#TBT I found the cot card my mum got when I was born! (Really sorry about the Keillands, Mum!)⁣

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Face down, butt up, that’s the way we...get baby in optimal position for birth! 😜 but for real, I’ve been reclining too much on my big comfy couch lately and I can tell it’s had a negative effect on positioning. I’m adding Spinning Babies techniques to my normal activities to help make sure this little one is in the best position possible for birth. Staying active coupled with chiropractic care has really helped with hip and back pain. I definitely recommend looking up Spinning Babies to anyone pregnant and talking to your provider about it. Positioning plays a huge role in our labor and birth so it’s never too soon to start!

Spinning Babies® wants you to be safe. Visit SpinningBabies.com/learn-more/techniques/ for instructions and safety tips for when and how to do all techniques.
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Many people have an idea that training to be a midwife consists mainly of being in the hospitals gaining clinical experience. The reality is however, that this year (2nd year) I have only had two weeks in placement and the rest have been theory (I’m not saying this is a bad thing). There are so many aspects of the role that you don’t even consider - I for one although actively conducting Health Promotion in practice; never thought about the theories and work put behind them. This is one of the reasons that this essay I am attempting to write is one of the most challenging ones for me yet. In this assignment I have to look at a clinical scenario and write about the health promotion models I used (but it’s not a reflective account)- I can’t however decide on a topic or experience so if any of my fellow students or qualified midwives have some health promotion topic inspiration for me - let me know! #midwife #midwifery #studentmidwife #essay #healthpromotion #needinspiration

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World cord blood day is today! There are 80 conditions that can be treated with cord blood! And, there are over 300 clinical trials happening around the world using cord blood and cord tissue. #cordblood #childbirth #cbr #november15 #attentivemidwifery #smartwoman #savelives #medicine #health #obgyn #midwife #midwifery #baby #babies

Language matters. I love Dr. Sara Wickham's research and insight. #languagematters #yourbodyisnotalemon #empowerment #midwifery #pregnancy

How to spot a stroke think F.A.S.T
F:FACE fallen on one side?
A:ARM can they raise both arms and keep them there?
S:Speech, is their speech slurred?
T:Time to call emergency number
(UK 999, USA 911)
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Have you ever met someone who truly inspired you with the way they turned their pain into a massive healing mechanism for people all around the globe?

I had the pleasure of meeting @circleofhealth founder @serabonds in Texas at the @bornintothis.co conference by @doulatrainingsint last summer, and am simply so moved + inspired by her, and the wonderful organization she has created, which works so tirelessly to make real, impactful changes in maternal healthcare for women and babies in crisis, all over the world.

Sera herself gave birth for the first time abroad, without many of the comforts that the majority of birthing women in this country have access to. That experience fueled her desire to extend better medical care, support, and a helping hand to birthing women and their babies in some of the most difficult places in the world.

Did you know @circleofhealth supports the last maternity and pediatric hospital in Aleppo, Syria? Hundreds of women and children receive treatment thanks to Sera's organization.

They also care for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Nepal, as well as 500 mamas and their children who have been separated by the ICE/border patrol.

That is why today, I ask that we all come together and do our part to help ensure that Circle of Health International can continue to work for mamas + babies in the world's hardest places.

So let's give thanks BEFORE Thanksgiving this year, by giving a contribution toward this necessary and life-saving care for our 'sister'-mothers both here and abroad, who are less fortunate than us.

Give any amount today, for COHI's $50K Thursday!

Let's help them help moms!

Donate at: bit.ly/COHI50K. -- LINK IN BIO

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There is no rush once . has arrived earthside. Savour these precious moments for this is pure magic. Beautiful image . . .
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Just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to all the women that came out last night!! It was amazing to hear your stories and hearts and to share all the excitement in what Wombs of the World is becoming. .
To everyone that gave and donated thank you so much!
To @sunnyside_trading_co For allowing us to party in your space thank you!
To the local vendors, @earthfare @rootshummus @oneworldbrewing @urbanorchardciderco @buchikombucha thank you for donating all of the items that filled our bellies❤️❤️
I left feeling so encouraged in the work that each of us women are doing to make this world a better place. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I love you all!!!!

From @crimson_fig - •°•°•☆•°•°• . °•☆•° Accepting Applications & Scheduling Interviews °•☆•° . ☆ Are you EXCITED to learn in a midwifery practice that centers Black & Brown clients and their families? ☆ Are you currently enrolled in a #MEAC accredited school? ☆ Do you currently live in Los Angeles County or nearby? ☆ Are you willing to relocate to Los Angeles County? ☆ Can you commit to minimum 6 months, with the possibility of up to 12 months in a traditional #homebirth #midwifery practice? ☆ Are you EXCITED to support transgender, queer, non-binary clients? ☆ Are you open to attending & participating in #midwiferyeducation & policy meetings in support of advancing midwifery for Black & Brown #midwiferystudents in the state of California? ☆

Email me 😊 racha@crimsonfig.com
Interviews begin December 3rd !!

Mana mungkin kami menyakiti kalau tugas kami saja mengobati.😁
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mau direpost? Jangan lupa ikutin rules nya ya guys✌
Cek bio 😊
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Know what you don't know
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A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, depriving brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients. Within minutes, brain cells begin to die. A stroke is a medical emergency.

Early Gender Confirmation Scan
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Make your pregnancy even more magical with our early gender confirmation scans! From as early as 15 weeks gestation, you can discover if you’re having a boy or a girl with 99.9% accuracy.

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🌟USE OF LANGUAGE MATTERS🌟 Completely agree with Sara’s post. I’ve done several of her online courses and her books feature in my library that I lend out to my clients. If you’re pregnant and want to arm yourself with knowledge how to best serve yourself and your baby please take a look at her books 📚 (I’m not paid to say this, I just agree with research and woman-centered care) 💫
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Language matters. I know not everyone likes statistics and thinking about maths and philosophy as much as I do (lol) but when we use the word ‘risk’ in maternity or health care, we could nearly always use the word ‘chance’ instead. The meaning wouldn’t change, but we wouldn’t be generating so much fear. It’s hard for someone to make the decisions that are right for them when they are being filled with fear. Let’s re-think what we’re saying, whoever we are :-) #midwifery #midwife #doula #childbirth #childbirtheducation #informedbirth #inducedlabor #duedate #duein2019 #independentmidwife #independentmidwifery www.sarawickham.com/books/whatsrightforme/

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