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First time seeing Yixin hosting!
And when Edmund try to photobomb! 😂
Congrats to Yixi book launch! The drawings was awesome! #Michaeltayphotography

Fly me back to last Sunday please ☹❣

📷: @charmainecheww / @michaeltaybc / @jonzhuang
#Michaeltayphotography #jonzphotography

Last week of hell before sem break 💪🏼 Fel, push on ! 💪🏼
decided to post this 超有 feel 的 photo 💓 looks like we having our own photoshoot 😂🙊 btw, this scene coincidentally happen 😍 grateful and thank you yingying for your motivation and kindness. 💓

260617 | virgin national gallery experience ❤
@x.wen.x meet up soon !! ✨✌🏻

; 👸🏻👗
which one is your favorite outfit wore by Carrie?😍why?😏
my favorite is no. 4✨💙
she looks pretty & really causal in that outfit😉
it suits her as well😁
#carriewong #michaeltayphotography

"The best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for, believing in, and just never letting go of" 😊 and that is Becks <3 Thank you for always being my motivation for everything in life 💪All the best for filming and see you again soon 🙋
- Swipe to the last pic:
I wanted to take a selfie with Becks so she hold my phone in portrait and because I personally prefer landscape so I asked Becks, "Can we take landscape?" then she was like so shocked and said, "Huh? Oh landscape ah okay 😊" SO CUTE RIGHT 🙆 #jcxrl😽
📸: QT, #michaeltayphotography

See yall if youre going!! 😉💪🏻💗 #CarrieWong #michaeltayphotography ☁️
info frm @wongsitian ‼️✨

An afternoon at Yixi’s book signing... congrats on the launch 👍🏻 @chxnyixi #michaeltayphotography

( lots of love 💓)
人世间的每一分温暖和友情, 朋友间的每一个牵挂和祝福,都是世界上最永恒的幸福就是平凡,人生中最长久的拥有就是愿你们三位好朋友幸福!
hope the friendship between three of you last long forever ❤
@jiaqiwoo @hayleywoojiayi
{ © #michaeltayphotography }


恬姐, 不见不散! 🖤 #CarrieWong #黄思恬 #michaeltayphotography

Another photo together with @chxnyixi and the uncle whom we always go tgt to chase 星星. Really a good book and good sharing session. What Yixi says it's true on the hardship he faces. Its also like maintaining a friendship. The most important thing is to believe in yourself. Do not doubt yourself even if others doubt you or look down on you. 📸 @michaeltaybc #michaeltayphotography

An afternoon at Yixi’s book signing... congrats on the launch 👍🏻 @chxnyixi #michaeltayphotography

First time seeing Yixin hosting!
And when Edmund try to photobomb! 😂
Congrats to Yixi book launch! The drawings was awesome! #Michaeltayphotography

i actually made the effort to do a dedi for her w00h00 im proud:D
i started noticing you in 96°c cafe but didnt really care and after that i watched 小小传奇 and i was really sh00ked when i saw u w xubin. that's when i started noticing u:D i started collecting ur magazines(or hiding them) and started to scream, fangirl, cry, laugh, smile like an idiot heheh😂 then, i created a fan account but after 1 year i deleted that oops but my love for you continues(cringey af but:/) im super proud and cried when u got the three awards last yr and cried again when u didnt(im such an embarrassment):/ despite everything(insults, ups and downs... etc), u didnt give up💪 im super inspired by you @ how u dont give damn about the hate and carried on, which many people failed to do so. i really want to carry on but its really cringey but since alr super cringey so let me 再加上一句

#happyjulieday #michaeltayphotography #isuckatbdaydedis

地点:5070 宏茂桥工业区 2 号

#孙协志 #孫協志 #雲陰殿 #雲陰殿補習中心慈善歌台宴 #云阴殿 #5566 #台湾 #偶像团体 #TonySun #tb #5070angmokioindustrialpark2 #16092017 #michaeltayphotography

three years ago on this day, i saw you (and @lonely.frog_) for the very first time, and now three years later, im anticipating to see you for the 7th time. #ruien


counting down 9 days to our queen's birthday 🎂🙌💜
[: #michaeltayphotography ]

it's only 10 more days to BBB '17!!😃
enjoy your weekends too! 🙌
sn : my last post this week and I'll be coming back next saturday / sunday for becks bday week!! ✌ jiayou everyone! 💙
and I'm so sorry for being so inactive these few days 🙇
#rebeccalim #林慧玲 #blessedbirthdaybecky #michaeltayphotography

Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one! And thanks to those who came and celebrate with me😊
And of course those who wished me! 🙏 Really appreciate a lot!

And thanks @heyhihazelle And @jwanting for the wish🙏 Thanks😇
#1209 #michaeltayphotography

The LORD in my STRENGTH and my shield. In him, my heart TRUSTS 💙 Psalm 28:7 😌#verseswithbecks👑 #rebeccalim #michaeltayphotography

Exactly 2 weeks left to our Queen's Birthday 👸🏻🌹
[ #RebeccaLim #michaeltayphotography ]

It looks like a family photo! 😉 #michaeltayphotography #1moreday

"When you smile, the whole world stops & stares for awhile " 😻
Finally a new week (of) school/work 😩
Jiayouuu dajia , & atb for exams .
D-15 to becks bday !
Blessed Monday 💙
#rebeccalim #林慧玲

i miss you already 女神
where's your eye in every pic 😩😩
look thru these pic today legit made my day!! your smile is too 完美了!you're perfect in my heart ❤💋 我爱你,胡佳嬑😽😽🙈

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