Last week I spoke on a panel at the ladies retreat at my church. The question I was asked: “How do we recognize the signs of comparison vs contentment in our lives as it relates to Social Media Envy? And how do we gain and maintain a balance between living a real life and being caught up in the fantasy world of Social Media?” My answer: Set boundaries for yourself. Take regular time off social media to focus on the real life in front of you. 1 hour a day, 1 day a week, 1 week a year at minimum. (Thanks Techwise family!!) Make sure you are living life’s best moments without a phone in your hands. Focus on gratitude - the good stuff all around us instead of other people’s squares. And take hold of “life that is truly life” in 1 Tim 6. A life of generosity, relationships, contentment.
This last week was so very significant for our family, and I’m so grateful. But most of all I’m grateful that I didn’t share the best moments, but hid them in my heart. I took some time off of social media and felt every moment to the full. You should try it. When you want to reach for you phone, resist for just a bit. You’ll be so glad you did. 💕 #millyandlyndon #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday

It took me a long time to be okay with trying to have a baby. And even then - I couldn't never bring myself to say we were "trying." I was so nervous, so scared, so unsure. I realize fully that this is a crazy thing to share, especially when so many women struggle with infertility. All I know is - every story is different, and every story requires surrendering to God’s better plan, whatever that plan is. And on mornings like this, when Milly looks at me and says "I want Lyndon in the covers with me!!" and I giggle for an hour with them, just playing in their room together... I realize that God was so, so incredibly gracious to me when giving me this two precious girls. I fought Him on it for 7 years, and I had to walk a path of true surrender to get to the point of being okay with having babies. (I was type A and driven and that is just how God wired me!) But now? I look back and thank Him - on my face THANK HIM - for the fact that the BEST things in life have come in the broken beauty of motherhood, that my marriage is richer for it, my heart has certainly grown in it's capacity to love, and I understand the love of God more now than I ever have. These sisters are my daughters. I sometimes still can't believe it's true. #millyandlyndon #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday

I called my sister in tears. The simple frustration of keeping my kids clothes organized left me labeling myself a "bad mom." Silly, I know, but it was one of those days. Clothes were exploding out of their drawers and closet, half of them didn't fit any more, and it was too much for me as a nursing-around-the-clock mama and business owner. When the heck would I find time to dedicate to their closet? And I have to do it every 2 months because, guess what? BABIES GROW!!! Fast!!⠀
. ⠀
She said, "Keeping your kids clothes organized has nothing to do with whether or not you are a bad mom. NOTHING." And then I cried some more. So if you need to hear those words today, listen close:⠀

Keeping your house organized has nothing to do with you being a bad mom.⠀
Feeding your kid goldfish has nothing to do with you being a bad mom.⠀
Throwing a pinterest birthday party has nothing to do with whether or not you are a bad mom.
Your heart, your love, your guidance: that makes you a GOOD mom.
Then my sweet sister @hopefilledhome texted me back an almost-novel of how she keeps her 5 kids clothes organized that she learned in the trenches of motherhood. So while I needed to hear it didn't make me a bad mom, I also needed to hear how the heck to actually keep their clothes organized!⠀
Today I share that, and all the other tips of my kids organization, on the blog today in the very last post of the #howwedoitseries ! Link in profile! #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday #millyandlyndon

Overwhelmed with gratitude today. Merriest Christmas from our little family to yours! #rayfamigram #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday

Me: “What was your favorite song today at library story time?”
Milly: “The whip and nae nae song.”
😂 #millyraytoday

Our most perfect flower girl ❤️
#jessandkyledowntheaisle #millyraytoday

Reunited and it feels so good!!!! 👯 It’s gonna be the best weekend ever!! 😍😍 #millyraytoday #bestweekendever #thatsmyboo

She’s 110% two years old these days (adorably precious and loving one second, and throwing a tantrum the next), but goodness those cute moments are worth it all. Don’t you want to just put her in your pocket? 😍 #millyraytoday

Because when will I ever get the chance to dress up as matching unicorns with my girls again?! 🦄✨ #millyandmama #millyraytoday #lyndonandmama #lyndonraytoday #millyandlyndon

Milly had a royal meltdown, the dogs were crazy, I snuck away to feed Lyndon in the new Suriano truck in the middle of everything, Dozer chased off some deer, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Doing work and life with these friends is the good stuff. So, so thankful. #nrpteam #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday

"Live love.
Let love invade you.
It will never fail to teach you what you must do."
- Carlos Carletto
#millyandmama #lyndonandmama #millyandlyndon #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday 📷: @elizabethtate_

I have always, always been afraid of natural childbirth. My whole life. And even though I delivered Milly naturally, I was more afraid the second time - I think because I knew what it felt like. Yet once again I felt the Lord calling me to it - not because He's mean but because He wanted me to be free of fear. And let me tell you - He set me free. Her birth story was so very redemptive for me!

I get pretty personal on my blog today as I share part 1 of my sweet Lyndon's birth story. Part two (and her dramatic entrance into the work) is coming tomorrow! Link in profile. 💕 #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday 📷: @elizabethtate_

After two amazing weddings two weekends in a row, you better believe I'll spend today in my jammies snuggling these two precious girls, napping myself if I'm lucky enough to get them sleeping at the same time, watching episodes of Friends and doing something simple for dinner. Maternity leave is the sweetest, and goodness am I grateful for the #nrpteam who allows me to rest and be with my family without a worry in the world. #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday #millyandlyndon

When you're all loaded up to take the girls on a walk and you discover it's raining, you throw on rain jackets and keep going! #millyraytoday

Its Milly's first day of preschool and mama's like 😍😭🙌🏻😢🙏🏻👏🏻. Also she was a complete 2 year old while I took the typical "first day" photos and melted down the whole time 😂, so this one is my new favorite. Walking hand in hand with her daddy into a new season. 😍😭🍂 #millyraytoday #millyanddada

Praying I raise some fierce women of God, inseparable sisters, prayer warriors, responsible contributors to their communities who are confident, loving, and of course... silly. 💁🏼 I'm pretty positive these two are going to change the world. They've changed mine that's for sure. 👯💕 #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday #millyandlyndon

Introducing Lyndon Whitfield Ray! We are so excited to welcome the newest addition to our family, and love having two little ladies. #millyraytoday is loving being a big sister and we are soaking in every moment with our new family of 5! (#winstonthedane accounted for too!) #nrpshop

When you live in the same neighborhood as some of your best friends, you get special surprises on your dog walks like this little beauty walking with her mama and sister. #millyraytoday

Loving every minute I get to spend with this girl. Making one on one time with her a priority isn't always easy, but it's always worth it. #millyraytoday #millyandmama

"Smile for a picture, Milly!" Lunch date at Chick-fil-A with my girl #millyraytoday. She refused a high chair, opting to sit on her knees in a big chair.

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