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On a spring day the worries of days who knew time ceased and clocks stopped. We had moments where feelings come and we knew not why? #micropoems #pdx #spring

it was one of those nights, we had the world at our feet and our heads in the clouds

One, Two, Three. 🌠

For Someone New. 🌬

She lived in dreams. 🌌

and that was the thing about life; it kept on moving, even when you thought it never would

Dear Long Lost Friend...🌾



No matter the brokenness, we will heal. 💙

Day 26: Grab

Time to grab that ring
Pushing away obstacles
Can't stop me now

#poetry #poems #poetsofinstagram #micropoetry #micropoems #colorbodyfeels @cc_writes @maryseye

Day 25: Titanium

Stronger than titanium
Not to be outdone
You're not keeping me down

#poetry #poems #micropoetry #micropoems #poetsofinstagram #colorbodyfeels @cc_writes @maryseye

And here I am,
Walking back through our path,
Collecting every pieces of me.
And I just realize,
How bad you broke me,
These pieces are sharps,
And it cuts me,
Everytime I stumbled into them,
I started to crumble.

Oh, how I adore you...❤️

Day 24: Flowing

Bad vibes flowing out
Replaced with good vibes
Long overdue for me

Special poem dedicated to some special people who've gone above and beyond for me these past few days, and for others who have a special place in my heart. ❤❤❤ #micropoetry #micropoems #colorbodyfeels #poems #poetry #instapoem #poetsofinstagram #love

4.10 AM,
It's the loneliest hour of the day,
And my head is spinning.
But I keep going,
To his room,
Is all that I want now.
I wanted to feel safe,
from memories of you,
on the night like this..

You've captured me,
And turned me blue,
In the beginning of Summer..

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