A Melania Trump spokeswoman is asking people to boycott Atlanta rapper T.I. because of his promotional album video that shows a woman resembling the first lady taking off her clothes and being naked in front of him. .
This brings the questions:
Is this ok?
When is an artist crossing the line.
If this was #MichelleObama or #hillaryclinton linton would this be acceptable?
Is this a #metoo issue? Or acceptable?
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Meghan Trainor at Michelle Obama’s International Day of the Girl Celebration wearing Kallati diamond ring.

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🗳️🇺🇸🌎☑️ "Be the change you want to see in this world"
🎵🎶🎼 Go Vote - A timely musical message from Lynzy Lab Stewart

I don't know this young lady but I was moved by the message in her song. Women have been dealing with all the things she mentions in her song for decades. Its nice that young people (male and female) are using their talents, their voices to speak up regarding the unjust treatment of sexual assault survivors and encouraging everyone to get out and vote. Its so important.
Thank you lynzy lab
* I hope I got all the lyrics correct.
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@Regran_ed from @blknation - We love our first lady! #MichelleObama - #regrann

How you look when a OG is talking. If you can tap into your own specific skills and learn from other people... you can basically take over the world 🌎 😂 #wisdom #blackhistorymonth

It’s very nice! American politics and honest human feelings :) #michelleobama #bush #usa

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So T.I. is back in the news with a controversial promotional video that depict The First Lady #melaniatrump performing a strip tease in the #ovaloffice 🤦‍♂️😳 🎥
Do you feel that this is disrespectful? I mean if a white entertainer had made a video like this depicting #michelleobama stripping...black folks would fall the fuck out!
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It’s discouraging but not surprising that Mrs. Obama still continues to be the recipient of racist insults and derogatory comments. Yet, she still believes and affirms that “when they go low, we go high”. This is a message I will be teaching my daughter. The statement is so more than just a commitment to rising above and not lowering yourself... it’s about being your amazing self, living your best life and loving yourself. My amazing, bi-racial daughter is a blend of 5 different ethnicities. She IS the American story – she IS what this is country is supposed to be. I will teach her that she IS meant to ROCK THIS WORLD, she has purpose and must not get distracted with silly stuff. If everyone is in the gutter, no one can see out of it. Others may get jealous, others may hate, but she IS meant to shine. Though we’re not all born equally from a socioeconomic perspective, everyone is born with the ability to go high... those that choose not to are just too lazy, too chicken or too afraid to do it. #affirmation #positivevibes #whentheygolowwegohigh #michelleobama #messagetomydaughter #trainupachild #raisingkids #selflove

It’s the most important election of our generation. NOVEMBER 6th... Are you registered yet? Have your friends registered? Get on it now Rebels, so we can determine OUR futures (like our Forever FLOTUS @michelleobama said) and not anybody else! “November is Coming!”💪🏾💪🏽💪🏿#whenweallvote #rockthevote #RMPoliticking

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The Lakers legend was out in D.C. when we asked if he'd been helping his friend, Barry, launch his new Netflix projects and Mamba replied like De Niro in "Goodfellas" ... "Little bit." Remember, Barack and Michelle recently signed a deal with Netflix to produce scripted and unscripted content along with documentaries and features through their company, Higher Ground Productions.
So, who do you turn to for advice on how make an immediate splash in Hollywood? An Oscar winner.
And, since Kobe's got the hardware thanks to his short film, "Dear Basketball" -- the Obamas clearly feel confident enough to hit up Mamba for some coaching.
We're all wondering if Obama has gone to other Hollywood heavy hitters for help -- namely, LeBron James -- another basketball superstar who's become a real mogul in town. #kobebryant #barackobama #michelleobama #Obama #DaMinorityReport

After their most recent trip to Haiti, cofounders @holidayreinhorn @rainnwilson and executive director Dr. Kathryn Adams sat down with @theirworld to discuss what they have learned in the years since founding Lide. The article covers some of the recent success stories and exciting new additions to the program, including mobile computer labs, Early Childhood Development, and the "Transitions" program for older participants, which focuses on life skills and financial independence. Most importantly, they discuss the real demands and challenges of what it takes to *truly* educate girls in rural Haiti. LINK IN BIO. https://theirworld.org/voices/lide-haiti-helping-vulnerable-girls-holiday-reinhorn-rainn-wilson-kathryn-adams

There are book launches and There are book launches, if you know what we mean. Guys! Our mama @michelleobama Is set for her book tour "Becoming" She will be at centers like The Pepsi Center In Denver and The American Airlines Center In Dallas. Fam! Isn't she a rock star!
Guess what, your favorite bookstore will be getting this book obviously, you would also be able to pre-order copies just to get yours on time.
If you could be at her book launch, what questions will you have for her? You never know, we just might be there!
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#Salute some of the greatest trainers I’ve ever met. Since I wanna provide the best quality of service to my community, I must work with the best team to provide those services! These are other leaders who see an immediate call to action. These powerful brothers have their own lives and businesses yet still made it their business to support something bigger than all of us. Thank you for pulling up to our first fitness party in Brownsville for the youth. Thank you for volunteering your expertise and services as well—in support of the #GymStarTakeover at #BCMS. @potsanspansfitness, @brokenhero @the_cut_creator @diamond_cut_jewlz

Tutti gli esseri umani sono un po’ donne, mogli e madri e sono un po’ padri, uomini e mariti. Il confine netto è impossibile da identificare: un uomo può essere madre e una donna può essere marito senza che questo ci debba lasciare stupefatti. Ad ogni modo, se mia figlia mi dicesse di voler puntare tutto sulla bellezza per riuscire a sfondare nel mondo del lavoro, le direi: puoi essere bella quanto vuoi, però dimmi: se il mondo fosse cieco, quanta gente riusciresti ad impressionare?

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