What would change? What would be different? What new things would be possible?
We don’t always have to be pushing and growing. Life is rhythmical. There are ebbs and flows. There are seasons. There are cycles of life and death that we are conditioned to override and disconnect from.
We live in a capitalist system that tells us we should always be putting out more, growing more, working harder to hit that next level, or grinding and hustling just to survive.
But the body has a rhythm of movement and rest. It has a finite capacity. And when we constantly ignore it and override it... that incongruence can cause injury, burnout, and mental/emotional/physical pain.
What is one thing you could do or change to start living more at the pace of your body? Where can you pause or rest or just notice what your body really needs and listen to that, move from that understanding?
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One of the biggest revelations I’ve learned about myself recently is that I inspire people to live their dreams! ✨🌞👑 IN A REALLY BIG WAY!! Since I’ve been home from Peru I’ve inspired people to purchase new homes, purchase land, start new businesses, create new blogs, write new books, do photoshoots, start new relationships, start new podcasts, go curly fro natural, get married, explore their artistic talents, start new wellness challenges, become public speakers, learn new healing techniques, go back to college,, and some even went on their own personal @thesacredjourneywithin missions and begun a meditation and yoga practice and also to find Mother Ayahuasca, Brother Mushroom and other sacred medicines. ✨✨✨ This is a sacred privilege and I am honored to be a portal for love and wisdom and to share all that I have learned! To all that I have inspired over the years and have helped to light your souls candle 🕯or have helped you to awaken... I am thankful for you. Share what you’ve learned and light someone else’s flame! Lets keep this evolutionary flow going!! 🔥✨👑 I love you! We are One. ✨💜🕉👑👁
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When people ask me what I do I tell them I’m a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist & Tantra Yoga Instructor helping people to heal from unaddressed pain, awaken their souls memories, discover their deepest desires & live their life’s purpose. For me this work is natural, it’s easy & it’s fun. With one conversation I can feel & see the truth, the shadow, and the blockages that hinder a person from experiencing lasting happiness. (This is a gift of light)... 🎁 This is my lightwork. (One part of it) My work is sacred, filled with joy, and I am led by divine inspiration. I have the ability to see what someone wants and can see the path they can move towards to achieve it. 👁 When we turn our 3rd Eye on, when we cleanse and purify our Chakras, we have access to higher levels of consciousness and so much potential to help others ignite their light. I ignite many lights. I inspire many people with words, conversation, my level of compassion and non-judgment. I live in the light, I work in the light, I share the light. I am the light. ✨✨✨ People try to seek perfection and I’ll tell you that you’re already perfect in your imperfections. Remember where there are cracks that’s where light in you is revealed. Embrace your shadow, embrace your light, embrace yourself, and take your time. Remind yourself to never to rush your journey by those who know nothing about your souls goals. Take your time, remember all of time is Now. Here is your power, in this moment. Breathe in gratitude... You are Light. Let yourself shine. ✨✨✨✨
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Have you had the experience of an old would coming up that you were sure you had resolved? Some people say, "I did some much work on that issue, why is it in my life again?" If you have been doing your inner work and an old issue presents itself again, look more closely. In all likelihood, there is a difference this time, although that distinction might be subtle.

We are tied up into our wounds in a multitude of layers. Each time we see ourselves with true presence there is an opportunity to free up one of those layers. It's a slow, gradual process.

Even though we might wish to clear the issue away in one fell swoop, the reality is that most us couldn't integrate such a radical change. We are organized around our survival mechanisms and it takes time to heal the underlying wounds and then dismantle our habituated ways of coping.

