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Do you love locally made foods? Do you love ice cream? 🍦 Then consider contributing to @rubyscoopsic' #Kiva loan to help them invest in new equipment so they can grow their business! Just a $25 loan gets Rabia and her team one step closer to funding their $10,000 loan. Check out the link on their profile to help them meet their goal (and buy their delicious ice cream and treats at the White House and Penn Quarter markets on Thursdays)! #microloan #womanownedbusiness #blackownedbusiness #madeindc

Thank you everyone for supporting ILAVA. We are halfway towards reaching our goal . IT CAN BE DONE! We have 16 days left to get potential public lenders like yourself to invest into ILAVA via this platform. For more info follow the link on our bio #kivaloan #crowfunding #itcanbedone #microloan #myilava

This just happened, and six people got it out and into the kitchen. Next step- hook it up and cook all local food on it!! So grateful for all of the people who supported our @kiva_microloans with $ and ❤ #newstove #newyear #localfood #microloan #kiva

"Women understand. We may share experiences, make jokes, paint pictures and describe humiliations that mean nothing to men, but women understand. The odd thing about these deep and personal connections of women is that they often ignore barriers of age, economics, worldly experiences, race, culture—all the barriers that, in male or mixed society, had seemed so difficult to cross." — @gloriasteinem 🙏🏽

#Empowering women to become small business owners by providing a #microloan does more than making them self-reliant. For Ruth, it helped bring her kids home from an orphanage.

Hanging out on the patio at the @seedeffect main branch in Kajo Keji, South Sudan // as a wedding gift to every bride we work with, a gift is given in their honor towards a #microloan for a small business woman in Kajo Keji // I am HERE, meeting these women, sharing my story and more importantly learning theirs, getting to hear their hearts for Jesus and for this country they love. And, getting to meet the entire South Sudanese team that runs this incredible operation with so much focus and passion. If you want to follow along with this story and the next 10 days follow #seedeffect and me, @marcycook // we would love for you to be a part ✌🏿️

Today is the final day of our Prosperity Campaign! Thanks to all who have supported @wholeplanet foundation! Your funds have been used for microcredit loan programs towards alleviating poverty in the US and across the globe. Loy (above) is a microcredit client from one of Whole Planet's partners in Uganda. She is on her third loan through a microfinance program where she uses the funds to purchase and raise cows to sell at her local market. We are so thankful and proud of our customer base for their generous support of Loy and men and women like her around the world. #wholeplanetfoundation #wholefoodsmarket #microloan #women #entrepeneur

Vincent just paid off his first #MicroLoan from #HomelessEntrepreneur. He received 130€ with 0% interest and paid it off in 44 days.

Pastor Dmitry* has an outreach to the homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts in the basement of his #church building.

He has also received a #microloan from Open Doors donors like you for his ceramic tile business. #PraiseGod for all He is doing through this pastor!



@opportunityfund client @mobetterburgers has been around since '91. With two loans from Opportunity Fund, they've been able to build credit + free up cash flow, to renovate the restaurant and keep serving one of LA's most legendary burgers.⠀

Check out Opportunity Fund to learn how they provide microloans to small business owners in LA.

Fall is around the corner, and we have news to share. Have you signed up for Esperanza’s emails? Subscribe today through the link in our bio and receive in your inbox news of fall events, field office updates, and transformational stories of dignity restored throughout the Dominican Republic!

SwissJumpRope project will start from #Gaißau in the #Austrian state of #Vorarlberg up to the Saint-Julien-en-Genevois inside #France.

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We’re working toward a day where every family and child in the Dominican Republic is free from the confines of poverty. Support economic empowerment solutions, and witness the transformation of hope restored. [link in bio]

Mondays are made for good news! Our Associates manage their business with excellence, as is evident through Esperanza’s 97% repayment rate. #Share their success this Monday morning and celebrate with us #hope restored.

Our @kiva_microloans closes at 6pm PST. We need 45 lenders at $25 each! Now is the time to close it out anf get the loan funded. All funds will be repaid! Join the fam!
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New on the blog: meet our operations/communications intern, Victoria! Spoiler alert: she's awesome. ❤️

This may just look like a beautiful garment. However, it represents an even more beautiful story. Anjuara originally wanted to start a business in garment making. She bought a cheap sewing machine and sold old clothes to make some money while also borrowing money from relatives. Through the process she met our partners at CSS and was able to start her business through a small loan. This has brought in income for her, her husband and 2 kids. This garment, made from raw materials, shows the hard work of Anjuara over the past 10 years. #endpoverty #endpovertyorg #microfinance #microloan #entrepreneurship #garmentmaking #kolkata #india

Happy Friday, friends! For today's #fridayintroductions I wanted you to meet another micro-loan recipient--this is Micheal, a father and entrepreneur from Uganda 🇺🇬 •
Micheal is a father of 4 children, living in Bundibugyo, Uganda. He has been growing and selling cocoa for many years and works hard to meet his family's basic needs. His children all attend school and Micheal now dreams of educating them at the university level. He is currently challenged with inadequate funds to harvest and sell his cocoa. He also wishes to buy more land to expand his cocoa growing business. This loan will help Micheal prepare his cocoa gardens for harvest and also pay for school fees.

Thanks to each customer and partnering retailer who helped us fund these loans this past Father's Day! With everyone's help, Atiliay was able to support dad entrepreneurs around the globe so they can grow their businesses and provide for their families. We continue to celebrate fathers by sharing each of their stories, dreams, and goals!
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Don't miss the chance to meet Peter Gross, director of MicroEnsure, at our Open Labs event this Wednesday, 8/16. If you want to know anything about microfinance or helping people around the world, you'll want to talk to him!

Loveness is divorced and now lives with her parents, she has a daughter, Sharon, who is 4. She's one of the brightest people in the group but due to the family's financial problems she wasn't able to continue with her education. Like many in similar situations she decided to get married, but early marriage is hard for young girls and the marriage didn't work out. Now with the help of Time Malawi Loveness has been able to establish a small Zitenje (African wrapper) business and is able to cater for the basic needs of herself and Sharon, without having to rely on help from her parents.

New permanent gifting portal now open at immwe.org/give
It has been a great privilege and honor to feel supported in following this dream. The other day an elder shared with us how this vision gives them hope. Rad.

'One' is a single-serve pourover (not instant) that goes where you go. I am fundraising a 0% loan through @kiva_microloans and need your help! I have 4 days to add over $3500 to get the loan (100% funded or $0). You can click the link in profile ☝️ to go directly to the page. $25 minimum loan, and it will be repaid asap. Thanks!
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Lender of the week Hazel is doing a Day Zero Project list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days. And number 70 is to make 5 more Lendwithcare loans! Hazel recently made her latest loan, meaning she’s so far made 5 loans, supporting 5 entrepreneurs and 10 family members, and creating an additional 14 jobs in the local communities. On all their behalves, thank you Hazel!
What would be in your Day Zero Project list of things to do?

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At MicroLoan we work to reach women and families in some of the most remote and rural locations. ⠀

This wouldn't be possible without the incredible work of our Loan & Training Officers (LTOs) who are responsible for supporting around 450 clients each. This is part of our Kasungu LTO team who travel to various villages on motorbikes to make sure they can meet with as many clients as possible. ⠀

Read today's blog to find out what a typical day for a LTO looks like, and how they help us reach the most in need. ⠀

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