Is it Tushy Tuesday already? 🖤🔥

Your love will always be better than anything in this world. You make me, me. 🌿❤️ #engaged#milwaukeephotographer#engagementpictures#inlove#swooning @olga_thomas_photography

That time when Darec couldn’t really hold me for a real piggy back and I nearly died? Oh. Yeah.
@olga_thomas_photography #sillyengagementpictures#engagement#engaged#milwaukeephotographer

The cool crisp air approached me softly.
The warmth from the sun had set sooner than the day before.
The earthy smell triggered my memory and nostalgia struck as I realized it was the first day of fall.
-The End of Summer
📸 shot on 09.22.2018

I’m up late editing this engagement session (because I seriously cannot stop), and it’s getting me all sorts of giddy about fall. Give me all the cider, cozy sweaters, and crisp air 🍂

Bridal party ready! #hair & makeup

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