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I love the feeling of fresh hair! It’s a nice message to my subconscious mind and my heart that I matter #selfcare #thriver #kinesiology #mindbodymedicine

I'm still buzzing with creativity! ✨💫✨ I loved the Master Class in Documentary Filmmaking 🎥 taught by award-winning producer, Jeffrey Brown. 🙌🏽✨ This class was in partnership with Texas Theatre, the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Dallas Film Society, and the Lone Star Film Society, Production for and was also led by SXSW co-founder Louis Black! They gave us the straight talk on story, funding, production, festivals & distribution! The information was worthy! ✨🙌🏽😍🎥 #mindbodymedicine #thesacredjourneywithin #documentaryfilmmaker #filmgeekheaven📽

Realizando sonhos 😊🌟 #mindbodymedicine #harvardmedicalschool

Did you know that you can die of a broken heart? Like literally. The condition is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (cardio = heart, myo = muscle, pathy = disease --> disease of the heart muscle). The condition mimics a heart attack with NO evidence of obstruction of an artery. It was first described in Japan and is associated with depression, anxiety and chronic psychological stress and tends to be precipitated by an acute stressful trigger... death of a loved one, a serious accident or natural disaster. For me, when serious pathology like this has such a clear link to our emotional and mental health it reminds me of the importance of taking care of HOW I FEEL as a real and valid medical intervention. #mindbodymedicine

I see the body like a big electrical super highway.
⚡️ When the electrical energy flows without restriction, we are more likely to feel energized, and move freely.
Sometimes too much electricity builds up in certain areas, due to physical / mental / emotional tension, which can cause pain, blockages and disharmony in your body.
There’s many ways I’ve found to release this tension and get the electricity flowing again, which I’ll be sharing in my upcoming Tension Releasing Body course.
A simple way to start is, to observe and become more deeply aware of your body.
As your awareness deepens, so does your ability to feel where electricity is flowing / not flowing in your body.

Know this - Feeling is healing.
That’s what this photo with @curlyhimself is about.
#tensionrelease #relax #mindbodymedicine #movementmonk

Bowlin’ bowlin’ bowlin’...knocked it out of the park with this Super Burrito (Taco) Bowl with Broccoli Guacamole 🙌🏼🇲🇽 Literally a deconstructed taco 🌮 and so much easier to get into your mouth 😂 Recipe once again thanks to @nwmag 😋✌🏼🍏🍃

Feeling like you’re not OK? This 15 minute self-soothing meditation will relieve anxiety and help you few more reassured 🙏🏻Link in bio! #meditation #mindfulness #stressreduction #mindbodysoul #mindbodymedicine #meditate

Our logo at @Meo_Energetics is inspired by an ancient alchemy symbol that means “Manifest.”
(If you’re not yet following Meo Energetics, you’re missing all that I share about essential oil education, emotional healing, and energy medicine. So go follow us there!)
Alchemy became a system associated with mysticism, but was the earliest practice of chemistry. Alchemists experimented, in a systematic fashion, to create a purer, more powerful substance (gold and silver) from base metals.
John’s formulation process shares the similarity of using painstakingly precise measurements to create something more powerful than the sum of its parts, which is why an alchemical symbol was the perfect fit.
This symbol has taken a deep level of personal significance in my life, representing for me the power of creativity, synergy, and intention. I had our symbol made into a gold necklace which I wear almost daily.
For a while there, I considered getting this symbol as my first tattoo. Given my needle-phobia, however, I went with the necklace. :-)
I’m hoping to offer these necklaces in the future at Meo because we’ve gotten so many requests! So two questions for you: would you be interested if we began selling these? And second, any experience with non-toxic tattoos, because I am still considering it? Thanks!


