground, close your eyes for a second, be here. Feel your legs, arms, trunk. Breathe into your belly. (Repeat 928273277 a day...!)

I needed a little #humpday inspiration today amidst a full schedule 🙌🏼 so I reminded myself that #sunshine and vitamin D are often all I need! 🌈☀️😊. Photo by @kginwonderland ——————————————— #happyhumpday #inspiration #naturelovers #natureismedicine #thecoreexpert #pilates #pilateslovers #mindbodymedicine #mindbodyconnection #healthychoices #healthiswealth #healthylifestyle #loveyourbody #attitudeadjustment #getoutside

This quote has been attributed to many authors, but I've claimed it as one of my own when I talk to my patients about stress.
I'll be the first to confess that I have monkey mind: A brain that leaps from thought to thought, from pending task to pending task, and sometimes from worry to worry.
There is a book about stress that I love called "Why Zebras Don't Have Ulcers" by Robert Sapolsky. The reason zebras don't have ulcers is because when the lion (stress) chases them, they respond to that stress (aka RUN), then when the threat has passed they go back to munching on some grass and hanging with their herd.
They don't sit there and think "What if the lion comes back?" or "What if something else tries to eat me?" They don't lie awake at night ruminating about the lion that chased them that day-- or tomorrow's lions. They leave that up to us humans.
So, how can we be more like the zebra? By staying present. Staying present is something this distracted monkey mind struggles with every. day.

Breath work is a tool to help mitigate the propensity to have monkey mind, to help you stay present and carry your load in a healthier way. One of my favorite practices is alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Shodhana. This technique takes only a few minutes and has been shown to active our parasympathetic nervous system, the part of our nervous system that is active when we are relaxing or at rest. This in turn lowers blood pressure, reduces circulating stress hormones like cortisol and improves attention, along with many other benefits.

I use alternate nostril breathing in between patients to center myself, when I'm shifting gears from work to mommy mode, or when I'm feeling overwhelmed.
For instruction on alternate nostril breathing see link in profile.
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NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE.... What is it? What does it involve?
As a qualified nutritionist I work WITH YOU to restore your health and help you become YOUR BEST YOU 🙌
I will EDUCATE and be right by your side, every step of the way!
Instead of focusing on the symptoms, we will INVESTIGATE THE CAUSE of your suffering and use sustainable nutritional and lifestyle interventions to NOURISH your body.
A SCIENTIFIC and evidenced based approach is used, while recognizing the HOLISTIC needs required for you as an INDIVIDUAL ❤
Want to know more? Call for a free chat today!
M- 0425 673 611
E- emma@yourbestyounutrition.com.au

Beyond the emotional and mental benefits of meditation, there are also physical benefits, including reduced risk for heart attack, lowered blood pressure and reduced pain perception. Mindfulness based interventions could also be helpful for people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other functional gastrointestinal disorders. There is even research showing alterations in immune function from a regular meditation practice, as well as a lowered inflammatory response, which is huge, considering the role of inflammation in so much chronic disease.
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there is no mystery to the miracle of self healing;
it is courage, commitment,
and consistency that moves us from misery to inner peace.
yung pueblo
I can attest that is part of the “secret sauce” to healing ones self. With a heaping scoop of surrender.
Whether it be physical or emotional healing or all of the above, courage, commitment + consistency are needed to make a shift.
Tapping into your intuition, listening, and trusting that your mind + your body have the incredible power to help you heal.
It’s important to also have the right support during this time. Ask yourself, who do you need to invite in to help you in this process? Because it doesn’t feel that good to go through a difficult time feeling totally out of control + alone. It’s important to have a kick ass health care team in place. That can include your primary dr., naturopath, chiropractor, coach, therapist, energy healers,acupuncturist...
Once I found the right team of people, along with the 3 c’s I mentioned above. BOOM!💥
We aren’t meant to go it alone. It’s important to ask for help. Who do you need to call in to help you?
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