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Dreams that escalated hopes, hopes that shattered life, were better if not risen from the depths of her mind.. [scattered pieces] #midnightwritings

Haven't done this in a while. #guitar #midnightwritings


Pain is the magic behind great writings and poetry. It’s the secret ingredient for change. It makes most of our heroes, our war veterans, our wounded, the strongest version of themselves. They say, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger. But honey, remember so does love. 🌹 . .
. .
. .
. .
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I planted a tree and hung myself from my favorite branch. Some things we love often times are things that have the power to kill us. #midnightwritings


And we are here again, in the same spot where everything began. How is possible that after all this time, we come back to this exactly place- she thought
A lot of things happened in the last few years, new people appeared and old people went away. Friends became just contacts in the phone, strangers became constant in her chats. However, nothing has changed between them, they were almost the same as before. Except that this time the visitor couldn't stay that longer, she had to stand up for what she had achived. They were old friends, so they greeted like that with half smile and a kiss in the cheek. The solitude just came to see how she was doing with the life she fought for. She was struggling but she was happy enough to say good bye again and she did.

Welcome back - the doctor said - you had too many sleeping pills last night. #scotland #nofilterneeded #midnightwritings #edinburgh #writersofinstagram



Do you ever just stop doing whatever you’re doing and question your mere existence in that scenario, question the very fact that you’re present there doing something, which would make a small difference, to you, and not others.
How, all the forces of the realm made you be, made you do whatever you do, there at that instance of time and space.
When it does occur to you, you’d start realising the real meaning of your existence.
It’s not merely questioning your existence, it’s making sure that your existence has a meaning, something worthwhile. Something which would make you, of all, think and be proud of. In that instance, my friend you’d know and understand the true essence of life and your existence.
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Feel the agony, the numbness and the breathlessness during the cold nights.
Don't hide under the sheets, or layer your skin with temporary habits.
For let the stabbing of nature enter your veins, and let it capitulate your heart.
Let it reside until all your pain is gathered up and just encounter your other side.
And the next morning you will be left with the cup of coffee and the rays making way through the window... .
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#moneyplant my #dear

With moist #eyes and failing #words , I must here hold you in front of me and #confess that I owe you an #apology.

Having seen me being with you for so long and never have had a #realconversation, I am sure this must be a little bewildering for you to see me unraveling in this way. Indeed it is strange as how can two #people know each other without having ever engaged in a #relationship of #listening and #understanding.

It was only yesterday when passing by you, amidst my regular walk through the work path I noticed the fading #leaves you were donning with such a grace. Is this fading colour not a reflection of my fading #sensibilities and #sensitivities?  Is my role only to feed you with water and give you a bottle to stay and add #beauty to my world of work and stay? Do I even deserve your #greenery and those whiffs of fresh air? Do I even acknowledge the effort you take to hold us together, grow together and ensure a surrounding full of life.

Lack of those curls and twists in our #conversation has clearly inhibited the bends you could have experienced in your journey. What an idiot have I been to look solely at my growth and make a #bonsai out of you!

I only hope that this reaches to you and we can start fresh wherein we embark on a journey of mutual growth and life. If being together, it only makes sense for us to be listening to each other and be #caring enough to support each other in our growth and living. After all, who knows when our journey will stop and we reach to the abyss where we have both come from.  #midnightwritings #plants #randomthoughts #love #feelings #books #booklover #bookstagram #nature #internalization #writing

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