This Inuit proverb brought comfort to a young patient grieving the sudden loss of her father. He had always told her if he did pass on he would become a star ✨It can be hard to know what to say in times of grief and loss, sometimes just holding space for someone else's feelings is all that is required. We laughed, we cried, did a reiki treatment and I know she left feeling much lighter. The grieving process takes time and looks different for everyone. Be patient and kind with yourself, honour and express your emotions and allow yourself to be comforted. #grief #loss #emotionalhealing #reiki #naturopathicdoctor #mindbodymedicine #healing #support #empathy

How beautiful is my client Claire?! 😍 Also known as @dj_fadj 🎧Claire & I met when she hit the decks for my book launch back in May and recently reconnected when she was looking for some guidance and support in creating some major changes in her health. In just a few weeks of working with me and being a part of The Juicy Circle of 5 for November, this busy mother of 2 who very frequently works late nights, has noticed her energy levels go through the roof and has managed to steer clear of sugars and alcohol for 4 weeks without feeling deprived!! Plus we get to chat gratitude, poo and all sorts of fun & interesting facts and rituals 😜🤷🏻‍♀️ If better health is on your list for the new year, then this December is the perfect time to join the Juicy Circle of 5 🙌🏼 Launching on Friday December 1st - spots are available as of NOW! Reach out and show your interest via PM or leave a comment to find out more and book in! ✌🏼🍏🍃*Participants must be registered by Thursday, 30th November.

With Thanksgiving around the corner – What are You Grateful For?
"How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Improve Your Life" by Emmy Vadnais, OTR/L @emmyvadnais
Taking a few moments each day or weekly to have an attitude of gratitude may improve y our life. Research supports findings that there is an association with gratitude and an overall sense of well being. “Gratitude is the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself and represents a general state of thankfulness and/or appreciation.” ~ Sansone & Sansone, 2010

At any given moment, there is likely much that you can be grateful for in your life. A few examples may include your ability to see beauty in nature or someone’s eyes, hear transcending music, or taste delicious food. Maybe you recently had a good laugh with a friend or received a smile from someone passing you by. Perhaps, you have a few moments to look up in the sky and be grateful for the wonderment of the universe. You may even relish in the moment of being alive.

There are several simple steps that may increase a sense of gratitude and well being:
* Journal about things for which to be grateful
* Think about someone for whom you are grateful
* Write/send a letter to someone for whom you are grateful
* Meditate on gratitude (present moment awareness)
* Undertake the “Count Your Blessings” exercise (at the end of the week, write down three things for which you were grateful)
* Practice saying “thank you” in a sincere and meaningful way
* Write thank you notes
* If spiritual or religious, pray about your gratitude

Read more at http://holisticot.org/how-an-attitude-of-gratitude-can-improve-your-life/
#grateful #gratitude #thanksgiving2017 #attitude #appreciate #health #holistichealth #wellness #prevention #integrativehealth #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #mindbodymedicine #integrativemedicine #peace #joy #love #thankyou #occupationaltherapy #OT

Does your own manifesting power scare you? I used to be scared of getting everything I wanted—- I didn’t feel I deserved it, I wasn’t worthy of it... today because of my own suffering, I am able to create a new way of self-empowered healing that looks and feels like this. We re-program our mind, we release emotional and physic pain in the body, and we raise our vibration SIMULTANEOUSLY, for example I feel this is a Big One.... close your eyes and feel the Release... “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”-Marianne Williamson and if u wish to go deeper email me to schedule a discovery call for FREE w me to free yourself and re-align to your authentic and whole being. This is where healing begins.#goddess #goddesshealing #alvamethod #mariannewilliamson #selfhealing #alvamethod #holistichealing #painrelease #painrelief #chronicpain #pelvicpain #pelvicfloorphysicaltherapy #pelvicfloordysfunction #mindfulness #meditation #yoga #breathwork #psychk #craniosacraltherapy #rosepetals #massage #functionalmedicine #integrativemedicine #mindbodymedicine #integrativehealing #soundhealing #soulfishwomen

Bowlin’ bowlin’ bowlin’...knocked it out of the park with this Super Burrito (Taco) Bowl with Broccoli Guacamole 🙌🏼🇲🇽 Literally a deconstructed taco 🌮 and so much easier to get into your mouth 😂 Recipe once again thanks to @nwmag 😋✌🏼🍏🍃

I was at a work conference today and had some of the healthier foods that they had to offer 🌱🍉🍍Let's be honest, it's not easy to make good choices with a buffet of delicious but not so healthy options available🙈 At the same time, life is about balance and is meant to be enjoyed. So I had some dessert later in the day. No picture 😁
I sometimes have black and white thinking. It is worth the reminder that having a healthy lifestyle is not about eating salad & drinking green juice ALL of the time. There are many components to wellness which should include treating yourself sometimes ✨❤