Want to discuss your personal journey? Message me for a complementary 15 min intro consult.
. .
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Dancing an ode to my belly button.. .
Last weekend a man DM’d me to body shame me for having a “gross belly button” that he thought should never be seen in public. I live at the beach, do hot yoga near daily, and own about 10 bikinis. Not a chance sir. .
I love my body, I’m so grateful for and proud of what my body has been through and bounced back.. sexual abuse, surgeries (one in which I almost died and had my internal organs outside of my body), and 2 pregnancies and births. .
I work out because it feels good to move my body, and because I want to treat my body like the exquisite masterpiece that it is.. not because I care what any dude thinks about it. I tattoo, decorate, and dress my body in a way that I feel good, not because I’m looking for outside validation or attention. .
And my body loves me back.. in fact she loved me when I didn’t love her. She alerted me to bad situations/people, she put some extra fat around my middle to protect my internal organs when I was stressed and she thought I was in danger, she became fatigued when I was doing too much. She broke out in rashes when there was someone or something not good for me in my life. She is my star ⭐️
Also, did you know that research shows that a woman’s sexual responsiveness and orgasmic ability is tied into how she feels about her body? If you want to drive your lady wild, it’s time to start giving her the positive attention she deserves. Ladies, if your man (or woman) isn’t appreciating your beauty, it’s an inside job too.. it can start with you. .
Where can you love your body more? How is your body loving you?
For more on how to start loving your body check out my story in the book Dare to Be Authentic, Volume 2: Learning to Love Yourself (on Amazon) ⭐️
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Thank you so much James Chapman for the opportunity to come and speak to the team at Cintas Dallas! I am still buzzing from the energy of the room. You have a wonderful group of leaders but that is to be expected since they have such a wonderful and passionate leader such as yourself! I am glad that your team was inspired, and I'm looking forward to the next visit! Giving up was never an option, and my failures were successful teaching tools. Thank you for your support! We appreciate you! ✨🔑🎯 .
From original post on @linkedin - Thank you to my friend, former Texas Tech Red Raider legend and WNBA star Alicia Thompson. She was our motivational speaker for the end of FY18 staff meeting. Alicia inspired our team with a message about purpose and perseverance. The team was still buzzing about her presentation long after she left our building. Strength doesn't come from success, it comes from not giving in to failure.
We look forward to her next visit. Holly McDonough
Alexis Phelps
Michael Hutchison
Jason Cedillos
Alan Reed
Marvin Lewis
Christian Klein
Texas Tech University
David E. Johnson
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In a society where everyone defines themselves by labels, I often get the question: What is mind-body medicine? Aren’t you a neurologist? Aren’t you a yogi? Aren’t you a speaker?
I am all of those things.
Who said we only have to choose one calling or one label? And who says we only have to choose one modality of healing? As a patient, it was the combination of shifting my mindset and life-saving surgery that brings me to a place of balance and health today.
I don’t understand at what point in healthcare our society became divided between traditional Western scientific evidence based medicine vs. “complementary” modalities of healing.

I don’t even like the term “alternative” medicine because it is making a bold and unreasonable statement that we are throwing conventional medical wisdom out the window.
I know from personal and professional experience that there is a crucial role for both.
Mind-Body Medicine is a scientific system and clinical practice that achieves mental, physical and spiritual health by balancing and connecting the mind, body, and spirit as one unified life unit.
Medications, procedures, and surgeries are necessary to heal diseases of the physical body. Mind-body medicine therapies help to heal the mind and the soul.
One without the other creates imbalance.
My sincere desire is that my role in mind-body medicine brings both together. By choosing one modality of healing, we limit ourselves from healing at the fullest potential. Furthermore, once disease is treated, what measures are in place to promote wellness, health, and balance?
I wish you health - mind, body and spirit. ✨ 📸 @moraleschristian ☕️🍮 @palomacoffeeco
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The Year of Yes, ep. 19: YES TO OUR HANDS 🤚🏽

A reflection on hands. (& how grateful we ought to be.)

They tap.
They type.
They sign.
They scroll.
They freeze.
They warm.
They wave.
They flow.

They scratch.
They cut.
They rub.
They punch.
They clap.
They burn.
They pinch.
They snap.
They gesture.
They slap.

They touch.
They smudge.
They caress.
They print.
They grasp.
They grab.

They enter.
They push.
They wriggle.
They comb.
They poke.
They pick.

They bend.
They curve.
They vibrate.
They sleep.
They lock.
They hurt.

They swipe.
They read.
They wear.
They feed.

