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Based on Michael the Archangel from "Supernatural" who is currently in Lucifer's Cage in Hell, broken. I call it, The Heavenly One, Caged #supernatural #michaelthearchangel #luciferscage

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!
In the book of Revelations, Michael the Archangel and all other angels conduct war with Satan and his legion of fallen angels. After great battle, Satan and his legion fall from heaven after being deemed no longer fit to remain in Heaven. Satan and his angels can no longer touch God or bear any successful assault against him leaving Satan with one last victim for his deception, the human being.

God created the human being, human soul, in his likeness, we are the next victim of prey for evil. We must be alert and watchful for sin and pray when we are tempted. The Devil tempts those who are closest to God because they appeal to God. We must always pray when we are tempted and ask for the strength to resist the slightest as well as the strongest urges of temptation!
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#michaelthearchangel #angel #god #catholic #battle #temptations #resist #saints

So I bought this GEM right here at the Renisance fair this past weekend (Have to admit too, It was a lot of fun. It had its unusual moments, ya know__ like everyone & everything in this so called life lol, but that's exactly what made it a lot of memorable fun for me. It was actually my 1st time there as well, can't complain either. (SO THANK YA so much Sadie babzy). This unique mural of Michael was created in Italy MANY moons ago "alegededly" hah Regardless though, I just have to say that this 1 little piece of ART made my weekend that much more special. I could not turn away from this thing, nor turn it down. (EVERYTHING happens for a specific destined reason to me, especially at the right moment)
A piece that took me more than a 1000 places in MY mind instaneousously just after one look, due to its colorful tastefullness which was thoroughly expressed by the artist; and it being created obviously with a shit ton of tedious/meticulous exerted passion during its creation. Which sold me right off the bat on its beautifully crafted authentic nature.. One of those things where ya jus know, and I jus knew I had to get my hands on it. Who knows maybe I'll put it on my amp during any inevitable performance, or live gig etc. . - For those who KNOW me well, know exactly why ANY Michael the Archanel memorabilia has become extremely imperative to me... (( He's God's right hand Angel. An admiral as well, and a strong guardian/PROtecter, teacher like, similar to God himself, who influences any soul reaching out for help, or requesting for his integral guidance/balance. Along with his powerful protective assistance during any harmful/scary outcome life may throw at you, he
Will arrive with unjudgemental ardent eyes to deliver protective relief & righteousness through a quick lively glorified experience/response))
* Another warrior piece of art by my favorite Angel out of all the 7 Arch's, to add to my respectful Angelic collection.#Michaelthearchangel #whoislikeGod

The beginning of something new.
I’ve been struggling with sickness and such hectic weeks, I wanted to create an escape.
Here in lies the escape. A portal made of palo santo.
The vision in my head will come to life. I think it will be extremely interesting to reach back into the Renaissance era and recreate that, but modern. I’m prepared for this journey, it was Divine calling. You will see.

2 years ago today marks the start of a year so personally devastating and pivotal it changed my perspective and reshaped my direction forever 🖤 This day will always represent a turning point and the dawn of willful triumphs. I am awake!!! Every single day is electric ⚡️ ~Something happened on the day he died Spirit rose a metre then stepped aside Someone else took his place, and bravely cried (I’m a blackstar I’m a blackstar)~⭐️🖤⚡️ #electriceye #goldendawn #starman #michaelthearchangel #ladygrinningsoul #awake #artandfashion #treeoflife #foreverandever ⭐️⚡️❤️#nightingaleswan

“Bringing wrath” sketching a bit before bed. I had done a similar sketch back in 2011 but Michael was carrying a flaming sword. This time I have him carrying lightning. Kinda dig it!!

Cuddled with her all night and she is currently staying at my home ❤️I love her so much.. I think she wants to have a baby but I’m gonna discuss it with her first. Wish me luck #michaelthearchangel

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