This painting was done over two years ago. It’s special to me because I feel it represents an era in every member of the 🏳️‍🌈 community at one point in their life. I made this not even realizing what I was creating/representing until I was done. My LGBTQI+ brother’s and sisters remain proud of who you are and remember you’re loved. Happy #pride San Antonio.

Speak what you seek, until you see what you’ve said.

New shoes, and a new method of catharsis 🥊

The only shadow I’ve ever lived in is the one my own light created. ✌🏼

To the strongest, kindest, and most stubborn woman I know:

My toughest critic, my biggest fan, my rock when I feel like I’ll blow away, my therapist, the arm that holds me up when I feel I’m falling, my stand in father, my teacher, my beginning, my values, my faults, my beautiful imperfections, my most valued traits, the nurse to my scars, the prophet of my successes. Thank you for teaching me to stand, to walk, to read, to count, to count on people, to count on myself, to think, to think of others, to love, to love hard, to forgive, to forgive again, to try, to try again, and again. Thank you for seeing me, Thank you for loving me for who am, even in my lowest moments, my irresponsible decisions, and when I fail.
All the flowers in the world wouldn’t be enough.

Thank you for being irreplaceably you.
Happy Mother’s day. ❤️💐

The most dangerous snakes are the ones that blend in with everything else and play dead. Watch your step.

Clean up. Rinse off. Rework.

@thekatvond slays me every time. 🖤⚡️ hope everyone’s Valentine’s was Gnarly

🎈We all float down here 🤡


“I invented post-its”

🌴Dreaming of warmer weather. ✨

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