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Every night before I go to sleep I go outside to say goodnight to the stars. Last night it was so clear that I couldn’t resist so I had to take a shot of the heavens. This is Carina Nebula and it’s surroundings. It’s beautiful isn’t it 😍.
#carinanebula #milkywayworkshopcanberra

Our sun is so magnificent. Even at night it still sends us light through the moon, (the accomplice :) )
Image shot last night.
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My new year resolution is to remind myself a bit more often that we’re so lucky as we’re traveling the universe in a massive spaceship called earth at thousands of kms a second 😃
Looking forward to our 2018 Milky Way Photography workshops, and our practice nights where I get the chance to photograph the MW too😃😍

I would like to thank everyone for being a part of our journey this fantastic year, especially those that have participated our Milky Way photography workshops. We have shared a lot of beautiful and challenging moments together that we’ll always treasure. 2017 was a great year and full of surprises, but we have a feeling that 2018 is going to be even better 😃. We’re so lucky to have the possibility to do what we love and pass it on to other photographers.
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“Look at the stars. It won't fix the economy. It won't stop wars. It won't give you flat abs, or even help you figure out your relationship. But it's important. It helps you to remember that you and your problems are both infinitesimally small and conversely, that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe.”

A close up of three Geminid meteors and a Satellite from the other day.#geminids #geminidmeteorshower #milkywayworkshopcanberra

I'm finding it hard to find words to describe the magic show of last night's sky, just watch it yourself!!
I didn't wanted to capture just the Geminid meteors, so I set up two cameras to capture the passing of Orion Nebula through the massive electricity poles. Once I set them up I lied back and enjoyed the view, half in the grass near the poles and half in my backyard lying on my sunbed, (I was in heaven. that's the beauty of summer astrophotography, you don't need to run up and down to keep warm :), just lie down and enjoy looking at the sky in shorts :) )
There was a lot happening, this video does justice just for the Orion Nebula not for the other subjects (like satellites, different meteor types and planes) but i tried to add them at the end, I hope you enjoy it. (Soundtrack: The Traveler by Hereafter)
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How’s this spot for meditation? :) Well we are going to meditate but with our cameras 😀.This is where we’ll start the first Milky Way photography workshop 2018. (Some of you that attended our workshops earlier this year remember the good times we had here ;) )
The calendar will be ready on 5th of February so you can book online your spot.

The darker the night the brighter the stars. I wonder how long we will be able to see the Milky Way clearly like this. With the population growing so fast our planet is becoming brighter and brighter each day. I can’t wait until March next year to start the Milky Way photography workshops again for two big reasons, I love teaching knowledge to other photographers and looking up at the stars 😍😍.
#milkywayworkshopcanberra #canberra

I love lone trees. There is something noble about them. They make such interesting natural sculptures like this one example.

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” I would like to thank everyone that participated in our Milky Way photography workshops for this year. It has being an absolute pleasure working with you all. We will recommence our Milky Way Workshops in Canberra in March 2018.
This is a timelapse from last nights practice session. And the beautiful quote on the top is from the author of The Alchemist,
Paulo Coelho

Greetings to everyone It's me again. Ari Rex. @arirex1
With my second image I'd like to include a great quote of Terence McKenna “You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.” This is the Orroral Homestead in Namadgi National Park, About 50km from Canberra. It's like my second home in winter :). About 6 months ago I was the happiest man in the universe when I received the permissions to teach my Milky Way photography workshops here so I had to take a proper Image of this amazing place and this is how I created it... Settings and How
Blended//Stitched/Tracked panorama image on a Canon 5d3, 24mm iso1600 f2
Background x12 portrait orientated images overlapped at 50% tracked at 60" using ioptron skystracker.
Foreground x4 landscape orientated images at 120"
Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. -For more images check out my own gallery at @arirex1-

#amazingearth #milkywayworkshopcanberra #visitcanberra #astronomy #astrophotography #astrophotos #astro #nightsky #milkyway #galaxy #universe #cosmos #longexposure #nature #landscape #night #sky #beautiful #space #nightimages #stars #science

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Hello Universe lovers!
My name is Ari Rex @arirex1 , I'm a photographer from Canberra, Australia.
I have been honored to takeover the @universetoday so I want it to be a fun experience for all of us.
Imagine you're traveling on a massive spaceship (mother earth) at hundreds of km/s and my lens is a portal to another dimension... now enjoy the journey because it's real ;) Thank you heaps Fraser Cain for allowing me to share 3 of my favorite images with all the humans of the Universe Today :) (First Image) "Venus"
Venus is the brightest object in the sky at night after the Moon, and that Monday night of October it was the brightest of the year 2016 so I had to capture it :) To get this shot it wasn't an easy task. I went to Namadgi National Park near the historical Braishaws Family Hut during the day to remove some tree branches that where located where I'm standing in the shot and some more where the camera was placed. so I could get a cleaner silhouette of myself.

That moonless night Venus was so hypnotizing, for a moment I forgot that I was taking a 30seconds portrait of myself and stayed there like that for minutes, admiring Venus, the Roman symbol of love and beauty.

For more images of the Milky Way, check out my instagram @arirex1

Single shot.
Canon 6d, 24mm, f2, iso3200 #universetoday #selfportrait #astrophotography #stars #nightsky #milkywaygalaxy #nightscape #milkywayworkshopcanberra #amazingearth

The old Taemas Bridge built in 1931 crosses the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales, Australia. The bridge is around 26 kilometers from Yass and 22 kilometers from Wee Jasper.
The low level of the river made it possible for me to capture this unique elevated prospective of the bridge and the Milky Way in which I waited for the right moment to position itself above the bridge forming a perfect arch.
#milkywayworkshopcanberra #canberra

It would be cool if these guys from another galaxy show up while I photograph the Milky Way :)

The old Taemas Bridge built in 1931 crosses the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales, Australia. The bridge is around 26 kilometres from Yass and 22 kilometres from Wee Jasper.
The low level of waters were perfect for capturing a unique elevated prospective of the bridge and the Milky Way. There was a little problem with the light of the moon shinning bright even at 14% Waxing Crescent. But it worked really well to backlit the bridge and some scattered clouds adding a bit of drama to the shot.
#milkywayworkshopcanberra #canberra

Saying goodbye to the Universe for this month :)
#milkywayworkshopcanberra #canberra #milkywaychasers #universe

I've been keen to learn how to photograph the Milky Way for a while, and last week I had the opportunity to visit Orroral Station, just out of Canberra, with the wonderful astro-photographer @arirex1. Ari shared some great tips and, as we honed our skills, the Milky Way positioned itself nicely above the homestead. #astrophotography #milkyway #visitcanberra #namadginationalpark #nightphotography #milkywaychasers #milkywayworkshopcanberra #6dmkii #canonphotographer

-Stairway to Heaven-
The Milky Way lining up nicely with the bridge and the ISSS. And to make things more interesting also the light of the moon backlighting the scattered clouds and the bridge. (I also posted a timelapse of last night shot on my Youtube channel and Facebook page that you don't want to miss it :) )
#milkywaychasers #milkywayworkshopcanberra #isss

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