Demolition Ranch is even worse than FPSrussia, not only is he unsafe, but he looks retarded. He attempts to be funny in his videos but only comes off like a D-Bag. Still find it funny how no one has called him out on his fake views, all bought and paid for with donation money people give to his Vet Charity. ignorance has no limits. Checkout his Instagram page, notice he hardly posts, but still gains average of 30,000 likes instantly on a non engaging content. @GunsDaily doesnt even get that return on IG and he has 1.5millions followers. IraqVet8888 on YouTube has 1.5million subs and gains a few hundred thousand views in a few weeks on average videos. #DemolitionRanch gains instantly 1.4 million views almost like clockwork when he posts his videos(its been like that for every post ever since he started gaming his "Subscribers" as well back right around his 800,000 sub mark, then gained over 2million subscribers within 1year. How does no one notice this fake rapid increase. What a little boy trying to act like the real kings of YouTube gun channels #millitaryArmsChannel #IraqVet8888 #22plinkster #hickok45 #YouTube #full30 Full30.com for the best gun content excluding DemolitionRanch

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