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Recién salido de firmar una nueva extensión de cinco años y US$ 51 millones con los Cardenales de San Luis, el lanzador dominicano Carlos Martínez recibió un gran elogio de su manager #MikeMatheny.

Cuando se le preguntó si Martínez es el abridor número uno de los Cardenales, Matheny decidió dar un paso más allá.

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The Cardinals have given Manager Mike Matheny a 3 year extension, which means he'll be managing the squad through the 2020 season. I'm not a big Matheny fan but at least we have security for the future now #cardinals #stlcards #stlouiscardinals #cardinalnation #mikematheny

Riverhawks advance to 3-0 after Saturday's sweep over Southeastern #RiverhawkBaseball #MikeMatheny

He looks almost as good in a suit as he does in baseball pants!! #mikematheny #stlouiscardinals

My style in 1993 pictured with #mikematheny

On November 17th #CaïssaClub members will join St.Louis @cardinals and founding member, #MikeMatheny for an appreciation dinner!

#AlexReyes se somete a un análisis de resonancia magnética.

El derecho de los Cardenales, #AlexReyes, no participó en la sesión de tiros del equipo el martes y se sometió a un análisis de resonancia magnética, anunció el manager #MikeMatheny.

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Probably deleting after the game, but this is just a post to calm everyone down. I'll be the first to admit that I dislike Matheny. I've disliked him since 2012, and his decisions have me questioning his abilities as a manager as well. I'm probably the most avid anti-Matheny person you can find...yet there's something else I can admit. Despite the horrible decisions, Mike is all we have. We've had one season where we haven't been in the playoffs during his reign. True, he was handed a great team in 2012 and 2013, and those teams would go on to be very successful, but if you're going to blame him for every failure, you also have to give him credit for every achievement because this is his team. He's been here long enough to build it, shape it, make it his own. Not that I'm defending his horrendous decisions, but if we're going to blame him for every loss, we need to credit him for every win. #stlcards #cardinals #mlb #baseball #cardinalnation #mikematheny

Do the twist! -
FOR ALL PARENTS AND COACHES out there, check the link in bio for the Matheny Manifesto! Great letter written by Mike Matheny, MUST READ! And kids, tag your parents and coaches!

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Mike Matheny at bat in Game 1 of the 2004 World Series.⠀

📷 Brad Mangin / Getty Images

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