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Yet another Reflection in Belding, Michigan

A male monarch butterfly from the afternoon

Any day that starts out like this is a great day! Thanks, @tracinicoleturner, for this stunning #HollyMI #sunrise!


Drifting past the Charlevoix South Pier Light Station.
#lighthouse #lakemichigan #charlevoix

Family Portraits #bnw

Travels & Tunnels

Grand Haven Pier and Lighthouse by R Hamil -
- A beautiful place, but it just seems like something is missing without the catwalk.
- #puremichigan #michiganview #michigan #grandhavenlighthouse #visitgrandhaven #lighthouse #sunset #lakemichigan #lake #greatlakes #westmichigan

So today is #tandemfortuesday - the day I give you a behind-the-scenes look at the people around me who riding in tandem with me on this small business journey! Today I'm talking about my Pinterest guru, design consultant, and sounding board, who happens to be my daughter! Never underestimate the ability of our kids! My teenagers have been an important part of my business from the beginning! My daughter has always had a great eye for color and pattern (at 3 she wouldn't let me pick out her outfits anymore, at 8 she redecorated her room with patterns and colors I would never have chosen but they worked!) During this past year she told me that my Pinterest account was a bit of a mess and I needed to fix that. I was not only trying to design, market, sell and make everything but working a part-time engineering job too! I told her I'd pay her to fix it for me and the rest is history - she now designs graphics to coordinate with my monthly theme and pins regularly for me. I love it that she had this responsibility starting in middle school and excels at it! I'm thankful too that she can be a part of something bigger than the both of us. How are you encouraging those around you that are along for the ride? #tandemfortwo #tandembikelife

Nothing else showcases the delicate beauty of a spiderweb quite like dew in the morning light 賅#september #spiderweb #spider #morning


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