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Matt Smith in Hungerford, TX

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From Matt about this image:
STORY: From my first 360 panorama a few weeks ago, I decided to go back and revisit the images to post an actual pano as a standalone image. Initially, I had to wait until the moon went down, THEN I waited for almost an hour for the clouds to leave the core. Unfortunately, the clouds seemed hellbent on lingering so I just went with what I had.
The funny thing is, the clouds stretched in the panorama style reveal intricate shapes to different people. Dead center, you might recognize the logo for the Chevy Impala. Using a bit more imagination, it might seem as 2 people, one slipping away and the other lunging out for them to hold on. What do you see?
Hungerford, TX
Canon 6D
Rokinon 24 at f/2
20" ISO 4000
30 Frames stitched in ICE
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Camp by the light of the Milky Way. #MontanaMoment | 📷: @brontewittpenn

Unfortunately I had to cancel the Arizona workshop because of the crazy monsoon weather here 😳 Not a very auspicious start haha. But the good news is all 3 of the workshops at Mt Rainier are super close to being full and expected to fill up via the amount of serious inquiries @dangreenwoodphotography and I have received! Anyway, here's a shot of "The Wave" I got while roaming the vermillion Cliffs Wilderness last year 😄🌌

Photographers Caption
"Here's my first attempt at a composite Milky Way shot which I'm super excited to share! Both were taken up at @vailmtn, though in different locations. Using a modified version of the post from a few days ago and a recent shot of some rocks from Shrine Pass, Vail, I created this insane result!" We can promote your photos in our account. Check the instructions in our bio: @astrography_
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Photo credits: @noahfiner

The night sky is a glittering dome peppered with stars, planets and passing meteors -- but most people no longer get to see it. Boasting some of the darkest nights in Southern #California, #JoshuaTree #NationalPark offers many visitors the chance to admire the #MilkyWay for the first time in their lives. Photo @joshuatreenps courtesy of Juan Moreno (@lostinthenorthwest). #usinterior #FindYourPark

by @nowtrips
"The Milky Way Wizard in the Keys"
I have been organizing trips to the Florida Keys to shoot the night sky for 1.5 years. Starting out with a cheap Canon t5 and 14mm Rokinon I did my first shots in the Keys in January 2016. I then joined the huge astro and deepsky photography gathering called Winter Star Party and it really changed my brain rewiring it for visual arts (namely night sky photography and nature photography). Those people there were the true pioneers of the night sky photography in the Keys long before me (they just came there to experience the night sky during the winter, when everything else was freezing and not withing reach due to latitudes). However they never had a purpose of really exploring and exposing the Keys like I have done over this time. For some time I didn't see many shots of the night sky in the Keys, but things have changed. I see more and more people coming to the Keys and producing wonderful & quality works. Dry Tortugas have seen some professional photographers shooting from inside the fort, Bahia Honda Key gets more and more love. I do feel a bit of jealousy, but hey, the Keys don't belong to myself. They are for everyone and I encourage people to visit and experience the Southernmost Florida dark skies. Join the Winter Star Party. Get to know those wonderful magicians, talk to them, find out where they come from. They are really wonderful people. For me it's time to step down from organizing those trips for a while and let other people explore on their own and shoot things I have not yet explored and produce fresh shots. I will concentrate on bigger projects and will visit the keys again when I complete those.
Location: 7 Mile Bridge (west end)
Exif: d810, Sigma 20mm, f-1.8, iso-5000, 49s sky, 21s earth.

I just got back from the Eastern Sierras at 7am today after spending 4 days exploring all of it’s beauty. This was also my first time using the new @sigmaphotos 14mm ART lens which I am very much in love with. On location with @sl_productions_ & @cecphotos
⌁ Location: Eastern Sierras, CA
⌁ Date: July 23rd, 2017
⌁ Camera: @canonusa Canon 6D
⌁ Lens: @sigmaphotos 14mm f/1.8 ART
⌁ Filter: N/A
⌁ Tripod: @manfrottoimaginemore 055 & 410 Geared Head
⌁ 25 seconds
⌁ f/2.0
⌁ 14mm
⌁ ISO 6400
⌁ 11 images: 4 long exposures for foreground, 7 for milky way
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Wish all of you can feel the power from the new moon in Leo, way back to the moon.
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A couple of beauties from @sailorsgravebrewing.... The custard apple and lactose Berliner Weisse in particular (that upon digging a little deeper I discovered also contains vanilla beans and was soured with yoghurt) is impossibly well crafted.... More heavy on the custard rather than apple with a sourness reminiscent of Turkish Ayran.... A winter appropriate Berliner for sure....
Sailors Grave (Orbost, Victoria)
Milky Way
Berliner Weisse Brewed with Custard Apple and Milk
First Harvest
Grisette Brewed with Hay, Tea and Honey

Bright sunlight glints and long dark shadows dramatize this image of the lunar surface taken by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first to walk on the Moon. Pictured is the mission's lunar module, the Eagle, and spacesuited lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin unfurling a long sheet of foil also known as the Solar Wind Collector. Exposed facing the Sun, the foil trapped atoms streaming outward in the solar wind, ultimately catching a sample of material from the Sun itself. Along with moon rocks and lunar soil samples, the solar wind collector was returned for analysis in earthbound laboratories.
Credits: @NASA

1:00am Milky way rising. This was taken in the middle of a very dark desert On top of mount Teide at 11,000 ft. There was a car park 100m away. I was all alone.it was scary. Every hour or so cars would turn up and i would shine my light towards them hoping they would think there were a few of "us " at this famous spot. My trick worked and i was left alone. This monument of rock is called la zapato de la reina or the queens shoe.
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Эта удивительная небесная река, сияющая чуть бледноватым светом и протянувшаяся по огромной территории небосвода, всегда завораживала людей, которые в ясные ночи отрывали глаза от земли и вглядывались в безбрежные просторы космоса.

Milky Way in the constellation Cygnus.
Slavyansk, Ukraine
Совместная работа с Артёмом Папаевым.
Nikon D7100, Nikkor 35mm f/1.8
Сложение 5 кадров в DSS, доработка в Lightroom, 1 кадр 4s, iso 4500, 35,0 mm f/1.8
#astrophotography#astronomy#starrysky #milkyway#nightsky#sky

Lovely night sky over Lluworth last night

clouds were coming and going i'm pleased i sat it out and it gave me a little window for me to capture this view.
Have a good day, sun is shining, enjoy everyone x

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