the way Miles interacts w/ us is SO cute & it always makes me smile. @mileycyrus & HDP is fuckin’ underrated! ❤️

I change the main theme of this profile
Girls love yourself and your body
Love and peace❤️
#miley #mileycyrus #cyrus #liam #liamhemsworth #bangerz #wreckingball #malibu

Who’s da real yoga kween? ❤️☀️

The Pink is an attitude, yazzz kweeen 👑😻 @mileycyrus

I just feel really happy right now. I spent my day hanging out with friend and it was so freaking cool. I'm full of love and happiness right now <3

So fucking hot bb @mileycyrus she have a perfect body 👅🔥

You are that you eat

I personally think Miley's new music will have the sound of Younger Now but it's Miley so we don't know what to expect ✨ can't wait for new music 🎶 @mileycyrus

(Miley liked 13x) My man is so bad 👅🔥 @mileycyrus

My baby is now a Kindergartner 💞💞 #Miley

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