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Spell out the sound it made! 👇🚀

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275 for two sets of 6. Feeling strong today, must’ve been the 3 McDonalds egg white delights before court this morning! .

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Seek fulfillment.
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Caption this awesome driving! 👇😂

#TransformationTuesday // Congrats Private Brandon Helgoe a 2017 Pacifica High School Graduate for Earning the title of United States Marine!
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“I joined the Marine Corps to develop a sense of discipline and for a challenge. I didn't know where my life was going and I knew I needed to grow as a person to develop and actually accomplish my goals. I knew that all the other branches would provide me with the same benefits but only the Marine Corps would provide an actual challenge and instill me with discipline. I can say with 100% confidence that the Marine Corps delivered on their end of the bargain and provided me so much more. There is no conceivable doubt in my mind that this was the best decision I could have made coming out of highschool and I behoove anyone with the slightest interest to go to their local recruiting station because if they truly want to become a United States Marine their recruiters will put in 100% of their time and effort into the process, no matter how difficult it might be. Why? Because in the brotherhood I proudly serve in, we don't leave anyone behind, you and you alone are your worst enemy. “

Unleash your potential!!! 2 plate 90lb pullups!! I remember when I couldn’t do one pullup! Song: Hymn - Nightcall


Time to gain some weight! First day is chest day!

For me a healthy body is just a byproduct of discipline. Master this and I feel like it truly carries over to everything else. You can look at challenges as barriers or obstacles. Everyone has something that will hold them back from their goals. If it’s not important to you, you will find yourself always giving excuses. However, if you truly care, you will find a way. Don’t compare yourself to others, that’s toxic. Compete against yourself and see just how far you go. Unleash your potential!

Get outside!

Lower ab veins are coming in! Keep at it don’t stop get leaner get bigger get stronger get faster get smarter get better become a winner. Whatever your goals are make them yours and don’t stop!

I started my fitness journey at 138 lbs @ 6 ‘1”. That means that if I turned sideways I’d disappear! And what’s worse than that was that I was the dreaded “skinny fat” 😅. Consistency and heavy lifting brought me up to a healthy happy weight of 180 lbs. I’m not done yet! I’m gonna get stronger you will see! I gotta be better than my last set! And you know what? You can too!

What are your thoughts on this machine?

42lbs ⬇️. Post cut. 127lbs. 11.2%bf. Now time to go play in the sandbox for 40 days. 🇺🇸 Should be interesting to see how the body reacts to no gym for over a month. ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️ #nutrition #nutritioncoach #fitaf #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitmom #Swoleger #militaryfitness #FitAf #militarymuscle #fitops #anytimefitness #anytimeanyplace #SmallGang #Liftandshit #Gym #Gymrat #Gymstuff #tatted #tattedaf #george

For those of you new to my ig, I’m a representative for Military Muscle and I post a video doing 20 push-ups in solidarity for the 20 US veterans that take their own lives every tuesday. I challenge you to do the same. 🇺🇸20 us veterans take their own lives every day. It’s 20 too many. I challenge you to reach out to the Veterans in your life and remind them that they have your love and support! We must continue to find the emotional and physical strength to win this battle.
Please spread the word that Veteran suicide is not the answer.

the Veterans Crisis Line number is 1-800-273-8255 Option 1 and Text is 838255 . The website even allows for confidential online chat.
The organizations at the links below are raising the bar in creating a culture that OUR Veterans know their sacrifice was not in vain.
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