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The best part of my job is seeing my patients and their families smiling during their post-operative visit! When you think about it, it is quite amazing: the doctor experience for the kids is a fun experience! So blessed to be part of it! On this patient, we performed on this patient a right ear reconstruction, BAHA placement and fat grafting to the right cheek to improve facial symmetry! This is him at his 2 weeks post-op visit when we reveal the ear! His ear color and definition will improve progressively over the next 4 months.

Our Kazakh hero! In the span of 4 months, we performed both Combined Atresia Microtia reconstruction, along with @atresiarepair . Now he has two beautiful and symmetrical 👂 and he can hear!!! We are so proud of him and his parents that came all the way from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 for the surgeries here in California!

Such a beautiful moment, capturing the expression and emotion of my 4yr old daughter when Sophie fitted her prosthetic 👂 thank you so much @prostheticarttechnology 😍 you are amazing, life changing and have floored our teams of Dr's with your amazing work!!

Today was Sam’s CT scan. The purpose was to get an image of his inner ears and see what’s really in there. He currently hears out of his left ear, and through bone conduction on his right side. So we don’t really know yet if he has an ear drum, and all those tiny ear parts we learned about in elementary science class. 🤓 This scan should give us those answers.
This is step one in determining the next steps toward surgery. The scan was super quick, but coming off anesthesia was not. 😣 Lots of love and patience and a few of his favorite shows later...and my baby boy is back to his happy self.

How can you not love this little russian kid? Him and his family came from Russia for his Combined Atresia Microtia reconstruction on the right side. He saw his ear for the first time today! His reaction is simply amazing! This is the best part of my job! Happy families and patients melt my heart!

Avi (13 weeks old) listening to "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes because he refuses to take a nigh-nigh. 🌙"Nope, no way, mom. Even when you've got big sister's birthday party to plan." Maybe this means all-night sleep for mommy.⭐️His cheeks are so "peaches and cream here." Starting to see the Dutch side of his genetics #microtia #microtiakids #microtiababy #mrsandman

Read the February issue of @prsjournal ! A lot of very informative articles about plastic and reconstructive surgery in this Peer-Reviewed scientific journal! In our field, the quality of this journal is second to none! We are biased about this issue particularly because one of our landmark papers just got published there this month! Enjoy the reading!

Mi sobrino Hugo es candidato para operarse 🎉 Haz click en la biografía de @escuchalavida #microtia #microtiakids #newears #orejasnuevas #juntospodemos #togetherwecan #escuchalavida

Haz click en el enlace de la biografía/Click the link on the biography: https://www.gofundme.com/55gy24w #escuchalavida #juntospodemos #togetherwecan #microtia #microtiakids #newears #orejasnuevas

Look at this Valentine’s cookie @atresiarepair made today! We finished another Combined Atresia Microtia reconstruction and got rewarded with this cookie! Happy Valentine’s day! Much love from the Tahiri Plastic Surgery team!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💗🌹💘💝😍😘 💌#danicacrosley #mylittlevalentine preschooler #microtiakids #hearingloss #pontowearer #oticonmedical #oticonpontoplus #blingtheponto

Ear of the day! Along with Dr. Roberson, we performed a Combined Atresia and Microtia reconstruction in the outpatient setting. This is a single stage procedure that allows us to reconstruct a functional middle ear and outer canal as well as a beautiful external ear! I am so excited for this little kiddo!

Avi is 3 months old today! As everyone in the household knows, mommy has been singing "1999" by Prince all week and for no reason. 💜He also watched big sister dance to "When Doves Cry" before the Winter Olympics opening. Prince and Peace to the world! ✌🏽️🕊#microtia #microtiakids #microtiababy #prince #winterolympics #olympics

Prayers for my little guy Kelton Scott today, he’s having his second of three surgeries to form his left ear. I wish so bad that I could be with him today but I’m at home sick. He’s in surgery now so prayers for him and his parents are greatly appreciated. #Microtia #MicrotiaKids #MySuperhero #Nephew #PracticallyAModel

Microtia Atresia. Microtia meaning underdeveloped external ear, Atresia meaning no ear canal. This is what my little Noah bear was born with, and we are raising money for his Ear Reconstruction Surgery that he can have done when he is 4yrs old. Link to his gofundme page is in my bio.

Panas & capek gak jd halangan buat ngasi tuwah ubis banyak experience. Weekend kmrn Atu Ibu n' Tuwah ubis naik Bus (sarbagita) ke Nusa dua. Tujuannya ke @balonkubabyshop nusadua buat ambil hadiah #BALONKUMAMAHEBATJANUARI #balonkumamahebat , selain buat ngirit bensin 😅, atu n' ibu jg mau kasi tau tuwah ubis salah 1 trasportasi umum yg ada, dan dy superr excited. Sama skali gak rewel msti panas2an jalan ke halte, dan dy super happy bs nyapa dan ngerumpi sma penumpang lain 😅
Next time kita naik kereta api tut tutt ya atuu @gungwahutet 😘

Thank youu so much @balonkubabyshop dan @purebaby.indonesia :) Video by : @gungwahutet

#cinematic #cinematicvideo #mom #momnson #microtiaindonesia #microtiakids #ibudananak

Avi (almost 3 months) having some Marvin Gaye on this Monday. "Heard it through the grapevine, how much longer would you be my babbbbay?" 🍇Not much longer it seems! 😭He's getting so big!! In this video he has a happy/scared expression because big sister was doing circles around him. #microtia #microtiakids #microtiababy #marvingaye

Finished this long week with a complex right ear reconstruction, BAHA placement and fat grafting to the right cheek area! This courageous boy and his amazingly supportive family did great! Have a good weekend!

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