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Multitasking is my middle name. 💁🏻 #TeamSunstrum #casesmc #parenting #millenialmom

My husband took this. I'm such a millennial 😂

Becoming a mom put an extra strut to my step, & a bit more slay in my stance. #MillenialMom

TODOS A ETIQUETAR A 👉👉👉 @justinbieber en 3, 2, 1... y es que la titi @mividadomestica Mónica G. Zubieta quiere bailar para él en el #PurposeTourChildrenPanama #DancingMomPanama #MillenialMom @nickdemoura @justinbieber @teambieberx iEtiqueten aquí la cuenta de @justinbieber para que lo veaaaa 😃😄😅😂 quiero ver a nuestroa #wichilovers apoyando el talento nacional! ⤵⤵⤵⤵

Playing with crayons in a flea market inside an abandoned K-Mart - because that's a thing. #millenialmom

A girl and her toast : a study in green🥑 #millenialmom

Hi baby boy! I feel like I'm actually starting to look pregnant and not just bloated, so that's cool. Daddy is reciting ohms law to the baby every night and we are enjoying growing as a family of 3! (4, including Luna)
📸: @poeticvisualz33 #babypicsapp #week13 #secondtrimester #BoyMom #millenialmom #wemadeababy

Today has been such a fun experience! Exciting things to come 🎥 stay tuned 😉 #reaganrelics #documentary #millenialmom #interview

What was life like before boomerang!? #MillenialMom ✨❤️


Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the Heart.

How to raise daughters right https://mamansexprime.wordpress.com/2017/06/27/raising-daughters-right/ #raisethemright #mamansexprime #f4f #millenialmom #momblogger #mamanblogueuse

Since I started my own coaching business I have STRUGGLED with organization. I hate this, because despite the appearance of my house on most days - I am a person who thrives in an organized environment.
For most of the time I've been coaching, my office has been on the sofa, kitchen table, my bed or wherever I could claim an area at that moment. This has driven me crazy! Things have been misplaced or even lost forever and I have been stressed about it!
We have a tiny home, so finding a designated space wasn't going to be easy. Luckily I was able to scooch my dresser over just enough to squeeze a little desk in right by my bed. It may not look like much but it has seriously settled my mind.
Plus, this isn't just any desk. This is the same desk that I sat at when I was a little girl. It's the desk where I sat and polished my nails (it still bears the marks to prove it), wrote notes to my friends, and did (not enough) homework. This desk is where my earliest dreams were born, so how fitting is it that it's now where I will make some of those very dreams come true!

Do you have a loved one who has strayed away from the faith? We believe in the power of prayer. Let us join you in your efforts to bring your loved ones before God. "... if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." -Matthew 18:18

Visit our website and click the "prayer" tab to submit a prayer request!

Wake up call!

I hear this happens a lot with second kids, but I'm legit about to go into this 3rd trimester with absolutely nothing purchased for this baby girl!
I literally have 3 outfits and 1 pair of pjs for her. That's it! 😂

I need to get on this shit! Operation plan for baby in full effect! 🙈

#babygirl #momtobe #preggolife #modernmom #girlmom

Take advantage of our #earlybird ticket sale for our #morethanamom brunch on July 30th! Join us for good food, good vibes and conversation. A portion of event funds will go to our More Than a Mom Grant which will assist an aspiring mompreneur. Click the link in our bio for full details 😬#mompreneur #momprenuer #mompreneurs #momtrepreneur #momboss #momswhoblog #momswhobrunch #momswhohustle #momswhoinspire #momswithstyle #milf #milfmonday #millenialmom #momblog #momblogger #mom #mum #dc #dcevents #dcmoms #dmvmoms #dmv #dmvevent #cocosala #dcbrunch #dmvmomtribe

When you're eating sunshine for breakfast it's almost impossible to not radiate positive vibes. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, in fact most of the world's healthiest fruit and veggies are the brightest colors. So what color is inspiring you to shine today?

#eatright #healthymama #pregnant #prenatalnutrition

La maternidad es un mundo entero al que llegué hace poco más de un año. Desde que llegué me han visto con lástima, cómo si mi vida se hubiera sentenciado a dejar de crecer personal y profesionalmente; hombres y mujeres me han reclamado por elegir lo que yo quería hacer con mi cuerpo. Incluso otras mamás me han querido poner ataduras y grandes piedras en la espalda porque es "mi obligación" sufrir por mi familia.

La sociedad aún juzga duramente sin saber ni un poco. Tal vez sean éstas últimas décadas de machismo bien plantado... Cada quien vive y muere como quiere. Soy feliz y no porque en éste mundo sea rosa, sino porque es justo lo que yo decidí.

#mom #millenialmom #woman #mexican #maternity #mamá #youngmom #talentosmexicanos #mexicanoscreativos #mextagram #selfie #picoftheday #babygirl #lactancia

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