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woke up this morning and caught myself staring at this piece, then thinking about the artist who did it, mr. robert loughlin. in 2011, he started coming into abc carpet and hanging out with us. one day, he came in, and I showed him the piece he drew it on, an antique rice paper print I got in Japan with every sumo wrestler who was a beast, and retired, undefeated. then about 3 months later, we're talking, and he's ragging me about the outfit I have on, then says " you know I'm just fucking with you. I love the way you dress. You're a good guy". Then he asked if I had the sumo piece there. He then took it, sat down at a Paul McCobb table in front of me, and went to work. He was telling me he was then having problems drawing ears. We laughed then he said, "hey do me a favor, run down to the store and grab me two of those short neck buds that you can hide in your pocket. You know the ones,", while showing me with his index finger and thumb, the proper size. I knew he wasn't supposed to be drinking, and said "absolutely not". He then said " this piece is going to be shit". Then laughed and said " no it's not, we're both going to like it". When he was done, he asked me what I would call it, I asked him to title it, and he said "heavy weights". He then gave me a hug and was gone. He was a really nice guy... #rip #mrrobertloughlin #artist #midcenturypicker #beautifulman #thebrute


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