Headed back to this golden southern sunlight tomorrow! CANNOT WAIT 🎉✨🤗

I owe you a great big “thank you.”
This community has grown to 600 followers this week.
I’m so thankful for each and every one of you and you’re the reason I spend time on this platform.
You’ve celebrated with me in the happiest seasons of my life and you were there with words of encouragement when I was struggling.
Nothing feeds my soul more than to grow with you and to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on your life.

So thank you, friend! Here’s to our future! 🥂

But I just really want some warmth. Is that too much to ask??

If I had to title my day it would be "It didn't just snow this morning, spring is on its way, and other lies I tell myself" #ohio #jesuscomesoon

Observing people as they observe the people they know and admire is one of the best parts of this gig. Been editing this wedding over the past week and can’t help but love the little moments like this one. #weddingphotography #brookealaina

I never imagined scrambling over rocks could be so much fun. 🏔
If you’re like me and tend to stuff your life and schedule to the brim, I have two words for you, “adventure more.”
There’s so many reasons not to; finances, job requirements, time, all of the above, etc. etc.
Taking time off from everything that’s calling your name and doing “nothing” or “something” is one of the most refreshing things you can do.
And like my mom always said, “you have time for whatever is important to you.”
So friend, I’m going to encourage you to make it important. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t even have to cost much, but this weekend get out with your best friend and make memories.

Head over heels for these rings. #bep #bepweddings

Just casually slaying that mid day sun ☀️️✌🏻

It’s a chocolate and wine kind of night!!! This past week has been crazy busy. It was the start of my long term sub job in a 6th grade English classroom for the rest of the year. I’ve had a “wtf did I get myself into” moment as least 10 times this week. This wine is well deserved. I also took a break from social media to get my head straight. Cheers to all those teachers that do this all year long!!! You guys are superhero’s!!!!!!!!!
Desserts @breesgfree
Flowers @theflowerkitten .
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Eek! Spending some time this evening with these two love birds for a fun couple’s session ✨😋 Fingers crossed that this Kansas wind doesn’t ruin it for us 🤞🏼😅

Layers upon layers. #bep #bepweddings

I'm a solo shooter when circumstances allow. One of the most common questions I get about that? "How do you capture that first look and the bride's entrance?" I have several ways, but this is one of them, and a favorite. It's the method that matches your memory of how he looked as you walked in. In this moment, I've already captured the bride and her father walking in, stepped to the side and let them pass me as I switch cameras, and then I'm shooting the groom as he watches. It works beautifully - all the moments get captured.
So, why shoot alone? It's just how I personally work best. I know what I want to capture, how I want to do that, and 90% of the time, another photographer is just in the way. Plus, it's far less obtrusive to your experience when less cameras are pointed your way all day.
When a wedding is too large in scale or scope for me to cover alone - I have plenty of excellent second photographers to call upon and form a team.
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We'll take all the rain today as long as it brings the 70 degree weather! ☔️ in the mean time we'll just be sitting here pretending we're soaking in all that gorgeous Florida sunshine from last September ☀️

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