So I just made these what do y’all think? Also sorry I have the years a little off😂🤷🏻‍♀️
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Chosen’s POV:
It was the next morning and Sophia was still asleep, looking precious as always. Her shirt had risen up a bit and I was now rubbing her bare back. I wish I could take all the pain away from her. I hated that her mom died and that Soph had to go through this. I was thinking about her family when there was a knock on the door and my blood turned cold. Sophia wasn’t waking up so I shook her.
Sophia: Hehe Chosen what are you doing?
With gritted teeth, I said: “ Shh! Your dad!”.
Sophia’s Father: Sophia? Is Chosen in there?!
Her father asked but did not wait for an answer. He burst into the room to find Sophia curled up on my bare chest.
Sophia’s Father: Oh my.
Chosen: It’s not what it looks like!
Sophia’s Father: You two had sex?! Sex in my house?! Sex in general?!
Sophia: Calm down! Calm down that’s not what happened!
Sophia’s Father: Really now? Okay, so what did happen?!
Sophia bit her lip and looked at me. I gave her a slight nod to show I was okay with her telling her dad what was going on.
Sophia: Dad, Chosen had been going through some stuff. H-his dad quit work and…
Sophia’s Father: What happened?
Sophia: …He and his mom need to find a new place, soon. It’s gotten really bad.
She looked over to see my head was down. I knew no family was perfect but mine was for sure more screwed up than others.
Sophia: It’s not safe for him to stay at his house so I asked him to spend the night. I knew he wouldn’t want to tell you so I snuck him in. A-are you mad?
Sophia’s Father: No, no I couldn’t be mad. I want to help you and your mom, Chosen. Will you let me?
I looked up for the first time.
Chosen: Please. It’s gotten so bad and my mom won’t last much longer.
Just then I heard a soft pattering of footsteps, her gran?

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I love this photo, it's so funny the face they did !! lol😁❤

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I love whoever made this

—- I don’t really talk about this at all but I feel like today’s the day to tell y’all how an experience one year ago today changed my life completely , I was scared and in a state of shock and after this event I couldn’t go out of my house, I didn’t for about 5/6months. I had a job but it was just too much to handle at the time so I quit and started binge watching stranger things it was a form of distraction from re living that night, from re living “what if that was me” phrase.... yeah I know it wasn’t and I was lucky enough to come out without a scratch but my heart is with the 22 people that went in just like me but weren’t able to come out just like me, it breaks my heart but I always think things are meant to happen for a reason and I guess my reason was to appreciate everyone around me , to make me realise that life is so easily taken so why not cherish it for as long as you have it, it changed me as a person and I feel that it will always be there no matter what. Sorry for the long ass para but I needed to vent this out❤️
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