They offer.
They feel.
They hold.
They heal.
. 🙌🏽 💛.

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Today’s diffuser blend supports self acceptance, promotes calm and encourages discernment. 3 drops each oil! Visit our website today (link in bio) to find out more about how aromatherapy can support your mental health. #integrativementalhealth #aromatherapyformentalhealth #doterra #doterraofinstagram #fridayfactsforhealth #mindbodymedicine #holistichealth

B O Y S • doing yoga makes me so happy. Even if they huff and puff like baby giraffes.....🦒🦒

Its all about Energy Healing. This weekend May 26th and 27th! Hearts Intuit will be a vendor at this Energy Healing Symposium right in Cambridge. Come get your Sacred Space Candle for the upcoming full moon as well as some very important education.
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The Book of Awakening. Mark Nepo. May 26. I have had this daily meditation book for years and I’m amazed at how it hits me with new eyes and opens my heart so many times. Awaken. Be present. Own your heart. Move forward. Today, tomorrow and the future is so beautiful if we choose to see it that way. ~
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YUMMO! 😋I am seriously craving a serving (or maybe two 😝) of Byron’s Crispy Skin Salmon! 🐟 Long days here at DWD with @tonyrobbins means limited breaks (if any) and options when it comes to food, so I usually grab the most nourishing meal I can get my hands on (soup, jacket potato loaded with mixed veggies etc). My husband, Byron, is the king of cooking salmon to perfection, so this recipe is an ode to him 🙌🏼😍 He cooks up this juicy salmon fillet and we enjoy it with one of my Sexy Salads 🔥💃🏻🥗Our favourite pairings are Carla’s Classic (see pic) or Byron’s Waldorf. We have this simple dish at least once a week. All these recipes feature in my book The Juicy Movement (shop link in bio). But did I mention that ladies who join one of my Juicy Circle's receive a copy for free as part of the package? 👏🏼📚🤗The next circle kicks off next week Friday June 1st with only 5 spots per circle! I still have a couple of spots for grabs if you'd like to get juicy (and salad sexy!) with me 😉Reach out via PM or my website. C xx ✌🏼🍏🍃
Image: @sabinealbers
Styling: @harrietharcourt

New to Naturopathic Medicine? 🌿Head over to our blog on the Alter Health website (link in profile) to read our introductory article and learn all about this holistic field of medicine! A blend of herbs, spices and everything nice! Also, @drbenjaminalter and I will be posting weekly blogs filled with information on health and healing so make sure to keep your eyes and ears out for more!
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My Rx for a holiday weekend? #BeOneWithNature
I see myself as a meditation advocated with a side of sass & soul.
Perhaps if you don't prescribe meditation & mindful medicine, it may just come across as "another tree-hugging Doctor gone rogue."
But being in the forest around trees has proved to have tremendous benefits for mental and physical well-being.

In Japan, Shinrin-yoku means Forest bathing. A comprehensive meta-analysis reviewed 20 clinical trials with over 700 patients who had high blood pressure and were prescribed "forest bathing". showed that forest bathing reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
(BMC Complement Altern Med. 2017 Aug)

In another study, forest bathing lowered anxiety levels and improved immunity. (Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017 Aug 9;14)

From the Shinrin-Yoku Forest Medicine Website: "Go to a Forest. Walk slowly. Breathe. Open all your senses.
This is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest." Have you hugged a tree lately? 📸 @moraleschristian

Confused About How to Read a Nutrition Label? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️ Max Weber, NASM @maxweberfit shows how to properly read a nutrition label, and then more specifically how to read it if you're tracking your macros. 🔍

One of the most important parts of the label, he points out, are the servings per container. 🍽 "The reason you want to learn how to read a nutrition label is so you can LEARN about the foods you eat, and their composition of nutrients, as knowing this info will better serve you in reaching your goals," ✔ - Max

For more info, visit: http://ow.ly/XqhP30k793h
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Meditation is restorative and allows you to connect with your true essence. It was amazing guiding a manifestation meditation for #tiffanyandco #tiffanys

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