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When you hike several miles to get cameras set out it is always fun to get your daughter to tag along. Got a little dirty trying to cut our way in through the maze of deadfall from the strong spring winds but got the job finished! #somegirlsdo #milesfromnowhere #adieingbreed @gonehuntingoutfitter #thetreewon! #trailisclean

In 2016 I was lucky enough to share so many cool experiences with incredible people. Here is an edit of some of my favourite adventures of the last year! Looking forward to making more memories in the years to come #milesfromnowhere #mountaincultures

Welcome to Idaho, where we left the grid for a bit and enjoyed some serious country with the family. #nophones #milesfromnowhere #justkeepdriving

Climbing Carrauntohill in the pitch black was worth it to get to see this #milesfromnowhere #carrauntoohil #kerry #mountains #mountaineering

#milesfromnowhere ,
I guess I'll take my time,
Oh yeah, to reach there ☀️

Psyched to get back into the work place. #milesfromnowhere #forestservice


sulla mappa sembrava tutto più vicino#milesfromnowhere

I really don't know what to tell you.  Sometimes we're full of happiness, and sometimes we're fucking sad; and when we're somewhere in between, you know, we're usually not too bad.  You could call it alright, let's go with that tonight, and walk a mile or two without a word, beneath the yellows and the whites: the same colors that never wavered, and used to keep our streets alight.  I really don't know what to tell you, you know, but we're as weird as they will ever come; and just when you think you've got us figured out, you've only just begun.  As miserable as any, and as happy as can be; found the free ride resting in the dirt, beside the mango tree.  No breaks, but you can never gripe, when the cost is free.  I really don't know what to tell you, but it's time for us to go; leave your questions on the table, but I guess you'll never know.  To where we're headed, who we are, and why we laugh as we do so; our tires splashing through the sand, as we shake both to-and-fro; our lips curling in a far off land, somewhere from down below. I really don't know what to tell you, but I guess this is goodbye; and if you happen to make it out in time, well, we'd love for you to try; to hop aboard and pedal fast, before it passes by; a one free ride to happiness, there waiting by your side.

MFN weekend👌🏽😏✌🏽

Before 1905 you had to walk 154 miles to Fairbanks to stake your mining claim in Kantishna Denali. This humble abode housed the registrar, his wife and two kids while serving as recoding office by day. #kantishna #denali #mining #alaska #cabin #milesfromnowhere #gold


Wed.Aug16. / Spencer MacKenzie Band @ the Royal Botanical Gardens. 6:30-9pm.
Thurs.Aug17. / miles from nowhere. @ Pier 8 Hamilton Waterfront. 7-9pm.
Fri.Aug18. / miles from nowhere. @ 565 Concession St, Hamilton. 6-9pm.
Sat.Aug19. / miles from nowhere. @ Dundas Cactus Festival. 11am-12:30pm.

#milesfromnowhere #slowdown #SOUL #livemusic 📷: Frank Muggianu

Out now. Link in bio to shop.

#milesfromnowhere# headingtoCoralBay#

Bordeaux wine done an Ozzy way. You don't get mass production in this part of the world and this wine is a classy take on the Cabernet-centric blends usually found in France's most famous red region. The taste is full of cassis, plumb and ripe berry fruits. It's easy to see how this wine from the Margaret river won eight gold medals.

#laithwaites #laithwaiteswine #lovewine #redwine #wine #margaretriver #australianwine #ozzywine #australia #new #milesfromnowhere #cabernetsauvignon

her, it all began again with a small pin up photograph of a mountain that she
had found on the wall of her new home, upon arriving. She had not the slightest clue of who had left it there, or of
who had sat there, the same as she did then herself, gazing upon the tiny strip
of paper, and holding it in their hands; but the mystery played and pulled at
her fantasies, unrelentingly. For
her, it was one of those times that the inertia that comes with our moving
through the world had begun to subside, and with it the wonder and excitement
at every sight she found herself beholding; things slowed down and her sense of
direction began to loosen, as she came to terms with coming to rest as we all
inevitably do, calmly finding our time to wait once more. And so it was that when she saw that
photograph, hanging there before her, she felt compelled to resolve upon a
promise; that she would, in that same year, set foot along the high slopes of
that very mountain that lay beside her each and every night; that she would
walk amidst the clouds, and linger in the evening rain until the darkness was
too thick to travel on. At all
costs, whatever it was to take, even if the goal of such was to merely create
an ambition for the sake of having one at all, she closed her eyes and imagined
how it would be: that calm and ever waiting, azure reality.

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