Doakan aku kawan semoga PAT senin-sabtu lancar...dan semoga aku mendapatkan nilai yang bagus.
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We were Milky Way Chasing last night in Joshua Tree. We had to wait until 12:30 a.m. to capture it after witnessing the moonset. It was a very special thing to gaze upon. The crescent moon looked like a shark fin as it descended below the mountainous horizon.

Keep trying something new...
Try to make different project and out of uni...

Saturday night was seriously spectacular! #royalwedding 🌠

Just got back from a 3 day adventure around Escalante national monument. I have a ton of photos to edit, but decided to put together this short & casual timelapse first. Here we see the milky way rising above the small town of Escalante, Utah. Shot with my Canon 6D, about 175 still frames over an hour and a half.

Our sky... 🌌 💫❤️

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