I think I will be making more of these. I feel like in the last year I have lost myself in trying to be a good student who makes exactly what the teachers want. I don't enjoy making art like I once did, and now I want to find freedom in my strokes. Embrace mistakes. I didn't even know what was going to happen next until I did it. I think I like it.

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sometimes I work so hard on the details without an end goal so then I just fuck it up later. sometimes on accident & sometimes on purpose.....my #watercolor #micron #3Mtape infused mess. titled: There Was Previously an Infinite Amount of Names but “This” Seemed to Fit Best

You need only to be still... The last couple week have been so busy and I truly haven’t made time in the mornings to do my devotional time. I need this rhythm of time with the Lord, but I simply wasn’t making time for it.
Yes, times get busy, there are seasons of exhaustion, seasons of never-ending wandering. Even so, when does a season turn into a habit? Sometimes we allow busyness rather than stillness take over our natural rhythms. Sometimes we let the tyranny of the urgent make us forget the provision and peace of Jesus.
I am choosing to get my rhythm back because of my relationship with the Lord should be where all the things of my life flow from - a wellspring of the soul. Amen.
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we’ve gone international, mates. here’s the ppl of england ☕️

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