When the world can't answers your questions, ask yourself untill you conclude. If god lives in us or we do have a soul then he might be able to help, let your heart answer what the people can't. #midnightinspirations #heartfelt #punjabi_virsa #thinkahead #rightnow #freethoughts

The magic of watching alcohol inks in a crazy flamenco, bursting into little cells#midnightinspirations#crazyinks

R A W M O M E N T * * *
I have never aspired to be a super model, a glam queen, a makeup perfectionist, an overkill on fitness.. all I’ve wanted out of this life was to just be me. Simple, yet spunky, diligent, yet peaceful, inspiring, yet humble, and confident but more importantly, GODFIDENT.
Today, I’m thankful I can be me. No make up. Not worrying about the lighting in this pic or how my bad side looks.. it’s just me.. but my heart.. that’s what I focus on. Of course I take care of my body in all aspects, as we should, but my heart is what I seek after. If the heart isn’t pure and is of pride, greed and selflessness then what is a heart? It is of cold and no desire to be better than, than of the world. This is where I step in. I want that to change. I want this generation to STOP comparing themselves to a perfected selfie that took 52 times to get it right. I want this generation to always know there is room for improvement but to love THEMSELVES. Also, to love themselves FIRST. Stop looking for love and approval if you can’t find who you are as enough. I loved a life of self seeking only to find myself in a whirlwind of despair. But I found I was enough. And that there will never be another me. And what my heart is after, is to capture what one knows is made for. I want to be the one to capture the moment that sets them free. I want to witness a love and peace in ones life through my lens. And I’m so thankful.. Lord knows I am.. that I am so humble in His presence to love ones right as they stand and to shine a light and be a vessel as I do the Lords work.. photography is my calling.. but to shine His light.. is my vision.. *
I love you all.. never stop pushing toward your calling and vision.. you’re gonna make it 💯💋 *
#MidnightInspirations #JustMyThoughts #LoveYourself #LoveIsKey #HumbleIsThee #JeriGold #GoldPhotography #RawPhotography #IphoneXPhotography📷

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Et tu me suppliera de t'aider à arrêter tout ça, tu me suppliera de t'aider car ça fait trop mal, mais je regarderais au plus profond de toi et je les verrais tous en train de te dévorer petit à petit, tes démons sont bel et bien là, te tuant à petit feu.. tu sens cette douleur qui parcourt lentement ton corps ? N'essayes pas de lutter, tu ne peux rien y faire, on ne peut pas sauver ton âme.. Beaucoup trop souillée par tes déviances et tes mensonges, que tu ne prends même plus la peine de cacher.. Et j'assisterais, toute puissante, à ta descente aux enfers, elle est longue et douloureuse, mais tellement agréable à mes yeux... Tu y verra défiler tes pires cauchemars, toute la peine que tu as infliger dans ce monde, toutes les âmes innoncentes et fragiles que tu as briser... Elles seront toutes ici, rassemblées, pour honorer tes dernières heures. Puisse ta folie t'achever et te donner le coup de grace, le coup de trop qui te fera réaliser ce que tu laisse ici bas, réaliser ce que tu as définitivement laisser passer et perdu..
Tu t'sens vivant et entouré, mais c'est trop tard, tu es litteralement mort à l'intérieur.. Reste juste ton enveloppe charnelle, celle que tu flatte à grand coup d'égo.. Mais rassures toi, Narcisse t'accueuillera dans ses bras, et tu sombrera, heureux, dans ta folie qui t'immergera d'une douce douleur. 🕯📑🖋✝️🕎 #midnightinspirations #darkhours #darknights #betterintime #insomniac #emotionalpain

🥀If they Have caused you Pain 🥀, they must have so much pain inside of them , be kind still , wish them healing 🥀... for that’s what they need now ... People are sent to us to teach us , to help us grow. (To show us what we don’t want and lead us to what we need ) .... when their job is done... they will leave or we will .... Life is Perfectly orchestrated and Simple .... 🥀 ... no excuses.. be kind anyway 🥀 Ps. Moving away from someone is not unkindness .... ( which we shall keep for a later stage ☺️) Good Night #midnightinspirations 😉#positivepsychology #happyeverydamnday #livedeliciously #inspo #inspiration #goodvibes #insta #instagood #bestof #picoftheday #animalover #mydxb #southafrica #mydubai #loa #love #joy #peace #coach #higherconsciousness #meditation #mindfulness #naturelover #energy #faith #personaldevelopement #redefinereality

Hitung usia anda dgn teman bukan dgn tahun,hitung hidup anda dgn senyuman bukan tangisan.

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God does not make mistakes, it may seem tough and that your strength is all gone but with time you will get to understand why everything happens as it does,just believe that there's always light at the end of the tunnel and along the way you will get the answers.

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