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From a teeny tiny 930grams to 4.76kgs. You have been on the outside world for the same amount of time of you being on the inside. I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for teaching me to be more resilient, stronger, braver and to love harder than I ever have.
I love you so much, my darling little girl 💗 #6monthsold #sixmonthsoldtoday #preemiebaby #26weeker #micropreemie #premmiepride

Tiffs Thoughts // I just got done with Bella's feed. I heard her moving and then my alarm sounded. I walked to her bassinet, said hello, unzipped her sleeper, checked her gtube site, changed her diaper, then headed downstairs to prepare her food. I heated up her 27cal formula, added the extension to the feeding bag, poured the formula in the bag, primed the tube, closed it and brought it upstairs. From there I pulled the IV pole over to my side of the bed, hung the feed, grabbed Bella, attached her line, and turned on the gravity feed. We snuggle and I hold her upright and make sure the feed isn't going to fast. After it's done, I hold her longer to prevent spits, place her back in her bassinet, move the IV pole, go downstairs and rinse the feeding bag. If needed, I can give her gas drops through the feed or change the gauze. All this being said, my daughter is unique and requires extra special love and attention. I love caring for her, but never in 1,000 years thought I'd be flushing tubes, inserting syringes, changing gauze or (gasp!) changing out her feeding tube button. In addition to this simple tube in her tummy, Bella has a large birth mark called a hemangioma on her scalp. It's a lil scary to look at, but it's completely fine and just helps her stand out a bit more. All this to say, since being home I can feel alone in this new normal. Most moms will never understand a 3 1/2 month nicu stay, a feeding tube, or preemie unique challenges. In the nicu we were among others who were in the same boat. Here in the "real world" were the strange ones. There are some resources for special needs moms but not nearly enough. There are some bloggers addressing pstd from extended nicu stays and traumatic births but not nearly enough. There are moms out there uplifting one another and not judging others but not nearly enough. As I begin to navigate this world as a Momma, I'm drawn to the beauty of diversity. God has created so many humans. Their differences make them unique. And learning to be a mom to a baby with unique needs? Well, we have more in common with the average mom than you'd think. Swipe to see Bella's #gtube gravity feeds, medications drawn up, and more!

I truly don’t know who enjoyed this more, him or her 💕💕 #niculife #26weeker #preemie #micropreemie #nicudad #miraclebaby

Actual footage of my genius 2 year old working on an Age 4+ Puzzle. Yes, I’m that mom lol. He amazes me everyday. 🖤 I appreciate all of his therapists for working with him and always giving me tips to help Adam learn. He’s so special! #adamjoelvasquez #mommasboy #26weeker #smartboys #smartlikemommy #builderlikedad #micropreemie #OTworks #EIworks

Enjoying an hour of peace and quiet at @greenery.store ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Not had much time for self care lately with everyone else needing me so thanks to hubby, I have a few moments to myself. Thanks @mumswhowine_au for the membership that entitles 10% off the bill - self care really is important!!

Happy birthday, Teddy! 🎈 so happy I got celebrate this special day with you! Makes me happy to see you grow outside of the NICU♥️ #micropreemie #preemiestrong

💜👣SKYLAR NEWS👣💜: Here's Pumpkin everyone. She's taking her bottles good, no belly issues and keeping it down. She's 4oz away from being able to wear clothes. Each day is a step closer to coming home...PATIENCE. #9WEEKMILESTONE #SkylarMicaelaSherrod #preemie #micropreemie #NICU #27weeker #27weeks #600grams #CHKD #fight #nicubaby #nicumommy #nicuparent #proudmom #1lb5oz #1lb5ozmiracle #miracle #miraclebaby #rainbowbaby #babygirl #strong #progress #colorfulbeginnings #Virginia #Norfolk #NorfolkVirginia #va

Better late than never? Adam’s surgery went great, he’s one tough boy. He woke up on the way to he recovery room as feisty as ever, then downed a full bottle. He must have forgotten to be sleepy because we didn’t get hardly any sleep that night! The last couple days and nights have been rough on him, but I know he will be feeling better tomorrow! Thank you to everyone for praying for him!! And thank you to @tmarie1964 and @dana_marie_17 for taking care of Zoe and Ellis! #fightlikeapreemie #micropreemie #nicugrad #triplets #babiesofinstagram #braveboy

Вот мы и отпраздновали первый год нашему движению. Нас уже 60. За год мы одели 1 100 детей и подарили им 700 осьминогов. Спасибо каждой мастерице за то, что вы есть.
А мы не только праздновали, но и сдавали готовые комплекты и осьминогов.
#нитидобра #связанослюбовью #субботниевстречи #благотворительноевязание #вяжемнедоношеннымдеткам #вязание #вязаниекрючком #торопыжки #чудоосьминожка #алматы #казахстан #knitting_is_love
#недоношенные #micropreemie

Oh Isabella. You sweet little baby. Today was a little bit of a challenge. Bella's bottom is healing up well thanks to honest company diapers, air, and cream. Also she's getting back to her regular bathroom schedule since surgery. Now her gtube button is leaking. Quite a bit 😩Will have to call the surgeon on Monday. It doesn't seem to bother her, but I did bump it while connecting it and there was a bit of blood. It stresses us out hoping it will heal and not get agitated or infected! We are still learning how to feed her and care for her. We vented the air out last night and ended up getting her tummy contents on us! Gross! Practiced again after a quick YouTube video tutorial and actually relieved her gas! #parentingwin Adding all of this on top of having a newborn is hard. BUT our amazing nurses equipped us well. She also had her first bath since being home! Grandma and Grandpa helped us so we could get some cleaning done around the house. 🙌pictures of Bella and city kitty helping me organize her medical equipment. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Oh how thankful I am that God would bless me with this sweet miracle. #micropreemie #nicugrad #nicubaby #nicumom #modelbaby

Mommy daughter beach date today in Hanalei Bay. We swam in the ocean (first real time for her w/no fear!!!), and now a poke nachos lunch treat at the St. Regis. I love you so much, my strong, kind and fearless girl!

The shaky camera was because I had no idea he could do this 🙊😢 2yrs 5mos 👶 We're so proud of you, bubba! ❤ @cchuvan316 #babychuvan #micropreemie #26weeker #nicugrad

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