My love for almond butter is strong to say the least ❤️ Breakfast this morning was pan seared sweet potatoes, blueberries and blackberries drizzled with @yumbutter almond butter. It is my favorite especially because of its convenient packaging, great ingredients and also how they are dedicated to helping others.
Big win win in my book 🤗
Paired this with ice coffee protein shake to run out the door 🙌😍☕️
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#latepost from #mealprepsunday Finally getting back into the swing of things now that we’re in our new home. And the kitchen is 😍 so I’m determined to be in it cooking and baking as much as possible. 🤰 🥘 ✨
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Ever have trouble getting all your food in for the day to hit your macros?

This is super common for people who are trying to fuel performance or those on a reverse diet. It sucks to feel full and still have macros left so instead of stuffing yourself with another scoop of rice, try making a smoothie!

Smoothies allow you to get in a variety of macros without making you feel too full since they’re easy to digest. I have tried every combo with what’s listed above 👆🏻 and all are delicious!

Need more carbs? Add in extra banana or some oats. Tight on carbs but you need protein and fats? Throw in a serving of nut butter and some extra egg whites (I promise you can’t taste them)💪🏻

Always start with your favorite greens to not skimp on the micronutrients & then mix and match whatever your heart desires! 🌪

Need other macro-friendly meal ideas? Shoot me a DM! 📩

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hoje eu escutei muita gente dizendo que o #cafédamanhã manhã é a refeição mais importante, do dia não! não é. Todas as refeições são importantes,contanto que vc coma quando tenha fome! Se vc deixar de tomar café da manhã vc não vai deixar de consumir todos os #nutrientes necessários até pork normalmente a #cultura #brasileiro do nosso café é muito #pobre em #nutrientes pão e #café com #leite vc consome muito é açúcar e muito glúten dessa alimentação.... uma alimentação rica em nutrientes ela tem que conter #micros e #macros nutrientes.Depois de 18 horas em #jejum minha primeira refeição está sendo o meu almoço #rico em #micros e #macros nutrientes nada de #farinaceos #comidadeverdade

Saying good bye to prep and hello to off season and healing like 🙋🏼‍♀️. Yup you heard that right...
As I mentioned after USAs the initial plan was to compete in the @northern_classic to qualify for nationals next year, but as much as it pains me to say this, based on how my body is feeling and responding it is clear that my #SIBO is still very prevalent in my body. I have been experiencing a flare up sine about 3 days after Vegas and I believe it was brought on by the few days post show being more lax on the types of foods I was eating. During prep I was very careful in choosing foods I knew my body processed the best and it kept my SIBO quiet but I was really just managing my symptoms and was not fully healed ☹️..
If I truly want to bring my best in 2019 and make my run for my pro card the best (which you already know I do), I need to heal my body first. And as much as I wanted to just keep pushing because I know mentally I can, physically my body is telling me it needs some tender love and care and the stage isn’t going anywhere! It will still be there and I can do a qualifier at the beginning of the season.
Now is the time to heal! And it’s going to start with taking time for myself, following a new diet and supplement routine and really taking this healing process seriously!.
With that said, for right now we are going to avoid pushing any food until I get my symptoms under control because if I am being honest, most days I don’t feel like eating because I tend to just feel worse after meals. Following the #biphasicdiet this should take a few weeks. Once my body is happier we can start increasing, growing and improving while attempting to add more foods and continue to heal my body 🙌🏻! .
But mark my words, I came in my BEST in 2018 and 2019 will be no different! This is just a stepping stone on my #roadtopro, this is my story and it is just going to make success that much sweeter ♥️!.
I will be sharing my entire healing journey and how I’m pairing the two lifestyles together but let me know if you have any questions or tips for me because healing #SIBO is no easy task but neither is turning Pro but you know I’m up for the challenge 💯!


El boleto de trenes y micros aumentó un 10% en el día de hoy. Se trata del primero de los tres aumentos que se harán efectivos hasta octubre. Los usuarios manifestaron sus quejas a través de las redes sociales.

Para más información ingresá a www.cxcperiodismo.com

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CLUB CUATRO LUSTROS™ les recuerda que todos quienes posean una TNE vigente podrán hacer uso de ella sin importar la hora, el día de la semana o el mes del año para trasladarse, es un derecho que uno posee como estudiante, no hay que justificar el típico "¿va a ir a estudiar?" del micrero. Evitemos las preguntas entre nosotros como "¿y vas a pagar con pase?" El conductor que rechaza el uso del pase a un estudiante se expone a una multa de hasta $42.000, cifra que asciende hasta 10 UTM en el caso de los operadores.
Fuente: de Gob.cl
🎫: @vandilista -
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I’m not a fan of restriction. Why? Because it always ruins my goals. If I keep myself from eating something, I end up wanting it more and then end up giving in and ruining the goals I had. .
So how do I reach my goals and not restrict myself? I take my favorite foods and think about how I can make them healthier. That way I’m not always wishing my salad was a cookie. Make the cookie, but make it healthy!
This is my favorite food right now. I made this to feed my family a while ago while on vacation and I posted a smaller version of it last week. Pizza can be soooo good for you if you put the right toppings on it and protein.
If you are wanting an in on these recipes (I promise you’ll want this one), I’ll be offering a FREE 7 day kickstart meal plan and this recipe will be featured in it. 🍕

Giving myself a pat on the back because I’ve successfully incorporated these pizza flatbreads into my own meal plan. It gives me the CARBS, PROTEIN, and VEGGIES I need to feel full and supply my body with the right amount of nutrients.
My meal plans don’t restrict or limit you, they teach you to love food and love it the right way. I can’t wait to hand my first meal plan out and give people a taste of this stuff! My approach to coaching is making sure you can enjoy the foods you love, while reaching the goals you want. 🍕

In my world, sriracha is also salad dressing 🌶
This is one of the salads I offer on my plans! •Kale •Carrots •Brussel Sprouts •Salmon •Broccoli
•optional LOADS of sriracha with lemon 😏
Be good to yourself! Micros are just as macros!

by Braids & Dreads ✨
💈 Box braids
💈 Medium parts, random pattern
💈 60cm/24inch
💈 Color number 24/27
🌍 www.braidsanddreads.nl
✉️ nathalie@braidsanddreads.nl
📱 06 51 61 18 19
👤 Facebook: Braids & Dreads
📸 Instagram: braidsanddreads
👻 Snapchat: braidsanddreads
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Spot on 😁
#Repost @ebtofficial with @get_repost
This made us LOL 😂 While kale has plenty of micronutrients too, it's no "magic superfood". In fact, there is no such thing as a "superfood". It's marketing bogus. Goji berries, quinoa etc CAN be great, but you can just as well get your micros from tomatoes, carrots and lettuce and save your money.
This is an #EBTrepost by @mrsportofficial: "Please don’t comment with all the health benefits of kale (I couldn’t give a rat’s ass)... it tastes like Chewbacca’s nut sack 👎🏼"
If someone you know is trying to burn fat, build muscle, or get healthy, send them here. EBT (Evidence Based Training): We are two medical doctors with a passion for making science simple. Free fitness guides at www.ebtofficial.com. The information above is not medical advice.
THE EVIDENCE: National Food Administration, Sweden. Nutrition database.
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6 of my “teenagers” will be moving to their forever home today!! They are going to love love their new chicken coop houses that have been made especially for them. 💕
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A few of my babies rocking their braids by Mek on the first day of school 😍😍😍 Book with Mek

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