Learning a lot about mind body medicine lately 📚intrigued? Check out The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno .
#tensionmyositissyndrome #mindbodymedicine #naturopathicmedicine #treatthecause #rewireyourbrain #stopandthink #drsarno #alltheragedoc #savedbysarno

I love the feeling of fresh hair! It’s a nice message to my subconscious mind and my heart that I matter #selfcare #thriver #kinesiology #mindbodymedicine

In July 2017, a new study was published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. The study compared acupuncture against morphine in the management of acute pain (in an emergency room setting).
- "The results were even better than researchers imagined. Patients who were treated with acupuncture experienced a whopping 92 percent reduction in their pain, while the morphine group experienced a 78 percent reduction. Not only that, the acupuncture group had a much faster pain recovery time. While the morphine group took an average of 28 minutes to recover from their pain, the acupuncture group recovered from their pain in an average of 16 minutes." - 'The Alternative Daily'
#acupuncturebeforeopioids #choices #mindbodymedicine #youcanheal #stoptheepidemic #heartwork #changeyourbrainchangeyourpain #godeeper #dynamicpotential #bodywise #opioidcrisis #chinesemedicine #needlework #navigatingthechannels #treatyoself #infinitewisdom #yinbecomesyang #acupuncture #nycacupuncturist #oneneedleatatime #acumama #feelittohealit #wuwei #alchemicalhealing #whatweseekisalsoseekingus #theproofisinthepudding #resilience

This Christmas, give the gift that inspires healthy living with a Splendour Box filled with all natural, cruelry-free wellness products.🌱💞

Our Cyber Week Sales Event starts...NOW! 40% off the entire shop; no exclusion and no code needed! Shop link is in our profile --> empowerbyaambh.etsy.com 🙏💓💓 shown: Tree of Life Prehnite, Pyrite & 18K Gold mala, $58.80 🙏💓✨

Ran out of milk (non 🐄), so I made some out of pumpkin seeds! Soooo easy! I get to control what goes in it and what doesn't, and it's also wildly less expensive than store bought milk alternatives when seeds cost $1.99/100g. Might start doing this on the regular! Recipe 👇🏼
-1 cup raw pumpkin seeds, soaked in warm water for 2+ hours or overnight
-3 cups filtered water
-Optional: vanilla, maple syrup
-strain soaked seeds and place in blender with water. Blend on high. Strain into jar. Add pinch of salt, and vanilla and/or maple syrup if using. Stir. Store in fridge for 2-3 days.
Tip: Use the leftover seed pulp in oats, chia pudding, smoothies etc. It adds texture, protein, fats, and is a great source of zinc!
#dairyfree #foodismedicine #guthealing #skinfood

The body benefits from gentle movement, the mind benefits from the stillness...
Yin yoga and meditation 6-7.30pm Wednesday evenings @therapyworksnewport
sms to reserve mat, see website in bio
Everyone welcomed xx
#yinyoga #meditation #calmnessinbodyandmind #healing #breathing #mindbodymedicine #complimentaryalternativemedicine #stressmanagement #relievestressandanxiety #healthandwellness #yoga #pranayama #

The beginnings of my future Kinesiology clinic!! On the weekend I discovered these incredibly beautiful chakra sprays and essential oils by @stsillage They are absolutely divine and after using them in a balance yesterday feel they’re very powerful energetically. It makes me very excited for next year when I’ll be out there in my new clinic space.

Wowsers Sunshine Coast well over 300 for Fridays night HeAL screening - it's the biggest screening of the year.
Change your Mind, Change your body, Change your life.
- The most powerful healer is within.
#healdocumentary #sunshinecoast #mindbodymedicine #heal #moviescreening.

This one is deeply personal to my life and I would offer applicable to your life if you're willing to search your heart. //
What are we using to pacify our thoughts, fears, insecurities, emotional traumas, stress, poor relationships, lack of self worth, living unfulfilled... boredom even? //
We need a new coping mechanism to trade out for the unhealthy, numbing behavior - we all have some form - be it food, alcohol, drugs, social media, exercise, shopping, over scheduling ourselves(!) etc. //
A great place to start is simply choosing mindfulness. Paying attention to your breath, your thoughts, any tension in your body. <<Are you choosing to numb or are you choosing to be present with your mind and body?>>

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