The Difference Between You And Me is That I'm Build For This Shit. I've Conquered My Demons. I've Been Broken, Paid, Lied to, Taken Advantage Of Cheated On, Hungry Full My Name Has Been Dragged Through Dirt And Mud More Than Once And Every Time I've Picked It Up And Dusted It Off. That's Why I'm self Made I Came A Long Way And Still Have A Long Way To Go..
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Much needed nite of rest in Nyc after a long day of travel thanks to @newyorkerhotel and @wyndhamrewards for the hospitality #milestogobeforeisleep

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 🌌 📷 by Allie McKnight
#middleofnowhere #lastweekend #milestogobeforeisleep #nature #noreception #ootd

I started to feel my life is meaningless but then I realised I have at least something 😶😶. #milestogobeforeisleep

Whoa. Day 1 down, 4 days and ~90ish km to go. Please swipe to see an amazing BLT+C, some of the walk, and the 100 km marker. (The 100 km Mark is significant because you are to complete the last 100 km in order to receive your Compostela). Bonus picture: me at 765 km last Thursday. Because I am the fastest walker ever. JK. Muchas gracias to the Spanish public transportation network for getting me from Zubiri to Sarria. Taxis, trains, and buses, oh my. #camino2018 #myfeethurt #milestogobeforeIsleep

Pumpkins n melons everywhere....🌿🍃
Life is a fairytale waiting to happen👸🤴 #itisabeautifulworld #travelmomentoes #everydayisalovelyday #everypicturehasastory #mydubailife #traveltheworld #milestogobeforeisleep

Everyday may Not be Good,
But there is Something Good in Every day. 🔥
#milestogobeforeisleep #morningvibes #beardlover #desistyle

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