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@micvisionstudios is back in a new location‼️ hit up @micvisionmanagement for the location & for your bookings #WeBack #MicVision #MVM

Up early in the morning getting ready for my video shoot "Born2Win" With My Brother/Camera Man @micmccoy #HardWork #Dedication #MicVision

"Play Me" @swavehmg ft @grizzxru out now!! Link in bio #mvm #micvision #grizzxru #tally

B I G D O P E.


"I ain't trippen over shit I got it!" @jon3sgot_1mic1vision #miami #oceandrive #LOD #micvision 📸 @yur_high_ness

"The Future belongs to those who prepare for it today"- Malcom X #MicVision

FRI. 9/23 3PM TIX: $15 advance hit up @micvisionmanagement OR @lucidofficial_
Gonna be a movie! Come support your local artists

The Campaign Continues Tomorrow Night Sultry Saturday's At The Royal 127 4th Ave Ny Ny 10003 BTWN 12th & 13th... I'll Be There With Copies of #MTAR #MicVision #Sinat #BlkID #BranNaymeForever


back in rockland! Working out of @micvisionmanagement studio for next 2 days! Feels good to be back! #recordingstudio #engineer #producer #845 #rocklandcounty #atlantatonewyork #hometown #micvision #cunomusic

Up early in the morning getting ready for my video shoot "Born2Win" With My Brother/Camera Man @micmccoy #HardWork #Dedication #MicVision

“Black & Yellow!” ♠️🔶
Super excited to be working with this group of young ladies! Stay Tuned for more to come!! #MicVision x #EMSCheerleaders 💸💸🎙

"Protect The Homeland" 🐕⚔️
@homeland_k9 x #MicVision 💸 Elite Dog Training. NEW Videos/Short Films coming soon! Stay Tuned

"Throw me to the wolves & I will return their leader" #MicVision 🐺 •
Each of us has, at some point, felt that we were left to fend for ourselves, or left to wander & figure out life alone. We have to learn that we are powerful beings, whether grouped or individually. We must learn not to fear what we are unfamiliar with, but instead learn from it. This world is vicious and society will spit you out the moment it does not need you or find you entertaining. You must learn that this is not the end of the world..just because you lose one group of friends, does not mean you will never find another. Don't fear where life leads you. Walk in power & only greatness will follow.

"A beautiful flower has been picked too soon from the world, & though the gesture may wither the body..the soul of this flower will live on...Say Her Name." RIP Kenneka Jenkins. 🙏🏾 #MicVision #StopTheViolence #KennekaJenkins

Keep your soul clean..& your boots dirty #MicVision 💸 •
Work hard, but do what is right...how we work is a reflection of our soul. 🤔

Scarred, but never Broken 💸🎖 #MicVision x @vault_dweller1033 #Halo

"I cut off all my distractions and started attackin' "🎧. #TheComeup

it took the last 5 years for me to finally realize who God intended for me to be..each version of me in this photo represents a year & my most major distraction of those years. One I LIVED on social media & never got anything done, Two I got hooked on watching TV, never got anything done, THREE I was always out searching for friends to validate my status..never got anything done, & 4 I picked up drinking and hanging out & never got anything done. Now number 5, the center of it all, the core, the person that was in there all along, cut off all those distractions paid attention only to what God asked of me & it forever changed my life. You don't have to always know what to do, but as long as you focus you will become who you were meant to be #MicVision #FlavorLife

"Everybody right here,
What you need to do is be thankful
For the life you got, you know what I'm sayin?
Stop lookin' at what you ain't got
And start being thankful for what you do got"
- @troubleman31 #MicVision x @mrdraylove after our 8 mile trek around and then up Stone Mountain ...my bro tried to play me like Im old & not a fitness beast lol..we ran around Stone Mountain(we stopped keeping track after 5 miles 😂) with a 40 lb vest on ...switching every half mile..bro gone tell me "Let me know when you need a break"..guess who needed the breaks? 😂 but it was good to help push my brother past his limit & mines also..because I've never did this run with an extra 40lbs of weight. 💪🏾 #mensfitness #alphamales #kinghelpbuildkings #blackmen

"Gods Eye" 👁 #MicVision

This is a double exposure from today's Eclipse..I live just on the brink of totality, so I only had LITERALLY 30 seconds to catch it, but I shot this at 2 different exposures..one to catch the moon & one to make the suns corona even brighter..I literally only had enough time to take those two shots..and then pray that I got em...& this is what I got ..turned up the warmth on the second one just to give the sun more of a Fire look 💸🌚 SN: Today also is the beginning of the New Moon!

"Sometimes you've gotta stop searching for the light..& become it" #MicVision 💸 🔦💡📡

"Never really fit in, so I had to stand out"

Good morning from the Outside! 💸🐕 #MicVision w/ my son @kingkilothegsd

Electric ⚡️ Cowboy #MicVision
Settings: 15" f/8.0 800 18mm RAW..Go shoot! 💸...After my goals like I gotta Lasso em ⚡️🔋🎗🏇🏽🎨

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