Don’t wish for it, work for it. If you have a dream you have to put in the time and the effort every day.

I love a seminar when you come away with 20 pages of notes that are implementable and achievable. Thanks @jtfoxxofficial great day

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My type of perfect 👌 you can only reach success by having positive people who have faith around you. #fact it’s Tuesday start winning #hastingsestates COMING SOON

Did you know that 86% of businesses in SA don't make it pass the 1st year? There are many reasons for this; lack of a good business coach/mentor, lack of good cash flow management, lack of an established network to take your goods and services to, etc. But I think the main reason is, lack of focus. Many times people don't get the results that are capable of because they lost focus, they simply took their eye off the ball. There are many things that keeps me in the zone, keeps my focus on the right places, because focus is more important than intelligence. From my morning routines, my mindfeed (not newsfeed), my amazing coaches and mentors and always building my network of my inner circle, these 3 quotes always reminds me to put my focus on the RIGHT things: 1.When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. 2.Don't strive for success, rather strive for significance and to add value. 3.Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. I trust that me sharing my secret sauce with you that enabled me to start 3 profitable businesses has added value to you and that you are inspired to take action and reach your full potential! PS Tomorrow at 19.30 (CAT) I'm doing another LIVE webinar on 'How I retired at age 24 investing the Warren Buffet Way' if you've missed my previous webinars, then tomorrow is for you! There is no charge and you can register here https://events.genndi.com/channel/livewebinar19Jun (LINK IS ALSO IN BIO) To making the second half of 2018 BETTER than the first! #wealth #success #business #investor #shares #motivation #mondaymotivation #millionaireunderdog

Introducing my new coach. This is the #1 man who will be taking me to the next level.
I am so pleased to have the best on my side to drive me to push my business beyond my wildest dreams.
Who do you have on your team?
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The most powerful drug in the world for a woman is confidence. Life’s too short to be living a life of almost’s....just say yes. #LauraEllen #EliteEfficiency #MillionaireUnderdog #Confidence #LiveWithEnergy

Great event with JT Foxx! Work ethic eliminates fear #jtfoxx #megaspeaker #coaching #millionaireunderdog

Refuse to be average, aim to be great. Put in the hours to get to that dream. Lazy people want things to just happen without putting in the time and sacrifice. DOUBLE TAP IF YOU AGREE #georgehastings

Forget all the reasons why it wont work and focus on the reason why it will work.
I love my two girls ❤️❤️. #georgehastings

Great day in #Edinburgh with JT yesterday. Learnt so much at his all-day #MegaSpeaker event, a value packed, generous and inspiring conference for speakers, trainers and coaches, filled to overflowing with gems and insight. Cherry on the top ... for me, it has to be The Red Tie. Honoured and blessed, and lovely to contribute to @jtfoxxofficial's charitable fund. ❤️

Amazingly inspiring day at the JT Foxx Mega Speaker event with @jtfoxxofficial & @natalia_rotenberg @nataliarotenbergofficial
Learnt so much! Love building on my knowledge & learning from other people’s success stories; today provided opportunities for both of those things in abundance 🙌🏼💫🙏🏼
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Thank you Joline for the amazing birthday cake 👊 this one is a knockout. This one is not for boxing 🥊 its for eating 😊.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO #hastingsmodelsglobal CEO @georgebosshastings ❤️❤️👊

Instead of focusing in bettering oneself Many need to Stop giving people bad advice and lending weak opinions to things THEY have NEVER done or attempted to do in real life. Take time to study information and the source of opinions. HASTINGS INC WORLD am proud to see it growing every day: www.hastingsincworld.com / www.manotex.com / www.manotexonline.com / www.z9fighters : NEXT BIG MOVES COMING 😎

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