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[NeoFilmShop.com] The Fate of the Furious (2017) - USA

The eighth film in the highly successful series managed to kick out the box office storm with over USD 1 billion worldwide. It almost goes without saying that the Fate of the Furious is star-studded. Vin Diesel, The Rock, Jason Statham and Charlize Theron are all action icons in their own rights. What sets Furious apart from its competition is that over the top and unbelievable car stunts are their motto. Apart from some allusions to the so-called family themes, the film doesn't take itself too seriously and aims for real popcorn entertainment and making everything loud and clear.
Vin Diesel continues to headline the franchise and this time he meets his biggest nemesis yet, being his own car stunts team. The short showdown between Statham and The Rock in the prison cells show just how high powered this film is turning out to be. Both the Rock and Statham carried the film well in their supporting roles. Michelle Rodriguez is given the role of being both the heroine and cry baby, meanwhile Charlie's Theron is criminally underused in both the car scenes and action prowess. Given her recent efforts in Atomic Blonde, it's a bit of a shame that she ended up behind computers most of the time. Scott Eastwood is a bad actor and he is simply no Paul Walker's replacement.
All in all, the Fate and the Furious works best when it is all out action and spectacular car stunts. The pilling of cars in the middle of New York is fun. It's also great when the entire cast seems to be having just as much fun as the audience. The franchise is now into the eighth film and does not seem to be stopping under any circumstances. A sequel is already planned.
I rated it 3.5/5

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FINALLY getting around to watching the Extended Director's Cut of "Fate of The Furious"...and marveling at Universal's hair-brained decision to only make it available as a digital download "extra", instead of actually making it accessible on the disc. I mean, I guess they were trying to avoid making this a 3 disc set, but come on...this is a BD 50 disc with a comparatively small amount of extras...so I feel like they could have fit the extended cut on there as well. ๐Ÿ˜•
Anyhoo...rant aside...I've been a big fan of this franchise since the beginning(save for the 2nd and 3rd entries) and I'm happy to report that this is another solid entry. I was so afraid this was gonna be a bloated mess...and occasionally, it is...but it somehow manages to stay on course and once again keep you invested in Dom and the gang's latest exploits. I do feel like the series is getting a little long in the tooth, and it's very close to going too far with it's outlandish and over the top plots and action sequences. Here's hoping they can reign it again n a bit with the next film while still keeping things interesting. As it stands right now, I really enjoyed this one, but I think it pales in comparison to 5,6 and 7, which were much stronger films...especially 5 and 6. Oh, and one more nitpick; Universal, what gives with the lack of background art inside the steelbook case? ๐Ÿ˜•#fateofthefurious #thefastandthefurious #vindiesel #dwaynejohnson #therock #charlizetheron #jasonstatham #michellerodriguez #tyresegibson #ludacris #kurtrussell #nathalieemmanuel #lukeevans #scotteastwood #bluray #bluraycollector #steelbook #steelbookcollector #cinephile #movielover #filmbuff

- "What's it gonna be? You gonna close your eyes on World War III or you're gonna saddle up and save the entire damn world?" -
How the hell did we get here as a society?
This franchise first started off a slick Point Break remake disguised as a street racing movie, then the two terrible movies followed, then it was rebooted with the fourth one, then if became a heist film with the fifth one, then it was jacked up on steroids with the sixth one.
It's almost like this franchise jumped the shark when we least expected it.
I remember thinking to myself "why on Earth would they make an 8th movie when the last one was literally the perfect conclusion to an overarching story?" That just shows you how naive I was because even though I felt like Fast & Furious 7 should've been it, there is still money to be made and Universal is going to make it.
The Fate of the Furious -man, they are really juggling these titles- is the eight, THE EIGHT, installment in a franchise that just doesn't know when to even slow down, much less quit.
This time we have the director of Friday, The Italian Job and Straight Outta Compton, F. Gary Gray taking over as the director as we see a shocking twist of... fate hit the franchise.
Family is NO MORE as Dominic Toretto, the man who's favorite word is literally "family" has turned his back on his own family and gone rogue. Now he's working alongside our new cyberterrorist villain Cipher played by Charlize Theron as everyone in the family including Jason Statham who is now being forced to team up with the Family.
This is the eight movie in the Fast & Furious franchise. That alone should put you in the mindset of what to expect with this movie. If you're going in this expecting Oscar worthy acting and screenwriting, you're looking in the wrong place.
After eight movies that have pretty much followed the same formula -and they do follow the same formula- it can be pretty easy to start suffering from that thing many people call "franchise fatigue".
I have no idea what that is because I've never felt fatigue from a franchise.

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