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Unnaturally sunny in Portugal.
Thank you @mintbeach for all you do raising awareness, taking action in your community and for picking up this not so Sunny bit of rubbish! Your photo was automatically entered into our next giveaway by tagging #JustGrabBits
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Woooooh we made it to day 30! I'm so proud of each and everyone of you! I haven't gotten around to figuring out how much we picked up because... life has been busy. But not too busy to pick up some bits here and there whenever I'm outside. Let's keep going shall we? #wepickupplasticeveryday

If you're up for a new challenge then go check out @savannahlitterpickup's 30 day challenge. During #plasticinpeerreview she challenges everyone to form different animal shapes out of picked up trash and gives a ton of information and research on how this particular animal is affected by litter.

Here goes day 29! It's way past my bedtime once again... will hopefully get around to update my spreadsheet tomorrow so we can see an estimate of how much we picked up together. Oh and I'll also pick a winner for a little present. Good night!

Sunday market pick up. Gave them to a lovely woman who was sorting through the trash bags to pick out the bits that can be recycled. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! #wepickupplasticeveryday

Day 27! Only 3 days left on our everyday pickup challenge. Went on a hike today and picked up these bits! How is your weekend going? #wepickupplasticeveryday

Here we go again! Another day, another pickup. Did you do yours today? We are on Day 26 of the challenge! Can you believe it? Time just flies by! I'm so prous of you all for sticking around. #wepickupplasticeveryday

Completely forgot to post yesterday. And it's 1 min before midnight here.. woops.. had a busy day today. Share your pick ups with me! I'd love to see them. Now off to bed. Good night.


Day 23 and this is what I got. Also here's your mini Thai lesson for today "Mai ao lawd ka/kap" (say ka when you're a woman/kap when you're a man) = no straw!

Happy to announce the winner of the @packagefreeshop tote bag: @crazyaboutmyplanet! Congratulations ❤ I sent you a PM!

It's daay (22?) and I missed it. Because I'm sick. How does one get a cold when it's 30 degrees everyday?
But I'm reposting some other people's efforts instead! Thank you all

The usual suspects: straws and plastic bags. There's easy swaps for both. Reusable straws come in all different varieties: glass, bamboo, metal. Same goes for reusable shopping bags - lots of options to choose from. (US only) Win a @packagefreeshop tote bag by sharing your pick up photo with @packagefreeshop, @wepickupplastic and #wepickupplasticeveryday.

Quick post as I'm heading to bed. What 3 things did you pick up today? #wepickupplasticeveryday

Happy friday - time to announce another giveaway (US only). This time in collaboration with @packagefreeshop. Founded by Lauren Singer from @trashisfortossers this Brooklyn based company aims to help everyone live a life with less trash! Yeey!

All you have to do in order to win one of their tote bags is post your pickup photo or story with #wepickupplasticeveryday and also tag @wepickupplastic and @packagefreeshop. The winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck and thanks for caring about the Earth!

Today I spent some time volunteering at an event of the #trashheroeschiangmai. We visited 19 students at the @aualanguagecenter. For the past 3 weeks the class had been learning about the impact of plastic on our environment. And today it was their time to take some action. After a short presentation and a video we went for a trash walk. It was really cool to share this time with these students. Thanks so much to @lovechiangmaicm and @trashheroworld for educating these children and making a difference.

If you're a teacher or parent/guardian: do you talk to your class/children about plastic and it's impact on the planet?


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