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Scrambled tofu, mushroom and avocado on seeded bread toast for tea ❤️ #vegan #whatveganseat #millennialmeals #givememoreavocados #thisiswhyicantbuyahouse

This kid plays no kinds of games, lemme tell ya. Fried chicken leg and a slice of oreo ice cream cake simultaneously. Hell she was dipping that glorious extra crispy skin IN the melted ice cream like some sort of gravy. She gives no shits, nor does she seek approval. #LaciTheGreat #millennialmeals #thebeatofherowndrum #marchalong little one.

Cheese quesadilla + cheesits #millennialmeals

Haven't been cooking as much lately for whatever reason...so I'm starting slow with 30 cent ramen 🍜 until I get back into my groove. S.O to @victoriadea for cooking alongside me back in TX 💕
#basic #vegetarian 🥕
#light #simple 🥒

The Kingsville special, mac and salmon. 💖
Also my salmon is not BURNT, that is a DELICIOUS lil pool of garlic butter. We are salmon experts by now.

Something exciting is coming to TCC in 2017!
As a career and lifestyle publication, we know all too well about the plight of being a young woman in corporate trying to forge her career - and how hard it is to come home and make a decent meal at the end of a long day! This year we bring you a new series, Millennial Meals, a monthly column to be run by recipe developer, journalist & food photographer Lorena Gastaldi where she will be sharing quick and easy meals the everyday, busy millennial woman can create! Look out for this new amazing series coming to our site shortly - you're going to love it!
📷: @lorena_gastaldi

#Africa #Africans #Food #Foodie #Health #HealthyMeals #Lifestyle #Boss #BossLady #MillennialMeals #Millennials #Meals #Recipe #RecipeDeveloper #Series #Column #Columnist

#millennialmeals 🍳
Posh baked beans, poached egg, spinach and avocado


@ It'Dog with Kim and got some honey garlic chicken and a takoyaki dog. 😋

I finally had time to come back to try their mains & oh my god... Someone hold my Lucky cause I'm bout to lay down some knowledge. Korean style chicken is the best chicken hands down on the ground & no sudden movements or I'll shoot. 🍗

Idk what it is about Korean style fried foods but they know what's up.
Shout out to Kimmie for joining up her cheat day with me! Lil bio on her, she's novelist & eats chicken nuggets when she drives. It's part of the writing process I'm sure. An artist in element err what not. #lunchconfessions
#millennialmeals #friedchicken #hotdog #foodporn #yegfood #yeg

Are you hosting a house warming and want to provide food and add some new decor without breaking the bank? Well uhh...just do this or something I guess? It'll be fine, just tuck it in the corner & unscrew a lightbulb or two. 🤞

Shout out to @fawnatron for bring this over. You really outdid yourself. No really, like I have no words. She has no restaurant location so I guess I'll just tag your home address. #millennialmeals

The epitome of gen Y: the avocado toast. As someone with a degree is sociology, I find it very fascinating. The whole buzz (and debates) around it sums our societies up perfectly. What do you think? // A legújabb bejegyzésben az avokádós pirítósról meg a generációkról is írtam egy kicsit - igen, a kettőnek van köze egymáshoz. 😉 Link a bioban!

Scrambled tofu, mushroom and avocado on seeded bread toast for tea ❤️ #vegan #whatveganseat #millennialmeals #givememoreavocados #thisiswhyicantbuyahouse

Keep an eye out for my new Millennial Meals column coming soon to @thecorporatecanvas - this Lemon and Coconut Chicken Curry is sure to warm the cockles of your heart on a chilly winter evening🍴

#thecorporatecanvas #millennialmeals #curry #chickencurry #basmatirice #lemon #greenchillies #ginger #winterfood #winterdishes #recipedeveloper #recipedevelopment #columnist

A friend of mine brought me to "It' Dog" after yoga to replenish our toxins. A lil korean dive just next to Remedy off whyte. 🐕
It's where I got this wicked mashup of Korean French Canadian cuisine! (bulgogi poutine)

Liquor & poutine were on the menu but their main bae seems to be their variety of hot dog meats & Korean style fried chicken. 🍗

I was gonna eat and drink clean for a few weeks but I said that the other day too and the day before that... ugh the strugs... #millennialmeals #poutine

Chicken thighs are my main bae so I'm showing some thigh love today by braising these bad boys in the broth of its ancestors. 🍗
1. Season chicken with salt + smoked paprika sear before placing in oven @400 degrees for 20mins at remember to flip it later but no one will scold you if you don't.
2. Fry garlic + onion before adding white wine to soak up all the yummy flavors from the pan. Then add chicken broth, thyme, bayleaf, and oregano. bring to boil and place chicken back into the pan.
3. Add medley or whatever makes you poop good and simmer on low for like 10-15mins till chicken is cooked through. Crack some pepper if you wanna feel fancy.
4. Shake your proud butt & enjoy. 🍑🎵
#millennialmeals #foodporn #chicken #chickenthighs #braised

Went for lunch with my friend Megan @urbantavernyeg & I love what they've done with the place. RIP Druid but look at this egg on my burger. 😃🍳
Megan also has a food blog. She eats food and takes pictures & shit but like not in that order. Go check it out, it's pretty hipster.

#urbantavern #yeg #millennialmeals #foodporn

I wanted a really brothy one for this dish but I was lazy so I just used instant noodle packets. 😂😂😂
1. Sear & remove lamb
2. Add 2-3 Premixed instant noodle packets (don't be an idiot and mix it in a hot ass pan) + some white wine 🥂
3. Bring to boil & add lamb + asparagus or whatever. Simmer with lid on for like 10 mins? Probably shouldn't add asparagus that early actually...
4.forget green onions and chop them last minute to use it as a garnish for the photo.
5. Shake your proud butt & enjoy. 🍑🎵
#millennialmeals #lamb #asparagus #foodporn #braised

Tomato & Rosemary Braised Lamb Chops! Also, skillets and filters ftw!
1. Sear lamb & remove
2. Garlic, tomato, tomato paste, rosemary, salt & pepper in that order
3. Add lamb & lid, simmer on low for idk like 8 mins or something.
4. Shake your proud butt & enjoy 🍑🎵
#millennialmeals #lamb #tomato #rosemary #braised #foodporn

These thick vermi noods are my fave! If you send me noods, plz send me a package of these. I'll send some spicy ones back. 😘🌶🍜 #vermicellibowl #millennialmeals

Throwback to that time I went hunting and got some moose meat for my efforts. A piece of moose roast atop a mini mountain of spicy noods. This millennial delicacy must be remembered. #millennialmeals #moosemeat #vermicelli

Haven't been cooking as much lately for whatever reason...so I'm starting slow with 30 cent ramen 🍜 until I get back into my groove. S.O to @victoriadea for cooking alongside me back in TX 💕
#basic #vegetarian 🥕
#light #simple 🥒

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