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203lb/92kg getup 👊 quick finish 😕 Oh well. #middlefinger to those mega IG accounts that like to hate on me. Haha... still getting stronger!

#hardertokilltraining #scoliosisfortime

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Do you? Like for example when you're at the fucking signal and the person behind you wouldn't stop honking or when someone wouldn't stop being the stupid person that they are or when someone talks to you on your "I don't wanna talk to anyone" days. If I were given a choice for a superpower, I'd definitely choose the power to morph into a middle finger. Although I'm not sure if this even qualifies as a superpower lol

I wrote a very risqué article that I want to get published. So, I need y'all help. Name some really woke yet mainstream platforms kinda like @blavity that I can submit to.
The essay is called "Angry Black Bi**h". I just reread it and was like dayum I gotta publish it. And I know the whole B-word in the community thing is gonna cause some controversy but I'm old so there's that. It's important to understand why black women are a little disturbed, mad af sometimes and to allow us that space to vent said frustration.
Here's a lil snippet of the intro: When I was born, there was a mustard seed of an angry, black b**** buried inside me. Depending on how life affected me dictated how it would grow. Less stress and trauma meant that it’d stay small, manageable. More negative impact allowed it to sprout and twist about like a vine around my heart and brain, suffocating it like a pillow to a face. The angry black b**** festered in her newfound host, but I was strong enough—or fake enough, to keep her at bay... Henna: @henna_by_noor Photo: @remy_me #leahvdaily #detroitblogger #henna #hennatattoo #bodyacceptance #feminist #blackgirls #blackgirlmagic #plussize #fatspo #instastyle #instafashion #blackgirlswhoblog #bopo #bodypositive #tattoo #tattoos #tattooideas #bopo #bgki #effyourbeautystandards #blavity #londonblogger #midwestblogger #pizzasisters4lyfe #melanin #style #highfashion #middlefinger

Tattoo 🖕🏻😀🖕🏻 by @caroleytattoo via @rinamatsui


ALL THE TIME #middlefinger

Olympic sport 🥇 (via @colororgy)

{English below} Hallo meine Lieben! Es wird Zeit, dass wir mal wieder aufsatteln und zeigen, wie vielfältig die Definition einer Frau sein kann. Ich erinnere mich an eine Geschichte, wo mich ein Autofahrer fast angefahren hätte. Ich hab ihm den Stinkerfinger gezeigt und er hatte nichts besseres zu tun, als mich zu belehren, dass sich ein Stinkefinger nicht für eine junge Dame gehöre! Als Zeichen, dass wir es alle Satt haben, dass man uns vorschreibt, wie wir zu sein haben als Frau rufe ich eich Mädels und Jungs auf eure Mittelfinger zu heben, sie abzulichten und mit dem Hashtag #middlefingersareladylike zu versehen und diese Aktion zu teilen. Teilt eure Geschichten und vor allem erzählt der Welt, wer ihr seit, denn wir sind alle Ladylike auf unsere eigene Art! Für mehr Selbstbestimmung! Nicht umsonst haben wir zwei dieser wunderschönen Finger bekommen! 🖕🏻🖕🏻💪🏻💜😘 Dear girls and boys and however you want to define yourself it is time to let the world know, who we are and what is ladylike! I remember a story, when I was nearly hit by a car and I showed that guy my middle finger. He tried to thought me, that middle fingers aren't ladylike. I and I think you as well are sick of people constantly telling us how we as women and anythingelse are supposed to be. It is time to let the world know, that we decide this each and everyone for ourselves. The diversity is, what makes us special and unique. Raise your middlefingers, make a picture, share your storys and let the world know what kind of ladylike you are. For the autonomy of women! Please use the hashtag #middlefingersareladylike! Thank god we got two of these beauties 🖕🏻🖕🏻 💜😘 #berlin #feminism #feminismus #feminist #middlefinger #ladylike #lady #woman #women #fight #beauty #autonomy #selflove #selbstbestimmung #selbstliebe #aufschrei #missymagazine @missymagazine @berliner_feminismus @fembroidery #kreuzberg #liebe #equality #weareallthesame #wemustunite #lips #vsco #vscocam #picoftheday #fem #femme

Is it summer holiday yet for u?
- nah I hope 🤦‍♂️

Monoton hayata #middlefinger

if you call it as "SELFISH"
I call it "SELF RESPECT"

Cooster rude cat 🖕🏼🐱🖕🏼

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